Online Roulette India

Roulette is the most popular casino game in India, and playing online roulette India places the thrill of the game at your fingertips.

Over 4400 Indians have learned how to play and found their favorite casino with our help since our start in 2018!

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Play Roulette for Free

What is Online Roulette Games in India?

Online roulette India offers the perfect mix of simplicity and excitement.

The game itself originated in 18th-century France. Players bet on which number they believe will win. In turn, the winning number is determined by dropping a ball onto a horizontal spinning wheel of numbered pockets and watching in which pocket the ball will stop.

Over half of all real-money bets placed at online casinos in India are placed at roulette tables. In other words, money speaks louder than words when determining the number one casino game!

Another amazing thing about the roulette game online is that there are tables tailor-made for desi players!

Right now, there are four unique live tables where your dealer will speak Hindi or be dressed in traditional Bharat clothing.

Online roulette India real money attracts players from all over India. While the game can be enjoyed freely at foreign online casinos, the gambling laws in India are on a state-by-state basis.

States like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Chhattisgarh have laws against online gambling. From there, you’ll play online at your own risk.

Find all the latest updates on local laws and Indian gambling regulations in our news section!

How do you play roulette online?

It’s easy to learn how to play roulette, and this step-by-step guide will prove that. Although the game has a bunch of various bets, you don’t need to use them all, or even understand all of them.

The most important thing to understand is that, in order to play, you need to bet on at least one number, and the more numbers you cover with your bet, the higher your chances of winning.

Roulette how to play:

  1. Take a virtual seat at your preferred table.
  2. Place one or more bets on some of the numbers, either directly on a number, or by using bets that cover more numbers, such as all odd, even, red, or black ones.
  3. Watch as the ball drops onto the spinning wheel and spins before falling into one of the numbered pockets.
  4. See if that number is part of your bets and collect any potential wins!

How to play Online Roulette for Real Money in India

The key to any live dealer table is real money. Without it, you can watch, but you can’t play!

We think that playing online roulette for real money is by far more exciting and something you don’t want to miss out on!

And playing online is so much easier than at a land-based casino. Payment options at online casinos allow you to deposit and play instantly, with mobile app and banking payment solutions like UPI leading the way in simplicity and speed.

To play with real money, all you need is, well, some money, and a deposit method that you can use online. We love local methods like UPI, Paytm, and PhonePe, but gPay, Skrill, and even cryptocurrencies are also great options.

Did you know? The payment options with the best transactional success rate are the most popular ones. While cryptocurrencies take top place on success rate, mobile payment apps like UPI and Paytm claim second place.

UPI, Paytm, and other Mobile App methods have a 76% transactional success rate, with crypto taking the lead by reporting only 5% of failed transactions. Source: Casino Days

Rules of Online Roulette

How do Roulette Rules Work?

The rules of online roulette India are easy. To win, you have to have placed a bet on the same number where the ball stops on the roulette wheel.

You’ll get paid based on the type of winning bet you’ve placed. Online roulette rules are even easier than those for a physical table, as you don’t have to keep track of your placed roulette chips.

Rule Variations

Most tables that you’ll come across at Indian casinos will play by the European rules, considered the easiest and most favorable to players.

But there are other rule variations of the game that open for unique ways to play.

These are the three main game rule variations:

European Roulette Flag and Roulette Wheel

European Roulette – A Timeless Classic

Over 85% of all roulette tables offered at online casinos follow the European design and rules, making it the most popular game type!

And its popularity is no surprise. The European table has the best winning odds of 97.30% and the easiest rules and betting layout to learn.

A good rule of thumb is that if a table doesn’t specify the type (European, French, American), it will be played using European rules!

French Roulette Flag and Roulette Wheel

French Roulette – With Unique Rules

French Roulette plays by the same rules as European Roulette, with the addition of La Partage and En Prison and several other bets added to the mix.

Here, you’ll also see regular French bets and additional outside bets in Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, Orphelins, and Jeu Zéro.

