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Take it Easy When You Play Casino

Most professional gamblers, if you are an ardent casino player or a sportsbook gambler or even a professional poker player, you might be under the assumption that gambling “Gambling is not hurting my health”.. You are right there, but something is getting hurt, not your health but your hard earned money and the people who are dependant on you.

According to studies, around 2%-3% of Americans have a compulsive gambling problem. In 2012, Daniel Negreanu, a professional Poker player had addressed this problem through Twitter and highlights how Gambling Addiction is real and if you have a problem, to check the symptoms and take up treatment.

We at Seven Jackpots wish to address this issue and that is why this article.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling is basically understanding and knowing when to stop. A casino should promote this as well as gamblers.

There are many ways by which an online casino can promote responsible gambling. Many online casinos such as LeoVegas and bet365 promote responsible gambling on their websites to a great extent. Being so highly regarded, they have understood that they need to be proactive in helping people overcome their addiction.

Responsible Gambling should be an integral part of each and every casino. It is wrong to think that only online casinos should understand, promote and implement responsible gambling.

If you are a professional gambler, you should do your bit as well. If you know that someone is facing a gambling problem, it should be a moral responsibility to make sure that they seek help.

We have interacted with many online gamblers and taken their views about this particular aspect of gambling. The main questions which many of them raised were:

  • When do you realise you are addicted?
  • How to overcome that addiction?

More than the second question, the first question as to when do people realise that they are addicted is what matters. The first step is to acknowledge that “Yes, I am addicted”. Not many have the power to acknowledge it.

Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction

This is perhaps the most important aspect of this article. We at Seven Jackpots, sat down, researched through a number of medical reports, individual case studies and finally broke it down to this.

Thinking about Gambling and Planning for It

The first sign especially if you have been in the gambling circuit for a long time is when you think about gambling, plan for it financially and also relive your past gambling incidents to justify your present and the future.

Compulsive gambling is exactly this. If you are addicted, the moment you see yourself explaining to others, why you should gamble, this is the first sign that you are addicted. People can lose umpteen number of times and give up eventually, but if there is even one win among all those losses, the hope is what eventually results in gambling.

Gambling online every now and then to see how the system works is fine. However, gambling to finance a trip to the gambling dens of the world is where addiction comes in.

Reaching the desired level of Gambling ‘Enjoyment’

When you WANT the money and keep on wanting money to reach that level of enjoyment is another symptom of addiction.

For example, you are playing poker with Rs.10,000 and have lost all that money in 15 games. Most people quit and leave the table. However, if you are that person who will buy-in for another Rs.10,000 and keeps playing to reach that win threshold or to play a total of 50 games, that is where addiction kicks in.

You are not enjoying until you win a large amount of money. Gamble as an Oxford Dictionary word means ‘to win or lose’. But for a majority of people, especially in India, gambling is a means of winning a large sum of money. Hence, if you keep on gambling until you reach that threshold of ‘joy’ and you are dependent on gambling for your happiness, you are suffering from gambling addiction.

You are NOT able to STOP, despite trying to

Now, doctors use the phrase ‘reduction in betting behaviour’ but we have simplified it to this. To put it in basics, if someone in your family has been continuously telling you or warning you that you should stop gambling, and you are not able to, even though you tried, doctors have mentioned this as a symptom of gambling addiction.

Withdrawal due to a temporary halt in gambling

To continue from the previously mentioned symptom, let’s assume that for a while you have refrained from gambling.

Are you feeling irritated and angry that you are not able to gamble?

Do you feel restless and your mind is continuously in the zone of gambling?

Feeling agitated and uneasy when you are not gambling?

If you are feeling all this, you are in a state of Withdrawal. This is exactly what drug and alcohol addicts feel when they are trying to quit. They feel uneasy, angry and their body and mind react to this sudden change.

This is another symptom of gambling addiction. If you are experiencing this, you need to get help.

Gambling as a means to reduce stress or anxiety or escape from life

Gambling can often be a way to reduce or escape stress, anxiety or even depression. By doing so, you will be just feeding your addiction even more. This can often lead to making harsh decisions and increasing betting behaviour.

Dependance on gambling as an escape is a common symptom seen amongst gambling addicts. However this can result in dependency and due to this, you only feed your addiction and let it control you. Hence, people who see gambling as an escape tend to lose a lot more.

Going back to gambling to make up for what is lost

One of the major symptoms gambling addicts face is the sense of loss. If you have been gambling continuously with a hope to win, but it devastates a person to lose again. Most people quit after losing.

However, if you are addicted, you will go back to gambling. Why?

First, to make up for all the losses that you have faced. If you have lost a lot of money or any wager, you would gamble again to win it back.

Second, to satiate the subconscious desire to gamble again. You can make up for the money by trying and working regular jobs, however, due to this ‘need’ to gamble, an addict goes to the place where he lost all the money and starts from scratch.

This is even more disastrous as then you have an ‘EMOTIONAL’  stake in the game, rather than a monetary and physical one, which often leads to bad decisions.

Lying to family and others about the extent of gambling addiction

Most humans lie as a defense mechanism and it is completely natural to do. It is embedded in human nature. Similarly, gamblers who are addicted eventually end up lying to their family, loved ones and even people who wish well, about the extent of their addiction.

They think that talking and telling people how deep they are with gambling is a sign of weakness or something they ‘want’ to do to themselves and their loved ones. This eventually results in jeopardizing most of your personal relationships for you and your family as well.

Committing crimes to gamble

This is one of the classic symptoms of gambling addiction.

We have seen way too many movies where our ‘protagonist’ gets mixed up with the wrong crowd such as mob bosses, loan sharks, etc. to borrow money in order to gamble.

If a person who is addicted to gambling does not have the money to gamble, it is only but natural to resort to illegal ways to obtain money. People have often stolen from their own savings, their family’s savings, their spouse’s money, or other sources to make sure they get their money and gamble.

What you can do to be responsible?

The first step to treatment of gambling is to acknowledge that you are addicted. There are mainly 3 types of treatment which include:

  • Therapy
  • Medication
  • Self-help groups

However, those are not the topic of today. Responsible gambling is understanding what you can afford and implementing it in your gambling habits.

It is not a problem to gamble. It is how you gamble, that often creates the problem. Hence, many online gambling operator websites, online casino operators have introduced the concept of ‘Responsible Gambling’ on their website.

This is a dedicated section where you can read, understand and get help if you think you are way over your head with gambling. While some gambling operator websites such as Yako Casino or Bao Casino or even 22Bet does NOT emphasize on the concept, websites such as Bet365 and LeoVegas are the ones who do.

If you have been a customer of Bet365 and realised you have a gambling problem, you immediately scroll to the end of the homepage and click on the link of ‘responsible gambling’. They have addressed that this is in fact what people face, understood it and are more than willing to help you.

By clicking on this link, you will be redirected to the URL of and it will look like this.

You can choose to put a limit on your deposits, to sign up for reality checks which sends you notifications limiting the time you spend on gambling. The major features are time-out and self-exclusion where you have an option of either stay away from gambling for a while or completely quit.

We at Seven Jackpots emphasize greatly on the importance of responsible gambling and the need for people to get help. There are many organisations and self-help groups which can help you with this addiction. If you really want to gamble, you should do so at operator websites such as Bet365 or LeoVegas who have taken up an initiative to help you curtail the issue.

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