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We will go through 3 things on this page:

  1. How to take part in our gambling winnings for free.
  2. How do online casinos work?
  3. Game guides and strategies.

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How does online casino work?

It’s a jungle of different type of online casinos, if you want to learn how it works and what to look out for, please check out our online casino information page first.

This is how you make a deposit with PayTM at Pure Casino.

1. Locate and press ‘Deposit’ at your Paytm casino

The side-menu, or start page, has the deposit button.

2. Insert the amount you wish to deposit

Enter an amount you feel comfortable depositing.

3. Choose ‘NetBanking’ as a deposit method

Choose ‘NetBanking,’ it’s the UPI portal used for the Paytm payment.

4. Find and copy your Paytm VPA (UPI ID)

Copy it or write it down. You’ll need it in a few seconds.

5. Insert the UPI ID into the payment portal

Enter your ID number from step 4 here.

6. Accept Paytm request

Click ‘Pay.’

7. Receive Paytm transaction confirmation

Paytm will confirm the transaction made.

8. Wait for UPI to receive payment

Wait a few seconds while the UPI portal receives your Paytm payment.

9. Receive deposit confirmation

You’ve successfully made a deposit. Now it’s time to play!