Slot Review: Mega Money Rush by Microgaming

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  • Provider: Microgaming
  • Slot Type: Video slots
  • RTP: 93.2%
  • Volatility: MED
  • Pay Lines: 0
Mega Money Rush

The Mega Money Rush Mobile slot dispenses with the traditional features of an online slot game and instead takes the player into a retro racing game, where you'll speed through the course in search of big wins. If you want to hit the jackpot without spinning the reels, this innovative slot game offers just what you're looking for.

Mega Money Rush Introduction

Upbeat arcade music sets the scene, while nostalgic video game animations fill the vertical screen. Clearly designed with mobile players in mind, this game doesn’t even require that you turn your phone sideways to play, offering the utmost in ease and usability. Microgaming lets slots and arcade games collide in this innovative approach to casino gaming. Basic gameplay features a simple car race where you steer your way toward the coins on the course. The more you collect, the better your results.

Mega Money Rush Mobile Bonus Features

Each round of Mega Money Rush Mobile ends with a bonus wheel. A quick spin on this wheel reveals special extras that will boost your winnings or enhance your game. Look for free coins and exciting multipliers as an extra perk after each completed round. You can also score bonuses like a shield or magnet which will give you added gameplay features to increase your chances of colliding with coins in the next round.

The bonuses on the wheel get bigger as you progress through higher levels. Although the levels don’t vary much otherwise, the increasing value of your bonuses offers plenty of incentive to keep going.

Mega Money Rush Mobile Free Spins

Since you don’t actually spin the reels in this distinctive slot game, there’s no way to get free spins in the traditional sense. You can, however, enhance your spins on the bonus wheel. If you happen to win the race, you’ll access two bonus wheels. A secondary interior wheel will light up along with the main wheel, so you can win even more than you would ordinarily. This feature gives you real incentive to manoeuvre to the front of the pack in each race in addition to aiming for the coins.

Mega Money Rush Mobile Winning Symbols

The closest thing to winning symbols in the Mega Money Mobile slot are the coins on the race course. If you frequently play other racing games, you might initially view the coins simply as bonuses or boosts. However, in this game the coins that you collect translate to actual payouts. You can combine luck and skill with this slot, steering your way to success.

Before you begin the race, you’ll place your wager on what’s ahead. In the first level of the game, you can win up to 1,000 times your initial bet. The potential winnings increase as you level up. Each course features a different setting and different car to keep things interesting. Where a traditional slot may leave you with the same symbols and reels every time you play, this one keeps things interesting, offering an intriguing option for slot players who want something new.

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