As roulette originates from 18th century France, the French version is as close as you can come to the origins of the game.

American Roulette Flag and Roulette Wheel

American Roulette – The Only Double-Zero Wheel

American roulette is most commonly found at local, land-based casinos within the USA and UK, and there’s a reason why it hasn’t gained popularity elsewhere in the world.

The American wheel has one additional slot, a double-zero. While this opens for additional betting options, it also lowers the RTP of the game from the “traditional” 97.30% to 94.74%.

Since the higher House Edge is to the casino’s advantage, gamblers opt for the more profitable European and French tables.

Casino Chips used in Roulette Games

Roulette Bets

Although the rules are easy to learn, with the many different bets available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed!

The betting layout is split into two groups: inside and outside bets. While inside bets are placed on specific numbers, outside bets are placed on larger groups of numbers.

Some bets give close to a 50% chance of winning!

Outside Bets

Roulette Bet Payout Odds
Red/Black 1:1 48.60%
Odd/Even 1:1 48:60%
High/Low 1:1 48.60%
Dozens 2:1 32.40%
Columns 2:1 32.40%

Inside Bets

Roulette Bet Payout Odds
Six Line 5:1 15.80%
Basket 6:1 13.16%
Corner 8:1 10.50%
Street 11:1 8.11%
Straight-up 35:1 2.70%

Our top 5 picks of roulette casinos


  • Rating
  • SupportEmail, Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram

Casino Days


Big Boost



  • Rating
  • Customer SupportLive Chat, Email



Online Roulette Strategies

Using a online roulette India strategy is a great way to create a terrific live casino experience. Different strategies are popular amongst players who wish to spice up their gambling.

Using various systems to play is fun, but make sure to do so responsibly and never for more money than you can afford to lose.


Martingale is the most popular strategy as it works perfectly with the game’s “even money” bets (Odd/Even, Black/Red, etc).

With the Martingale strategy, you start with the minimum bet, and then double your bet when you lose. This pattern continues with losing bets until you hit a winning bet, after which you return to the initial bet amount. This strategy only works with the 50/50 chance of success bets!


Paroli is also known as the Reverse Martingale, and is preferred by players using a smaller bankroll. Here, you’ll increase your bet every time you win rather than lose, and any loss means returning to the initial bet size.

Just as with Martingale, Paroli should only be used on bets that have close to 50% chance of winning, such as high, low, odd, even, red, and black bets.


The Labouchere strategy is based on a row of numbers where you combine the first and last number in a row of numbers and then place a bet size correlating to the combined amount.

If you land on winning numbers, the numbers used in your number sequence are removed; if you lose, you’ll add the combined amount to the end of your row of numbers.


The Fibonacci system uses the Fibonacci sequence to place bets at the online roulette India table.

Each number in the sequence instructs you how many units you should bet. Increase the bet one step at a time if you lose; move back two steps if you win.


While the D’alembert strategy is considered a proper strategy, it is also known as “The Gambler’s Fallacy.” D’alembert is based on the theory that there has to be balance in the world.

In this game, it means that if red numbers have won for several rounds, D’alembert roulette players believe a black number is bound to hit. This system disregards the house advantage or any specific betting layout and entirely bases its strategy on “universal” rules of balance.

Online Roulette Guides

Become a casino expert like us with our in-depth online roulette India guides! Whether you are a beginner or an avid casino player, there’s a game guide for you.

Our in-depth guides are easy to read, so that you can hit the roulette tables quickly and confidently!

“You can easily impress your friends by showing that you know how to play roulette. While the game looks complicated, it’s actually one of the easiest live casino games to learn, where you can place a bet and win within seconds from first laying eyes on the roulette online real money table.”

