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Bombay HC

Maharashtra to Ban Online Gambling, Goa Looks into TN Ban

Maharashtra has been trying to regulate and tax gambling for almost four decades now, but the latest initiative by the State Govt aims for...

31 Jul 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

actionable claim

50th GST Council: One Levy for Skill and Chance Games

The GST Council moved away from skill vs. chance ambiguities and recommended uniform tax on all games, disrupting the business model of skill operators.

14 Jul 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

actionable claim

The Upcoming 50th GST Council: This is What to Look Out For

The long-pending decision on whether to burden skill gaming prize pools with 28% GST might finally be made at the 50th Meeting of the...

27 Jun 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov


AIGF and EGF/FIFS have Proposed Online Gaming SROs

India’s online gaming industry is in a hurry to join MeitY’s efforts to regulate the country’s online gaming space without interference from Big Tech.

12 Jun 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

breaking news

Breaking: ED Raids 25 Locations Linked to Offshore Gaming

ED cracks down on Rs 4000 crore worth scheme to siphon online gaming money out of India through remote computers and misdeclaration of circumstances.

25 May 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

actionable claim

Karnataka HC Quashes GST Enforcement Ambitions

Karnataka HC refuses DGGI access to online gaming prize pools and brings clarity to GST base valuation on games of skill a month before...

21 May 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

Felicia Wijkander

Interview with Uday Walia on Indian online gambling

Uday Walia and Felicia Wijkander dive deep into the latest updates and possibilities related to online gambling in India. Read the interview and watch...

04 May 2023 - Felicia Wijkander


AIGF Renews Challenge to TN Gaming Ban, MoS Calls It “Meaningless”

The legal battle over the constitutional validity of Tamil Nadu’s new gaming ban has begun. Union Minister calls the whole thing “meaningless.”

30 Apr 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov


Govt Agreed on TDS with Gaming Sector, GST Council Planned

The effective date of the new TDS regime over online gaming was changed to April 1 to avoid chaos in tax compliance. Uncertainty over...

02 Apr 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

Central Law

TN Assembly Unanimous behind New Online Gaming Ban

Tamil Nadu LA unanimously rejects the governor’s veto on the State’s new online gaming ban and ends two weeks of political controversy and protests...

25 Mar 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

IT Rules

MeitY Likely to Accept Graded KYC for Online Gaming

MeitY will likely relax KYC requirements for small deposits for playing online games, as industry reps have suggested in their feedback on the IT...

04 Mar 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

Finance Bill

Finance Bill 2023 Proposes Changes to TDS on Game Winnings

Govt aims to tighten TDS on winnings from gaming abolishing practice to split withdrawals and completely removing non-taxable threshold for online games

22 Feb 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

Allocation of Business Rules

MEITY and Industry Discuss IT Rules Amendments for Online Gaming

Gaming industry reps give valuable feedback to newly proposed IT Rules amendments for online gaming by the sector’s new nodal ministry, MEITY.

22 Jan 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov


Parimatch CEO: A Bird’s Eye View on the Indian Gambling Market

Anton Rublievskyi doesn’t spare anything about the Indian gambling scene, the lack of regulations, the lobbying, and the need for responsible gaming policies.

08 Jan 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

Allocation of Business Rules

MEITY is the New Nodal Ministry for Online Gaming in India

Following Task Force recommendations, the Govt names MEITY as the nodal ministry for online gaming, I&B continues to oversee code of ethics and advertising.

29 Dec 2022 - Nikolay Nikolov


Three-Year Study Reveals the Dangers of Loot Boxes

UK academia study reveals the harmful impact of loot boxes on the young and proposes regulatory intervention. In India, loot boxes still run under...

20 Dec 2022 - Nikolay Nikolov


MIB Orders Google to Drop Online Gambling Ads

Centre continues its crack down on offshore gambling with MIB ordering Google to stop showing online betting ads.

10 Dec 2022 - Nikolay Nikolov

Celebrity Endorsement

Madhya Pradesh Govt to HC: Three Months Needed for Online Gaming Law

Madhya Pradesh Govt told the High Court it needs three months to prepare a law against online gambling in response to an order to...

07 Dec 2022 - Nikolay Nikolov


IIM Rohtak Study Reveals Celebrities’ Huge Impact on Gambling Ads

Celebrity endorsements in gambling ads found to raise the tendency to play multifold and double the effect of statutory warnings. Regulations based on the...

05 Dec 2022 - Nikolay Nikolov
fb ads


Facebook Updates Protocol for Real-Money Gaming Ads

Facebook updates its policy on gambling promotions, requires operator’s licenses and responsible ad campaigns.

27 Nov 2022 - Svilen Madjov
High Court TN


Online Gaming Industry Challenges New Tamil Nadu Ban

The All India Gaming Federation challenged the TN ban on online games for money as the legal battle continues

14 Nov 2022 - Svilen Madjov
social media games


Government Amends IT Rules, Imposes New Requirements on Social Media

Amended IT Rules create a Grievance Appellate Committee, require social media to take down illegal and harmful content, review account blocks

03 Nov 2022 - Svilen Madjov

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu passes gambling ban bill

The ordinance promulgated on the 7th of October has now been approved by the TN Assembly, banning online gambling, rummy, and poker.

