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Skill and Chance in Gaming and the Legal Realm: The Roots

Amidst the turbulence caused by GST, we look for the roots of the skill vs chance distinction in gaming and find them in the...

13 Feb 2024 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


Online Gaming Cos Woes Will Be Heard by the Supreme Court

The Center and the country's gaming industry are gearing up for a final clash in a mage case at the Supreme Court combining all...

12 Jan 2024 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


The Year in Review: India Gets Closer to Safe Money Gaming

In 2023, regulatory winds transformed Indian legal space related to online money games in a bid to bring clarity, but the process is far...

29 Dec 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


FM: Entry-Level Rule Won’t Relieve ₹1.12 Cr GST Demands

The Finance Ministry informs the Parliament on the situation with ₹1.12 crore tax notices to the gaming industry while Supreme Court litigation is pending.

21 Dec 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


Madras High Court Rejects Ban on Online Poker and Rummy

The distinction between games of skill & chance is still valid, and States can only regulate online games of skill with money, the Madras...

14 Nov 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


Center Mules Asking SC to Batch Online Gaming GST Cases

The Government wants to group its forces on one front for the upcoming judicial battles for online games GST, while businesses are getting interim...

08 Nov 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


India Loses ₹1 – ₹4 Lakh Crore by Not Regulating Gambling

India is losing huge amounts from not taxing online gambling; a report by Think Change Forum gives estimates on the numbers.

25 Oct 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


States Concerned over Retroactive Taxation for Online Gaming Companies

The 52nd GST Council meet brought up concern regarding retroactive taxation, and the threat the hiked GST poses to the gaming Industry.

09 Oct 2023 - Felicia Wijkander
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