Felicia Wijkander, Editor in Chief at SevenJackpots

  • Rules – The rules are easy to learn, and thanks to our in-depth guides, learning how to play only takes a few minutes!
  • Bets – Roulette online real money is one of the casino games with the most bet variations available. Learn them all, and understand which ones give you the best winning chances!
  • Strategy – In a game with such a wide variety of bets like this, you can enhance your gameplay with several different types of strategies.

Online Roulette Games

Thanks to the innovative minds of game providers, there are a multitude of roulette game online available today.

From classic European tables to the more creative titles of Cricket and Lightning, they all have important things in common: state-of-the-art technologyaccessibility, and user-friendliness.

Most online tables games are also known for their action-filled game rounds, which engage most Indian players who prefer quick-play versions of the game.

Most searched for Online Roulette Games in 2024:

Game Search Volume
Lightning Roulette 81.5%
XXXTreme Lightning Roulette 9.3%
Hindi Roulette 4.9%
Mega Roulette 4.3%

Live Auto-Roulette

As one of the few live games played without a dealer, Auto-Roulette snatches the first place of popular games in India.

This unique table is played with normal rules, but utilizes a mechanical contraption to spin the wheel, collect the ball, and release it onto the wheel.

The automated table is popular among players looking for a faster and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Lightning Roulette

India’s second-most popular roulette game online is Lightning Roulette!

The first of Evolution’s “lightning” themed games have become their most successful in the lightning category, topping the lists in popularity, player bets, and turnover at most Indian casinos.

This innovative game variation adds multipliers to the game, where up to five numbers on the wheel are assigned multipliers of up to 500x.

XXXTreme Lightning Roulette

If a max payout of 500x isn’t enough for you, then check out XXXTreme Lightning Roulette.

In this high-voltage version of the classic lightning game, the Double Strikes feature can lead to lightning hitting numbers more than once, resulting in super-charged lucky numbers where the multiplier on a single number can reach 2000x!

Red Door Roulette

Thrill seekers who are wanting even more exciting features with their gaming session should try the Red Door game Roulette online game. Here you’ll find the lightning-type multipliers, with the additional feature of Red Door keys.

Landing a winning number that holds a key unlocks the Red Door, where you’re taken straight into the Crazy Time bonus wheel for the chance of spinning home winnings of up to 4000x your bet! This is the perfect bridge between Evolution’s game shows and their expertise in classic live casino games.

Hindi Live Dealers in Online Roulette

Hindi Live Dealers

Considering the fact that Hindi is spoken by five times as many people as English, Hindi live dealers are a must!

Thankfully for us, game providers know this and have released a number of roulette online real money tables with Hindi-speaking live dealers. Apna Daaunv Lagaiye!

Is Live and Roulette online real money the same thing?

While both can be played with real money, online roulette India is all about the authentic casino experience. And while they have similar names, a “live” and an “online” table isn’t necessarily the same thing.

Live tables are supervised and hosted by experienced live dealers, ensuring that they always deliver a fair game.

Having a real physical person hosting your table is what makes playing live so entertaining.

Your live dealer will notify you when it’s time to place bets. They will also spin the roulette wheel, drop the roulette ball onto the wheel, and announce the winning number or winning bets, depending on where the ball lands.

In more intricate games, like the Lightning and Gold Bar variations, the croupier also informs you which numbers have been assigned a multiplier.

On the other hand, RNG-based tables are instead run using a complex algorithm that ensures the game’s fairness, and you are in charge of spinning the wheel. These tables are 100% digital and don’t have a live dealer or other players present.

Online Roulette Bonus

One of the best ways to increase the value of your real money when you play the roulette online game is to use a bonus.

A bonus can give you more money to play for, increase your winnings, or return some of the funds lost if you’ve been unlucky.

But finding the best bonus can be tricky!

Thankfully, we’ve conducted an in-depth study of the most valuable casino bonuses. We’re also giving you exclusive insights into specific bonus offers and breaking down aspects like simplicity, usability, and availability so that you can pick the best bonus when playing online roulette for real money.

