What is a progressive jackpot?

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Last updated on 2nd April 2020

Published: 07/03/2020

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What Are Progressive Slot Games

Progressive jackpots is a term anyone who frequents online casinos comes across. In all probability, you’ve landed on this page here because you want to know what these are and how to make the best use of them. Play the best slot games in India!

For those who aren’t familiar with the term progressive, worry not, we’ve got you covered. Multiple slot games have progressive versions which allow players to cumulatively increase the jackpot prize.

Progressive jackpot is played over multiple rounds. If a player wins the first round, he or she does not get the winning money. Instead, the jackpot value for the next round is predetermined and this time, it is bigger.

This way, every time the game is played, the jackpot increases by a small but definite amount. Thus, the jackpot amount is won over multiple layers of games or lucky draws. With every win, a bigger jackpot money is “carried forward” to the next round.

In a way, progressive jackpots can be seen as having a long shot at winning a lottery but winning it really, really big as opposed to the usual jackpot.

Some of the most popular progressive jackpot games include common slot games like progressive poker or progressive blackjacks. In most of these games that are played, there is almost no change in the rules and the way it is played except for the fact that an additional bet is placed at the side that will cumulatively increase with every round of the game.

Once someone wins, automatically all cumulative calculations become nil, at which points, from the next round or game onwards, the jackpot value starts to accumulate from zero again. Online casinos everywhere have some amazing slots!

While progressive jackpots usually accumulate a certain percentage of the amount every round, nowadays, these games have been clubbed with other slot machines so that the values can go up with any one of the games being played. This way, while the shot is a long one, the jackpot amount rises quickly and steeply.

Types of Progressive Jackpots

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It’s safe to say that we at SevenJackpots love slot games. Overall, there are three variations in the kind of jackpots that are made available by various online casinos. These are the Standalone Progressive Jackpots, Local Area Progressive Jackpots and Wide Area Progressive Jackpots.

Standalone Progressive Jackpots

A Standalone progressive jackpot is one which is played on a single slot machine and can be won only on that machine. The winning amount or the jackpot involved is usually smaller than the ones that are involved in other kinds of progressive slot machine games.

Local Area Progressive Network Jackpots

A Local Area Progressive Network is generally within the same casino. All the slot machines involved in this network are close to each other. Since they are all interdependent, the jackpots rise quickly. If you are playing on a Local Area Progressive Network, then the jackpots you can win are way higher than the Standalone Progressive ones.

Wide Area Progressive Network Jackpots

It is very much like the progressive jackpot discussed above except that the Wide Area Progressive Network Jackpots are connected to multiple slot machines over different locations. This leads to a large increase in the jackpot prizes and eventually, the winner wins a huge amount of money.

Best odds of winning

As we see here, the more the number of machines that are involved, the higher the jackpot that is available to be won. However, this also means that wider the network, bigger is the number of people you are competing against. This way, while the jackpot money amount increases, the odds of winning decrease.

In general, Standalone Progressive Jackpots are the best in terms of odds. While they may not get you as much money as the other two, the chances of winning at least are more.

Progressive Jackpot Meter

The amount of increase in the jackpot after every round of playing is set by “the house” or the casino where you are playing the game. Often the jackpot money is displayed rather boldly to attract one and all to play at the casino.

The jackpot meter keeps increasing keeping in tab the bets made throughout the game. However, as soon as a winner gets announced, the jackpot meter will get reset for everyone playing these rounds of games throughout the entire network.

Every trustworthy casino makes sure that at any given point of time the constantly changing meter keeping tab of the jackpot money is on display.

Games such as Roulette and Blackjack are great, but slot machines are also OG! Progressive slot games can help you win big. Now that you know what these are, can you turn things around your way?