Lost World Games

About Lost World Games

An innovative new gambling provider, Lost World Games is looking to add a modern twist to traditional gaming software by building their games using HTML5 for a beautiful gaming experience. The provider's games are also available on desktop, phone, tablet, and any other internet-ready device, making them readily available to every gamer. Lost World is looking to provide something different than other developers traditionally provide, and they also want their players to be excited about each Lost World game they play.

Lost World is also excited about their collaborations with the casinos owners to develop and offer custom gaming content. The company is passionate about the games they create and create only the content they would want to play personally.

Looking through their offerings, it's not hard to see why their games are so popular. The games have beautiful and realistic graphics and have a level of quality comparable to that of larger, more well-known gaming development companies. As Lost World continues to grow in popularity, there's little doubt they will be a top competitor with other game developers in the near future.

Top Lost World Games Jackpot Games

Lost World Games currently offers four different slots; however, they're working every day to develop new games and are collaborating with casino owners to develop new custom games with Indian jackpots. Their current offerings are King of Kaiju: Rampage Riches, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Beer Goggles, and King of Kaiju: TBC.

Rampage Riches, a Japanese-themed game featuring randomly triggered explosions, has been described as one of the best slot games available today and as a must-try. The game has already hit many online casinos and is increasing in popularity daily, thanks in part to its graphics from famous Kaiju movies, including Godzilla, Rodan, King Kong, Mothra, Pacific Rim, and Cloverfield.

History and Company Info

The company was recently started by passionate developers in Manchester, England. Although the company is new, they've already begun branching out by working directly with individual casinos to provide the games the provider has already developed, and they'll also build a custom slot experience for casinos.

The staff is small, but they're proud to say that this means they can be fast, be flexible, and develop the games that they and their players will love. As they grow, expect to see games that are influenced by Eastern cultures, anime, blockbuster movies, graphic novels, sci-fi, and board games.

One of the unique characteristics of this company is its desire to combine traditional with modern. And in doing so, they hope to attract every type of slot player, from every walk of life. They truly want players to enjoy their experience and keep them coming back for more.

Lost World Games Game Portfolio

Lost World currently offers only four slots and no blackjack or roulette games. King of Kaiju: Rampage Riches, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Beer Goggles are all 5 x 3, 25-line premium slots. King of Kaiju: TBC is a 5 x 3, 20-line premium slot.