Casumo Offers Live Casino Supply Tender to Evolution Gaming!

Chief Editor, Felicia Wijkander

Last updated on 29th January 2020

Published: 24/12/2019

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We all know that Evolution Gaming is one of the leading providers of online casino game providers. If you are an ardent online casino punter, you would have seen their names across many of the games in many leading online casinos.

Evolution gaming always has something new to offer its customers. And it is no news that there is a separate section of casino players who look specifically for Evolution’s games and plays them. Especially their live dealer games. They offer unmatched gaming experiences across all platforms. We say “unmatched” gaming experience because they try to bring Vegas to the comfort of your home or office, or from wherever you may be playing.Casumo Offers Live Casino Supply Tender to Evolution Gaming!

This makes them one of the, if not THE best online gaming provider for live casino games. They go the extra mile and add cool features that are always welcomed by players. So it comes as no surprise that Casumo has gotten Evolution Gaming to sign a tender to provide their live dealer games.

We at SevenJackpots are very sure that this is going to be a great step ahead for Casumo.

Casumo is a Scandinavian online casino that was established in 2012. Wondering why they waited so long to join hands with Evolution Gaming? Join the club.

Anyway, Casumo has signed a deal with Evolution Gaming according to which Evolution Gaming will provide Casumo with a wide range of Live Dealer Games that we cannot wait for. This is also a great chance for Evolution Gaming to get their games to a wide section of the European market.

You would also be interested to know that they also recently partnered with another giant gaming provider who is known for their amazing slot games, Microgaming to offer their live casino games in all Microgaming platforms. Seems like 2020 is gonna be a great year for Evolution Gaming.

These deals have noticeably affected the stock prices of Evolution Gaming. Note that it is a positive effect. Evolution Gaming’s Share prices have gone up by 1.98% in Sweden at SEK 232 per share. This is a record surge for Evolution Gaming and we are happy as they deserve it.

Casumo has expanded to many countries in Europe and has also added a lot of new and interesting games from a lot of gaming providers. They are really upping their game and as ardent casino gamers, we can all see it. So this deal is just as important to Casumo as it is for Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming has already set a standard in the market and now all they have to do is work up to it.

This is what Oscar Simonsson, CEO and Co-founder of Casumo Casino has to say about this deal:

[su_quote]“We have been working towards expanding our live casino section for a long time. And we have considered different providers who can offer us the best live casino gaming products for our portfolio. We evaluated both existing and new ones in the industry, but Evolution Game proved to be the best.”[/su_quote]

He and his staff firmly believe that Evolution Gaming will live up to their expectations, especially because they have such a good reputation in the market. All they want from Evolution gaming is to deliver products with perfection and on time and work hand in hand with Casumo for the benefit of both parties.

Regarding the same, Sebastian Johansson, COO of Evolution Gaming was found saying:

[su_quote]“We are delighted to strike a brilliant deal like this with Casumo and giving us a huge opportunity to see our brand deliver excellent live casino products. The interest and success that Casumo portrays on us would bring great positive outcomes and it’s our responsibility to help them during their expansion.”[/su_quote]

So it seems like Evolution Gaming is also all geared up to bring out the best innovations wrapped in the best and most attractive packaging to Casumo and in turn, to all of us. We at SevenJackpots wish Evolution Gaming and Casumo the very best.

We would be lying if we said that we don’t have a soft corner for Evolution Gaming and their products. Whenever we go to the live casino section on any casino, we automatically go to Live Blackjack powered by Evolution than the same game offered by another provider that we will not mention. He he. Just kidding. We at SevenJackpots are not biased.

So go ahead to Casumo casino and take complete advantage of all the live casino games that Evolution gaming is going to load them with.


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