Did you know? Rules that are easy to understand are the 2nd most important aspect of a bonus, according to Indian gamblers. The most important aspect is the size of the offer.

Online Roulette India FAQ

Online roulette is 100% random with each game round, and no secret strategy or trick can make you beat the game. The only way to guarantee a win is by betting on all possible numbers, including the single zero, which is not recommended as it is considered a “low-risk” bet, something that most online casinos deem to be in breach of their T&Cs.

Yes, you can! Real money tables are available at lots of online casinos. Just make sure to choose a casino that holds a gambling license. Don’t fall for scam casinos that require WhatsApp or Telegram invites.

Yes, it is a luck-based game, but there are bets with higher winning probabilities than others. Odds, Even, High, Low, Red, and Black are all bets with close to 50% winning chance.

To play this game, you want to sign up at an online casino, deposit real money, and pick a online roulette India real money game. Before the croupier drops the ball onto the wheel, place your bets and wait for the outcome to see if you’ve won!

The roulette online game is available anytime from anywhere, with all games available on your mobile phone. The player interface also keeps track of your chips and lists in-game statistics.

Which Roulette App works best for you?

With the best roulette app in India, you’ll always have access to all the best online games, and most online casinos have their own app.

Simply download the casino app for the gambling website you enjoy the most or play your favorite Indian roulette games through the web browser on your phone.

TIP: Save the website as a bookmark on your mobile for instant access!


Android users can navigate between many casinos to find the best roulette app India experience while enjoying superb real-money gameplay through mobile web browsers!

Most Android devices can easily run online roulette in India games, and as an Android user, you also have a wide array of secure payment methods to use while playing.


Although iOS users have slightly fewer of the best roulette app in India to explore, devices with iOS will still flawlessly run all table variations!

You can run the latest table games from most iPhones and iPads while enjoying super secure payment methods that utilize face or fingerprint recognition.

Top 10 Best Roulette app in India


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Online Roulette India Research

While slot games take priority among European online gamblers, live casino games, roulette especially, have piqued the interest of Indians.

We strive to continuously learn about player behavior and market trends so that we can curate the perfect guides for you.

Understanding who wants to play online roulette in India and which games players pick gives you a head start to expert knowledge only found here at SevenJackpots.

  • Of all the income casinos earn from the top 30 games, Lightning Roulette stands for more than 25%.
  • One-third of all top 30 games are roulette.
  • Of all native games available, Hindi Roulette tops the list as the most popular.

Online Roulette Casinos Reviewed

Finding the best online roulette in India shouldn’t be a gamble. This is why our in-depth guides take you straight to the best ones.

Almost one-third of Indians gamble several times a week, and no matter how often you enjoy a flutter on the roulette wheel, it is essential you get the best value for your hard-earned money by only playing at the best sites in the country.

All casinos listed at SevenJackpots offer RNG and live Indian roulette. Below, we have tested and hand-picked the five most exceptional casinos that meet all your gambling needs.

Test details:

Date and time: 19th October 2023
Devices used: MacBook Pro, Xiaomi
Currency used: INR
Amount of test persons: 3
Total time testing: 12h

Casino Days

Casino Days have been close to our hearts since their inception in 2020 and is an Indian gambling website that continues to impress us with outstanding simplicity and style.

The game library at Casino Days presents 49 live roulette games from several game providers, with another 22 found through the search feature, adding up to 71 tables!

What we like the most about playing real money roulette in India at Casino Days is the easy deposits and withdrawals. These can be done directly from the table by opening the cashier.

One thing that many online casinos lack, Casino Days included, is real-time information about the tables in the casino lobby.

We would’ve loved to be able to see the latest won numbers and what the table bet limits are!

Big Boost

If you enjoy Casino Days but want more of the good stuffBig Boost is a perfect choice. Sharing the same operator, Big Boost provides you with an identical games portfolio to Casino Days.

The difference? The overall look and feel of the website.

Similarly to Casino Days, Big Boost offers over 70 roulette tables, from fan-favorite Lightning Roulette to classic European Roulette.

