Captain Rizk welcomes Jeton Pay as one of their e-wallet partners

Chief Editor, Felicia Wijkander

Last updated on 29th January 2020

Published: 11/12/2019

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Rizk is an online gambling platform that has plenty to offer if you are looking for a place where you can take your chances of earning money.  Captain Rizk controls and makes sure that every aspect of the platform is safe and secure. That’s the exact reason why he chose Jetton Wallet as a partner for you to deposit money on Rizk without any risks!

Jeton is an online wallet that lets you deposit and retrieve money 24 hours around the clock. This e-wallet works great for Bitcoin and allows quick transactions, fast deposits and withdrawals as well as fee-free transfer. Through visiting the Google Play store or the App Store, users can download Jeton. Online casino players can then make deposits and withdrawals from a long list of online casinos via their mobile devices.

As mentioned, Jeton works instantly on top casino websites as there is no doubt that Captain Rizk made sure that the Rizk is one of those top casinos.  Jeton doesn’t charge any additional fee on the user so that you can place your entirety of the amount you desire on the bets without losing any money to the payment method.

Transaction methods

Smartphone app

To please and grasp hold of interest in modern customers, Jeton has an app for both Android and iOS users for ample amount of convenience and ease of use. Smartphone users can make quick transactions as the app has nifty features such as QR Code and P2P money transfer. Jeton also has add-on features that makes your life easier as the app displays nearby ATMs, currency exchange centers, and hotels if you want to make offline transactions and seek for convenience.

Prepaid card

Jeton also offers their in-house developed prepaid card.  It is as simple as it sounds if you are already a user of similar bank cards such as debit cards. The prepaid card is linked to your online Jeton account which lets you make offline transactions at locations where Jeton Wallet is accepted. As mentioned before, Jeton doesn’t take any risk in terms of security and that’s why it uses the state-of-the-art security in cards, electronic chips just like the ones in the newest debit and credit cards.

Captain Rizk welcomes Jeton Pay as one of their e-wallet partners

Perks of using Jeton Wallet

Multi-currency Wallet for Your Business

If you are a person who frequently travels abroad and likes to gamble in multiple nations, Jeton Wallet has you covered. The wallet offers multi-currency options that lets you deposit money in your preferred currency and keep track of the amount deposited by different currencies as well as show the total balance in your preferred currency.

Multiple Payment Methods

Jeton lets you choose your choice of payment method at your convenience according to your location and the service that you want to access. Some places may accept the offline Jeton Prepaid Card whereas sometimes you would need to perform any online money deposit for which you can use the Jeton app.


Jeton is quite common in several countries in Europe and Asia. Customers like the fact that this method of payment is fast and convenient. Due to the high security level, online casinos allow this e-wallet alternative. Jeton’s security requires CVV entries, authentication with two dimensions, and testing of the touch ID. Many online casinos that use Jeton may provide Jeton users with special bonuses.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Jeton Wallet might become your new best friend when you play on Rizk. There are already 548,296 who use Jetton Wallet with confidence so what’s stopping you from signing up already?


100% up to ₹10000

  • INR Accepted
  • Generous loyalty rewards!
  • Sports betting available.
  • Have a mobile app.