COMING SOON: NetEnt Live launches Roulette MAX!

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Due to the shutdown of NetEnt LIVE on the 1st December 2020, this table is no longer available.

Take it to the MAX with the new table from NetEnt

Christmas comes early this year, as game provider NetEnt Live releases their most anticipated game of the year on December 1st, 2020.

The Roulette MAX game takes classic roulette excitement and turns it up to 11, something that will be well received at online casino sites in India for sure!

A closer look at the Roulette MAX table

This is, for sure, a roulette game unlike any other! The studio has a really cool 80s retro theme, where the wheels are accompanied by vibrant colors, music, and an innovative Game Presenter.

Since several wheels are spinning simultaneously, new bet options are available:

Combination bets: Pay when the result is repeated on two or more wheels during the same round.
Spread bets: A bet placed on the sum of the result from all wheels combined.
MAX bet: Pays if any result is repeated on at least two wheels.
Column bets: Pays if two or more results from the wheels land in that column.
Color bets: Pays if three or four of the wheels land on the selected color.

Roulette MAX payouts

One of the most exciting things about this table is the massive payouts available. Since four wheels are in play, it’s possible to bet on outcomes with tremendous real money payouts.

All four wheels landing the same color pay 3:1, Spread bets 0-17 pay a crazy 299:1, while
landing a straight-up bet on all four wheels will payout a massive 4999:1!