What Are “Loose” Slot Machines?

loose slot

If you’re an online slot player in India, chances are that you’ve heard of loose slot machines. Although most players are aware of them, they may not know where or how to find them in online casinos.

Before looking for loose slot machines, you must understand what makes a slot loose or tight. Basically, a loose slot is one with an RTP of 97 percent or higher. The higher the RTP, the looser the slot.

RTP (Return to Player)

RTP is an acronym for Return to Player … a single number that determines the average return that players will get in the long term.

Therefore, a loose slot machine is one that returns 97 percent or more of bets to players. Online slot machines with RTPs below 94 percent are considered tight, while those between 95 – 96 percent are rated average.

Payback Percentage

Slot machines are set to pay back a percentage of what players put in. However, there is a catch … this percentage is usually calculated over million of pulls and only applies to players who play max coin.

This means that it’s entirely possible that you can use $100 to play a loose slot machine for 30 minutes and end up winning nothing. However, loose slot machines offer players the highest chances of winning back what they put in. This makes them the most sought-after machines on online casinos.


Another factor to consider is variance. Online slots give players either less frequent but larger wins or very frequent small wins. Depending on your goals or playing strategy, you’ll need to choose which best suits you.

You should note that the term “loose” is more a comparison than an absolute term of reference. For instance, a nickel slot machine with an RTP of 94 percent may be considered loose whereas a dollar machine with the same RTP percentage is regarded as the worst-paying machines in the same online casino.

Finding Loose Slots

Over the years, there have been a lot of theories on how to find loose slot machines. To find a loose slot machine online, look for casinos with publicly audited RTP. This allows you to pick online slots according to their payout percentage. Another trick to finding loose slot machines is to watch out for game providers like NetEnt and Microgaming. These companies usually develop online slots with higher RTP percentages.

You can also check out casinos that publicly publish their payouts. To take advantage of casino bonuses, you should pick loose slot machines with lower variance and a high RTP. Combining this with comp (loyalty) points and bonuses may enable you to turn the edge in your favour.

Simply put, a loose slot machine is one that has a higher long-term payback percentage than others. They are those that deliver the highest paybacks to you … meaning they take the smallest amounts from your gambling budget in the long run. If you’re looking for an Indian online casino with some of the loosest slot machines, you should visit SevenJackpots.com.

Best Online “Loose” Slot Casinos in India 2020

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