4 Best Bollywood Films About Gambling

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Bollywood films are often about the most exciting and risky things that a person could ever experience, so it’s no wonder that gambling is a common theme. But with so many different films to check out, which are the best?

Here are our top four picks of must-see Bollywood gambling films to get you inspired and ready for more games.

1. “Striker”

Chandan Arora produced and directed this 2010 Bollywood film based on real-life events. This drama and action epic stars Surya, a poor young man who finds his passion in Carrom, a game of both risk and skill. He wins more and more games until he earns a championship at age 12.

However, Surya goes deeper into the game as he grows older and faces its darker, underground aspects. Many flocked to see “Striker” when they heard that Bollywood legend Siddharth was cast in a lead role.

2. “Gambler”

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This 1971 film had an all-original soundtrack produced by famed Bollywood composer S.D. Burman, but that’s only the start of its accolades. “Gambler” follows Raja, a man who was abandoned by his mother as a boy and grew up with the enigmatic father figure Master, a crime don who expects Raja to work for him.

“Gambler” is the story of Raja’s struggle as he uses his skills making money in card games to rise out of his criminal lifestyle. However, once he finds his way out, he is charged with the murder of Master and must prove his innocence. “Gambler” stars Dev Anand, Kishore Sahu, and Shatrughan Sinha and was directed by Amarjeet, who also directed “Gandhi” and was a producer on “Rocky.”

3. “Teen Patti”

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Directed in 2010 by Leena Yadav and featuring an all-star Bollywood cast, “Teen Patti” is quite an unusual but creative concept for a gambling film. Big B plays Venkat, a genius engineer and mathematics professor who uses the Teen Patti card game to test his thesis on mathematical probability. His success soon leads him to greater and greater stakes and risk in this thriller inspired by the American film “21.” “Teen Patti” is in English and available on Netflix in many countries, and it has a unique and modern appeal because it features online gambling.

4. “The Great Gambler”

Finishing the list is this 1971 classic by Shakti Samanta and starring Amitabh Bachchan. Jai is a gambling expert who gets discovered by a crooked casino owner who hires him to play and defeat the man’s highest-stakes clients. However, like in so many gambling stories, each success leads to greater risk, as Jai gets into an arranged marriage and even delivers military secrets until an inspector is hired to track him down. It has a uniquely fanciful plot in that Jai has never lost a game at the start of the film, but “The Great Gambler” is still a believable and tense thriller.

Any of these four films are sure to get you excited to return to gambling if you were taking a break for a little while. Be sure to take a look at our top recommended Indian online casinos so that you get started with a fair and trustworthy game.