D’alembert mixes safe and fun!

All of us are used to taking risks when gambling, but we have regretted the risk quite a number of times. We aren’t very proud of it, but it is true. We only wish that we had been a bit more cautious in our gameplay when such things happen.

It is an open secret that you are successful when gambling only when luck favours you. If she opts to look the other way and leave you open for the vultures, you would need a safety net to fall back on.

Our time in the online casino world has taught us that it is way better to be safe than to be sorry. This is what the D’alembert strategy aims to achieve. It is an extremely smart gambling strategy which you have just got to know about.

We at SevenJackpots always go for the games with class because we simply cannot go any other way. You can call them mainstream or a cliché or whatever you want, but these games have an air of superiority about them.

You should have guessed what the games are by now: Blackjack and Roulette. If you did not get that, please do check yourself for acute lack-of-style disorder. We’re kidding (or are we?)!

Details about the D’alembert

This strategy too is said to have been devised in the 18th century. Man, the 18th century must have been a period for gamblers to come up with some really smart gambling strategies! We wonder what was in the air then. Certainly must have been a high IQ.

There are some rules to the D’alembert strategy which we will explain. They are as follows:

  • You must first decide a base betting unit. It’s best to keep this small.
  • You must make your first bet this betting unit.
  • If you lose a round, you must increase your bet on the next round by the base unit.
  • If you win a round, you must decrease your bet on the next round by the base unit.

This strategy might look a bit more complicated than that of Martingale or Reverse Martingale, but we assure you that it is not hard to learn at all. If you play a single game using this strategy, you will see why everyone seems to recommend it.

The D’alembert strategy can be used in a number of games such as Baccarat, Poker and Craps. Since we like to go with the classic duo Blackjack and Roulette, we will explain the use of this strategy in those two games.

The Roulette Betting Systems

Before we go any further, there are three kinds of betting systems that can be used when you play Roulette. You have to be aware of these before you use any strategy. They are as follows:

The High/Low Betting System

There are numbers starting from 0 up to 36 on a Roulette wheel. Fun fact: Roulette means “wheel” in French, so we essentially said “Wheel wheel”. Was that Dr. Sheldon Cooper enough for you?

The numbers are divided into high and low values. Numbers ranging from 1 to 18 are of low value and those ranging from 19 to 36 are of high value. There are 18 numbers in both sets, so if you picked one set and bet on it, you have a 50% chance at winning that round.

The Colour Betting System

This betting system uses the colours red and black that are present on a Roulette wheel. You could pick a colour and place your bet on the numbers in that colour. As there are only two colours on a Roulette wheel, the odds of you winning if you use this betting system are also 50-50.

Making a choice such as this is purely personal preference, so just pray that you get lucky!

The Odd/Even Betting System

Last but not least, we have the Odd/Even betting system. This system is as easy as it gets. You just pick either odd or even numbers and since their set size is the same, the odds of you winning with this betting system is once again 50-50.

The Working of the D’alembert

We get that it might not be easy for you to understand the working of the D’alembert strategy with a brief explanation such as the one above. So we will illustrate one for both Roulette and Blackjack.

Scenario with Roulette

Let’s say that you decide that the betting unit for your game is ₹50. So you will bet ₹50 on your first round as per the strategy. If you lose the first round, you would increase your bet to ₹100. Lose again and the bet on the third round increases to ₹150. Also assume that we went for the odd/even betting strategy and chose even because why not?

Win this round and reduce your bet on the fourth round to ₹100. Lose the fourth round and bet ₹150 on the fifth round. Win the fifth round and bet ₹100 on the sixth. Win again and bet ₹50 on the seventh round.

Lose the seventh round and bet ₹100 on the eighth round and finally, win the eighth round. Keep in mind that this is an example. The net profit from this is ₹200, which is four times the original bet. This is because there are equal numbers of losses and wins. Be sure to get out at this point and not play too much.

Scenario with Blackjack

Assume you bet ₹100 on blackjack (which is also the betting unit) and play six rounds of it again. The game progresses as follows:




There is again an equal number of losses and wins. The net profit in this sequence is ₹300, which is the number of wins. Please be sure to get out when the number of wins is the same as the number of losses or more.

Disadvantages to the D’alembert

This game has a few disadvantages to it, which we have listed below:

You might not get lucky

A player might not always win when using the D’alembert strategy. This can result in a huge losing streak for the player and they might lose a lot of money.

No thrill

This strategy can get quite boring as the risk factor is way lesser than that of Martingale and Reverse Martingale. Gamblers look for some sort of thrill in their gaming experience, and using this strategy might take that away from them.

Table Limits

If you go on using, the online casino will impose their table limit on you and will have all the reason to remove you from the game. You must be cautious at all times.

The D’alembert Deal

The following are the advantages in the D’alembert strategy and we think that they are enough for you to use this strategy in all your future Roulette and Blackjack endeavours.

It’s as easy as lifting a pen

This strategy might look complex, but it really is not. It direct and simple. You will understand it fully if you use it in a single game of Roulette or Blackjack. It does not take much time to learn at all.


The balanced odds of winning and losing in this strategy with the Roulette betting systems make it fair game for everyone. The math is unbiased and full of logic.

Low Risk Factor

Unlike high risk progressive strategies such as Martingale and Reverse Martingale, this one poses very little risk as the bets don’t increase in an exponential manner and do not expose you to great loss as a result. The key is you knowing when to stop.

There is also a counterpart to this strategy that is called Reverse D’alembert. This one works the same way, the only difference being that you increase the next bet when you win and decrease the same when you lose.

It is not everyday that we come across gambling strategies that pose such less of a risk and are as efficient as the D’alembert gambling strategy. So strut on now to your favourite online casino and use this as soon as possible!


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