As experts who have played at hundreds of online casinos, we know how important the design of a casino is. So, while Big Boost is almost identical to its sister site regarding products, it’s up to you to decide which one feels best.

Or, if you want to have the best of both worlds, play at both casinos and enjoy up to two lakh in welcome offer cash bonus!


For an even larger selection of game titles to explore, Bettilt stands ready with 123 online roulette tables! All of their tables are found within the live casino section of the website, under the “Roulette” category.

We enjoy the wide selection of tables, and the Bettilt search feature allows us to filter games by game provider. That said, Bettilt’s game lobby lacks information besides the game icon.

Although the table section is found under the live casino vertical of the website, it contains several RNG tables. From a professional standpoint, we would have liked to see a better-organized lobby with the most popular online roulette India real money games appearing high up on the page.


While 22Bet primarily caters to sports bettors, they have a surprisingly good selection of casino games! Found under the Roulette section on their Casino page, 148 different tables are available to you.

Most of these 148 games are hosted by a live dealer, with a handful being hybrid games of pre-recorded or animated dealers.

When we conducted our test at 22Bet, we noticed that the best gaming experience is found on mobile. Something else that sets 22Bet aside from its competitors is their wide selection of payment methods!

Like many other providers, live game information in the lobby would elevate the gaming experience.


10CRIC is one of India’s most established online casinos, providing desi players with exceptional casino and sports betting since 2019. The 10CRIC game lobby has received an overhaul since then, and today, you’ll find a dedicated roulette section within the Live Casino section of the site.

We love transparency, and at 10CRIC, the game category notifies you how many tables are available (26) and clearly states the provider on each table. Something else we enjoy is that you can list the games by “Most Popular,” “Alphabetically,” or by provider!

On the downside, you’ll only find 26 10CRIC roulette tables here—a lower number of games than other Indian casinos. However, 27 additional RNG titles can be found in the Casino section, rounding up to 53.

How do you get better at playing roulette?

As this is a game of chance, you can leave any stress about being “good” at playing aside and just enjoy the experience and hope that you’ve got your luck with you when playing!

That said, if you want to get the best possible gambling experience at the tables, these are our top three expert tips:

1. Get a hang of the rules and how to play

Understanding the rules and payouts of each bet makes it a lot easier for you to diversify your gameplay. This knowledge lets you move freely between making riskier bets with high payout potential, and low-risk bets that have higher chances of winning.

2. Read our casino and game reviews

Some casinos have dedicated promotions or bonuses, and new game variations come with innovative features that can take your gameplay to the next level. Keep up to date on the latest game and casino releases in India by reading our reviews.

3. Practice with free games

Take money out of the equation and play for free when learning. Playing for free is extremely beneficial, as it lets you play around with different bets and betting styles without risking your finances. It also takes away feelings of frustration one can feel during a losing streak or a near miss on a big payout when playing real money roulette.

4. Play responsibly

The ball drops onto the spinning wheel, there’s the thrill of waiting for it to reveal the winning number, and then it’s time to place your bets again. As exciting as it is to play, it’s easy for the fun to get out of hand.

Ensure that you are only playing with funds you can afford to lose, and utilize some of the responsible gambling tools that the casino you’re playing at offers. Our in-depth guide on responsible gambling can teach you more about gambling addiction and how to minimize the risks when gambling.

Before you start playing

You are good to go explore the best roulette app in India or whichever else wonderful type of roulette online real money game you fancy, but before you go, we’d like to share some of the nuggets of knowledge that we’ve gathered throughout the years:

  • Use a safe payment method. We prefer Paytm.
  • Sign up to one of the online casinos listed here at SevenJackpots. They are all licensed and legitimate.
  • Play responsibly, and never with money you can’t afford to lose.
  • No matter if choosing the best roulette app India or a website to play at, remember that gambling is a fun past time activity, and should not be used as a means of income.