How to Play it Safe When Gambling Online in India

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Chief Editor, Felicia Wijkander

Last updated on 4th July 2020

Published: 24/01/2019

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Feeling a bit unsure or nervous about gambling online? The fun games awaiting you are a lot safer than you might think, and there are only a few small safety tips to keep in mind. Take a look at our advice for Indian online gambling in a safe manner or read our in-depth article about the legal landscape of gambling in India.

Only Use Licensed Casinos

Online casinos should all have websites with an “About” section, or something similar. When you are interested in a casino, look up where and how it is licensed. If it is not licensed for Indian customers, avoid it. Also ensure that the casino has digital security measures, such as encryption, to protect your personal and financial information.

A casino that is not recognized and licensed by reputable associations is known as “rogue.” Do not listen to the claims of a rogue casino, as they are not interested in protecting your money and information.

As a final piece of advice, consider using indirect forms of depositing funds that do not link directly to your bank account, such as prepaid cards. This will add a little extra degree of security.

Know the Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is a misguided belief that a player can predict how a game will end based upon past experience with similar games or the same one. For example, a player on an online slot machine has been winning 60 percent of the time for two weeks, but one day loses all of his daily deposit rapidly through a string of bad spins. He tells himself, “I’m generally lucky with this machine. I should keep going.” This is a fallacy because gambling is about chance. Assuming a game reliant on chance will behave in a certain way, when there is no clear means of backing up that belief, will inevitably lead to more losses and frustration. The odds of an outcome don’t change based on past experience.

The reason this matter is that all online casinos have playthrough requirements for games and slots, meaning that you must make a certain number of deposits in the day to receive a bonus. Resist the urge to play on just to meet these requirements if you are already losing too much money.

Watch for Signs of Addiction

The most common signs for gambling addiction are:

  • An urge to hide your gambling habits from others.
  • Constantly thinking about gambling.
  • Debt and financial difficulties caused by gambling.
  • Making sacrifices, such as spending less time with family, in order to gamble more.

Online gambling is just as capable of developing addiction as all other forms of play. If you decide that you are developing a gambling problem, or have one, please consider visiting Gamblers Anonymous, which has a healthy presence in India. Hope Trust India and DeAddiction are also great places to help get back to a normal, healthy view of gambling. As long as you trust only licensed casinos with strong security and don’t let gambling control your life, online gambling in India is perfectly safe and a wonderful pastime. Check out our recommended and reviewed online casinos to find the perfect game for you.

Safe and Regulated Online Casinos

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