20 Oct 2022 - Felicia Wijkander

Information Technology Act 2000

Breaking: Jio and Vodafone blocks offshore gambling sites

Offshore online betting websites Betway, 22bet, PariMatch, and others blocked by Jio and Vodafone over tax evasion claims.

19 Oct 2022 - Felicia Wijkander

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu issues Ordinance to ban online gambling in the state

Tamil Nadu issues second ordinance in two years, seeking to ban online gambling and regulate online gaming.

10 Oct 2022 - Felicia Wijkander


Centre clamps down on TV & OTT platforms over betting ads

India sees two new advisories asking OTT platforms, news websites, and TV channels to stop betting ads.

10 Oct 2022 - Felicia Wijkander


Indian media asked to stop real money gambling advertisement

Betting website ads pose risk for consumers, I&B says While guidelines on what is allowed […]

14 Jun 2022 - Felicia Wijkander


Famous law influencer comments on India’s gaming bill

YourInstaLawyer tells it like it is in new Instagram Reel video Tanya Appachu, a Lawyer […]

14 Jun 2022 - Felicia Wijkander


Curaçao to trigger gambling action plan in December

Curaçao’s liberal gambling legislation under the gun? We might see improved gambling regulation from Curaçao […]

21 Dec 2021 - Felicia Wijkander
screenshot of online rummy table


Kerala lifts online Rummy ban

Kerala HC calls online Rummy ban unconstitutional The Kerala High Court has shot down a […]

30 Sep 2021 - Felicia Wijkander


Karnataka gambling ban to take effect on 13 September 2021

Karnataka includes online gambling in Karnataka Police Act, 1963. Earlier this year, we reported on […]

06 Sep 2021 - Felicia Wijkander


Madras HC rejects Tamil Nadu online gambling ban

Online games are back in business in TN after HC decision In February this year, […]

04 Aug 2021 - Felicia Wijkander


Goa & Uttar Pradesh clamp down on online gambling

Several people arrested in Goa online gambling den raid You’ve probably heard about police raids […]

22 Jun 2021 - Felicia Wijkander


AIGF challenges Tamil Nadu’s Online Rummy ban

Tamil Nadu Gaming Act amendments face potential backlash A little over a month has passed […]

26 Mar 2021 - Felicia Wijkander


Amendment bill suggests online gambling ban in Tamil Nadu.

Online Gambling in Tamil Nadu faces bill proposal An amendment Bill to add cyberspace gambling […]

09 Feb 2021 - Felicia Wijkander

Andhra Pradesh

New Online Gambling ban in Andhra Pradesh

Jail-time for illegal Andhra Pradesh gambling The Minister of Transport, Information and PR, Perni Venkataramaiah, […]

09 Sep 2020 - Felicia Wijkander


India’s Online Gaming Industry Faces a Rough Journey with States

11 Jul 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

betting apps

Gaming Apps Betway, Lotus365, Fun88 Not Affected by Indian Ban

05 Jun 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov


First Shots of the Battle for Online Gaming SROs Fired

14 May 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

Allocation of Business Rules

MeitY Notifies IT Rules, Chhattisgarh Game of Chance Ban in Force

14 Apr 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov


Gaming Industry Opposes New TDS Policy, GST Still Unclear

12 Mar 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov

betting apps

Union Government Bans 232 Chinese Betting and Loan Apps

12 Feb 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov


Chhattisgarh Bans Games of Chance with Swift Moves

05 Jan 2023 - Nikolay Nikolov


Indian Children’s Online Gaming Time will not be Limited

16 Dec 2022 - Nikolay Nikolov
online games


Centre Rumored to Bring In Federal Regulation for All Real-Money Games Online

06 Dec 2022 - Svilen Madjov

Central Law

Skill Gaming IМTF: Central Law and Extraterritorial Action

21 Nov 2022 - Nikolay Nikolov
illegal gambling

betting ring

Authorities Go after Black Market Gambling, with No Nationwide Regulation in Sight

27 Oct 2022 - Svilen Madjov


Meghalaya Backtracks on Casino Regulation, Cites Moral Grounds

19 Oct 2022 - Svilen Madjov


Curaçao to create new, stricter gambling regulation

13 Jul 2022 - Felicia Wijkander


Indian government has formed online gaming regulation panel

31 May 2022 - Felicia Wijkander
hand holding microphone. sevenjackpots and touchstone partners logos


Why we have removed Tamil Nadu from restricted states in India

24 Sep 2021 - Felicia Wijkander


Bombay HC questions Ludo’s legality following petition

24 Jun 2021 - Felicia Wijkander


Karnataka & Kerala makes a move on online gambling regulation

22 Feb 2021 - Felicia Wijkander