Who is a Casino Streamer?

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You would be familiar with video game streamers who make videos of themselves playing popular games like World of Warcraft and Fortnite while talking about the gaming experience while also reviewing the games.

While this has been a familiar arena for quite some years now, there seem to be many casino streamers now who are betting on online casinos while recording the experience in a video that can be shared with people later.

While this is a welcome change in the industry as it allows people to find out the real truth about these online casinos. Especially because there are many myths surrounding the online casino experience like “players can never withdraw a substantial amount of money”, “the games are all rigged to favour the casino” etc.

Many casino streamers do genuinely play the game on popular sites and record their opinions but some people still duplicate casino winnings and get paid money to try to sell a false product to the people.

How do you know which casino streamers to trust?

It is always a good idea to go by the number of subscribers. The higher the number of subscribers, the lower the chances of that streamer being a cheat.

It is also good to always skim through the comments section of a video just to know if anyone else has complained or has had a similar experience.

You should always only trust popular and licensed online casinos. It is always good to verify their licenses (usually issued by the MGA or the UK Gambling commission) and also check if the online site is SSL encrypted which would mean that all your data is safe.

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Common Myths about Casino Streamers Busted

The casino streamer always wins BIG!

Do not assume that the casino streamer is always winning. They do play a lot more than you do as it is most probably their profession but trust us, they do lose. It is just that no one wants to post a video of them losing. However, there are some streamers who also record when they lose big and post those videos. You should just watch it and learn from their mistakes.

Casinos do not allow players to withdraw money!

Many people have experienced this. We will not deny that. If they played at a great casino like LeoVegas or Royal Panda this is probably because they have not met the wagering requirements or met other conditions for withdrawal.

And if they did play at a popular casino like this, the chances of this happening are very futile. And even if it does, you can always contact customer care and get your money back. If you play at a dingy casino that is not even properly licensed, the fault is yours, my friend. You should always be extra careful when you play with real money.

RTP is higher for streamers!

RTP stands for return to player. The RTP of a game determines how likely the player is to win at that game. First of all, the RTP of a game is set by the gaming provider and not by the casino. An online casino purchases games from various gaming providers and so, it is practically impossible for them to change the RTP for a specific player. The RTP for a certain game is fixed by the provider and no matter whom he sells these games to, the RTP will remain the same.

Streamers play Slots all the time!

When a casino gamer starts a youtube channel or a twitch stream, they mostly play with their own money. But once they start gaining popularity, they associate themselves with many casinos as affiliates and earn commissions through referrals and if they are very popular, they may even advertise some casinos through sponsored videos.

Since they join as affiliates and play much more than you and me, they get to win a lot more and so stay in profit at most times.

What do Casino Streamers earn?

Like we already mentioned, popular streamers make money through affiliate commissions, advertisements and these payments may be stable or vary. Some streamers also opt to receive periodic bonuses and cashback offers from these casinos. How they choose to get paid depends completely on the streamer and the casino.

Youtube Streamers

When a youtube channel streams a video about a casino, the casino receives remuneration based on views and CTR among others. The number of advertisements allowed in a video is determined by the user. Youtube usually allows advertisements to be displayed every 5 minutes in the video. And video streamers usually cover the video with links and they are also at liberty to mention a third-party as a sponsor or as an advertisement at the beginning of the video. All this is available to the youtube streamer on ad hoc basis.

Twitch Streamers

Twitch streamers also earn via advertising like youtubers. They are usually paid $3.5 for 1000 ad views. But they have a cool feature that youtube does not called “Donate”. Normal videogame (read non-casino) streamers get a lot of money from viewers as “Donations”. But casino streamers do not get as many “Donations” because viewers would rather spend that money on a casino and gamble themselves.

These days such streaming has become very popular as it acts as a platform for everyone (casino and non-casino gamers) to share their experiences and recommendations. And also offer advice and comments. So check out some popular streamers like NickSlots and Shamilian.