Software: Pragmatic Play

5 Lions Slot

5 Lions Slot

If you think online gaming providers have run out of ways to make slot machine experiences fresh and exciting, think again. Pragmatic Play has delivered another outstanding title in the form of 5 Lions. On the surface, this game looks like just another re-skin on a traditional three by five slot reel. Once you get into it, though, there is a lot going on here that you're sure to appreciate. 5 Lions is built on the premise of traditional slot gaming, but it adds a few interesting elements to keep things fresh and exciting.

5 Lions Bonus Features

You will find the typical bonus features here, including a Wild symbol that appears in the form of a Japanese-style lion figurehead fashioned from what appears to be solid gold and a polished Yin Yang that represents the expected Scatter symbol. Both of these icons act exactly as you would expect as well, with the Wild able to substitute missing symbols in an otherwise winning combination and the appearance of three or more Scatters triggering the game's free spins mode. Things get a bit more interesting, though, when the Random Multiplier comes into play. A random number is generated on each spin and, if you land a winning combination that also includes a Wild, that multiplier is applied to any lines that the Wild can be played on. This can offer winning multipliers of up to x40, which is quite impressive. The game's lack of a progressive jackpot is more than made up for by the fact that every spin has the potential to award you a jackpot of random value.

5 Lions Free Spins

When free spins mode is triggered, you'll be given the chance to select from one of seven mode options. While the mode is active, a Random Multiplier is generated on each spin and all winning combinations that contain a Wild will have the multiplier added to their overall value. This will continue until all free spins have been exhausted. Keep in mind that you have the potential to earn additional free spins if another Scatter lands while the mode is still active

5 Lions Winning Symbols

You're going to find a mix of traditional slot game symbols and theme-specific replacements in 5 Lions. Fortunately, the developers thought far enough ahead to provide a relatively helpful pay-table to help you sort through each symbol and its associated values. Once you've got the hang of things, though, you won't need to refer to the pay-table very often. Traditional symbols that have gone unchanged include:

  • 9 Symbol
  • 10 Symbol
  • J (Jack Symbol)
  • Q (Queen Symbol)
  • K (King Symbol)
  • A (Ace Symbol)

All of these symbols are valued exactly as you would expect them to be. Theme-specific symbols, in order from least to most valuable, include:

  • Turtle
  • Fish
  • Frog
  • Phoenix
  • Dragon

There's no real trick to learning your way through these symbols, though. Simply refer to the pay-table when necessary and you'll have it down pretty quickly.

Pragmatic Play is known for continually delivering high-quality online casino titles and 5 Lions is no exception. Whether you're a slot machine fanatic or you're a fresh player trying to feel your way through things, this is one game you're going to love.

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