Online Casino Trends for 2020

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Recent technological innovations have contributed immensely to the growing popularity of online casinos in India. This year witnessed reduced earnings for high-street bookmakers and land-based casinos since most players prefer to place their bets online. This confirms the growing popularity of online casinos and industry experts predict that more and more people will move to online casinos in the coming year.

Online gambling became a thing with the creation of the internet. Since then, new technology has continually fueled the growth of the industry. This has facilitated the creation of an impressive range of slot games which players can access without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Each year, there are new trends and happenings in the online casino world, and 2020 is no exception. To ensure that you’re prepared for the changes that will disrupt the online casino industry in the coming year, let’s take a look at top online casino trends to expect in 2020.

Smart Contract Casinos

Though still at the developmental stage, many startups are using smart contracts to build casinos that operate autonomously and produce zero-house edge games. This will cause significant disruption of traditional casinos since this technology will give a lot of advantages to online payers. Rather than playing against the house, you’ll play against programmed games that are fair and demonstrably transparent. Until the concept is live, check out the LeoVegas great offers!

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Augmented Reality

Experts predict that 2019 will be the year that AR technology finally makes its debut in the online casino industry. AR technology will enable players to have a 360-degree immersive gambling experience. Once you’re in the AR environment, you’ll be unable to distinguish between the virtual and the real world.

Using holograms, you can sit in your living room and play against live players and dealers. This will enhance peer-2-peer gambling and enable a more immersive and fun experience for online gamblers. When playing online poker, you’ll get to see the reactions of other players … which helps you figure out whether they’re bluffing.

Improvements in Game Design

Game design has long been a limitation in the online casino industry. Ensuring that most games worked on mobile devices required a solution that could seamlessly stream HD graphics. The development of such a solution led to the increased quality of online casino graphics in mobile devices, giving players the same experience and speed that they would find when playing on PCs. Such improvements in game design have also facilitated live streaming … meaning that you can now play against other live players and dealers, no matter your location.

Between blockchain tech disrupting the online casino scene and AR/VR technology enabling more immersive gaming experiences, 2020 promises to be a very exciting year for online gamblers in India. In the not too distant future, you’ll be playing in a digital gaming environment with zero house edge, significantly increasing your chances of winning.

This should increase the growing popularity of online casinos and make them more attractive even to old-fashioned, land-based gamblers. If you’re looking for an Indian online casino with the latest in gaming technology, check out

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