Software: Nyx Interactive

Jackpot 3X3 Slot

Jackpot 3X3 Slot

Not only does Jackpot 3x3 not look like any slot game you've played before, it offers interesting gameplay that's a nice change of pace from the complicated backstories you sometimes find with other slots. The game is from provider NYX Casino and developer 1x2 Gaming, and it offers a new way to have fun on the reels.

Jackpot 3x3 might look a little confusing at first, but once you start playing, the idea behind the game becomes pretty clear. The background is a simple dark red and black, which helps the bright colours of the reels stand out. Instead of the reels you're used to seeing on other slot machine games, Jackpot 3x3 has nine small rectangles that each have one line. However, don't let the unusual setup distract you, because Jackpot 3x3 plays just like almost every other slot you know.

Each rectangle on your screen is an independent reel. Every time you hit the spin button, all nine reels will start spinning simultaneously. If you land on three identical shapes in one reel, you win. If at any time you don't want to play with one of the reels, simply click or tap on the top of the rectangle to turn it off. When you're ready to start playing with it, just click or tap the rectangle again.

Along with simplistic gameplay, Jackpot 3x3 also has easy-to-understand controls. The top of the screen is where you'll find the home button, bet history, balance, information button, and volume control. The spin button is on the side of the screen and the bottom of the screen shows your total stake and where you can adjust your bet. If you click on the information button, you'll see the game rules, the guide to betting, and paytable.

Jackpot 3x3 Bonus Features

Since Jackpot 3x3 is a simple game, you won't find any bonus features, Scatters, Wilds, or a progressive jackpot to distract you from the gameplay. Instead, you'll be able to focus on the action of the reels.

Jackpot 3x3 Free Spins

Jackpot 3x3 doesn't offer a chance to win free spins during the game. However, spinning is very simple to accomplish. Hit the plus and minus button on your screen to raise or lower your wager. Once you have the wager you want, just hit the spin button to watch those reels start turning.

Jackpot 3x3 Winning Symbols

The winning symbols in Jackpot 3x3 are the shapes in each reel. It's easy to tell the lowest paying symbols from the highest because each shape has a number on it and the higher the number, the larger the payout. The shapes include red squares, green diamonds, green pentagons, pink hexagons, purple octagons, and different star shapes.

Because Jackpot 3x3 has an unusual setup, you might want to start out playing the free version. Once you feel more comfortable with the controls and how the spins work, you can then move on to playing with money and trying your luck on scoring the jackpot.

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