Make Durga Ashtami 2022 a profitable one!

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Maximize abundance during this year’s Durga Ashtami

Navratri has just begun! For the next nine days, most Indian states will celebrate this festival dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Navratri, or Durga Puja, is one of the most auspicious festivals of the year in all of India, with Durga Ashtami, the seventh day (the eighth night), being the day with the most celebrations.

Durga is all about strength and is considered a great time to make investments. What better way to invest than to win real money in online casino games!

Why we celebrate Durga Ashtami

In the east, the story goes that the celebrations came to be due to Goddess Durga’s victory over Mahisasura, an evil buffalo demon.

It was said that Mahisasura could only be slain by a female warrior, so the Tri Murti Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma created Durga, blessing each of her body parts with the strength of other male Gods.

In the northern and western states, the celebrations focus on god Rama’s victory over Ravana, the demon king.

Southern states celebrate victories of various gods; Rama and Saraswati are some of them.

Durga Ashtami celebrations

This year, Ashtami falls on Wednesday on the 13th of October, the exact starting times being 21:47 on the 12th of October and 20:07 on the 13th of October.

During this day, rituals begin early in the day by devotees making offerings to the Goddess Durga. Fasting is also an important part of the ritual. Some will fast for the entirety of the festival, breaking it on the night of Durga Ashtami with food given once the puja rituals are complete.

It’s also common for nine young girls to be worshipped, given food and clothes during this day, as a reminder of the influence of women and the power of Durga.

Celebrations for wealth, prosperity, and knowledge

Getting blessed by the goddess is believed to grant knowledge, prosperity, and wealth, which is why this festival is a popular time to make investments.

While Teen Patti is a popular card game to play during the fasting period, there are other games one can play to make investments.

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Ludo is another game that can pay well as long as you make sure to keep track of your pieces in relation to your opponent’s.

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