Guide to Playtechs Popular Live Dealer Card game: Live Hi-Lo

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Guide to Playing Live Hi-Lo in India

Hi-Lo is undoubtedly one of the most popular cards and casino games in the world. In many ways, it is the quintessential introduction to the exciting world of cards and all the different variations of the game that go with it. Given the sheer simplicity of the Hi-Lo, it has attracted many betting enthusiasts from all corners of the world, including India.

Now, thanks to Playtech’s efforts, Hi-Lo can now be played online live, with a real dealer!

In this article, we will take a brief look at what makes live dealer Hi-Lo so interesting in comparison to its land-based version and a guide on how to play this game live at online casinos in India. The best part – we will also present you with a list of our trusted, top casino operators which specialise solely in live hi-lo!

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What is Live Hi-Lo?

Think of Hi-Lo as the live dealer version of the card game that goes by the same name. Instead of playing against your friend or the computer, you will be playing live Hi-Lo online in India (or anywhere else, really) with an attractive, handsome dealer. He/she will deal you the cards, ‘take’ your bets and carry the game forward.

With that, they will also interact with you to emulate the feel of a real casino. From shuffling the cards or, putting it in the mechanical shuffler to talking, having fun, and all sorts of things that a real dealer would do, they will go out of their way to create a unique gambling experience online.

As a game, Hi-Lo is so incredibly simple that it doesn’t require a lot of explanation. There aren’t a lot of rules for this card game as such, whether you are playing it a live casino or in-person in an actual casino.

At its very core, Hi-Lo online involves predicting whether the next number will be higher,  lower or the same as the base card – your main playing card, every round. In addition to making this high or low bets, you can also place side bets on the same table, thanks to the wonderful software designed by Playtech. The games are hosted in their live casino studio in Riga, Latvia.

The only difference that you may find when playing regular Hi-Lo in person is the lack of data or information to help you place bets. Since you are playing online, your computer screen will display all the latest information regarding the cards like the previously drawn cards, the number of cards remaining in the deck, how the other players are betting, and so on.

If you play this game in an actual casino, then you will have to run the math manually in your head. Plus, the entire game play may be a bit slower since there is actual human interaction. On the bright side, this may be a lot more fun since you can interact with the dealers and other players on the table in person (not that you can’t do it online). In fact, it’s a bit like Dream Catcher where you predict where the wheel will stop.

Choosing a Live Casino with Hi-Lo in India

Considering how popular and easy playing Hi-Lo over the internet is, a lot of online casinos have been quick to capitalize on this very fact. There are leading, reputed and trusted operators which offer Hi-Lo in their live dealer games segment. All you have to do is go through each of these sites, pick the one you like and that’s it!

Of course, it can be a bit tricky to pick such a casino within the endless depths of the internet. To help you out with this, we at SevenJackpots have compiled a list of the best operators who are known for their live Hi-Lo experience. To help you out even more in exploring these casinos, you may use our handy checklist, prepared with meticulous considerations.

  • Licensing: The casino should ideally be licensed by leading gambling authorities in Malta, United Kingdom, or Curacao, never opt for an operator that is not licensed
  • Welcome and bonus offers, free spins, and other promotions: You want to choose a casino that frequently rewards its loyal members with exciting offers. Plus, the thrill of playing with free money is something that should never be ignored
  • The ease of navigation and site-design, in other words, you should be able to place your bets rather easily instead of going through a lot of hoops and hurdles.
  • Mobile optimization, because you ideally want to be able to play the game when you are travelling from work to home as well!
  • Site Security, it needs to be SSL encrypted at the very least and must be bound by stern data protection and privacy laws
  • Accepts Indian Rupees
  • Fast Withdrawal Options
  • Commitment to Responsible Gambling, so that you never lose track of reality or succumb to addictions. Always gamble responsibly
  • Excellent Customer Support

As long as the online casino meets all of the requirements, you can assume it to be safe and reliable. Rest assured, all the Live Hi-Lo Indian online casinos that we have mentioned below fall under this category.

What is a Branded Live Hi-Lo Studio?

Branded live hi-lo studios are quite brilliant when it comes to building a personal relationship with the players.

Depending on the online casino you are at, they may choose to invest in the studio and jazz it up with their own brand name, in-house dealers, and other tiny details that make the studio truly theirs, rather than Playtech’s. And if you are a regular at the casino, you will soon establish a rapport with pretty dealers in no time.

Rules of Live Hi-Lo

Live casino dealers is the fundamental for the Live Hi-Lo game by Playtech

The rules of the game are simple: when you join a table, the dealer burns three cards before placing the face card in front of you. It’s your turn to bet now: you can bet in any of the following ways:

  • High, predicting that the upcoming card will be higher than the one on the table
  • Snap, guessing that the next card will be of the same value as the base card
  • Low, where you guess whether the next card will be lower than the base card or not

And that’s about it. The payout odds for high and low scenarios depend on which card is up. For instance, if you have a 9 on the table, then the payout for low will be relatively low since you can win with a lot of cards (2, 3, 4, and so on). On the other hand, the payout for predicting a high card will be quite good, since you can win with a few cards only.

This is where a good hi-lo strategy and knowledge of math comes in handy. Combine this with the fact that you can see how the other players are betting, you have got yourself a unique betting experience.

Side Bets Live Hi-Lo

To keep things more interesting, Playtech has also added side bets, that is, allowing you to bet on fixed outcomes rather than simply predicting high or low. These bets can be seen on the betting table and are as follows:

Ace (any suit)x11.56
King & Ace (any suit)x5.78
2 to 5 (any suit)x2.89
6 to 9 (any suit)x2.89
J-A (any suit)x2.89

How to Play Live Hi-Lo?

Now that you understand how the game works, let’s take a look at how to play it:

  • Select an online casino of your choice from the list mentioned above and create an account
  • Visit the Live Dealer/Live Casino page
  • Wait for the betting round to start. The dealer will burn three cards and place the base card on the table
  • Select your chip size and place your bets – you can bet either on the Hi-Lo side of the table, or place any of the side bets. Be sure to look at the odds and previous trends
  • After you have predicted the next card, the dealer will burn three cards once again and show you the outcome of your prediction
  • If you win, you have the option of taking all of your winnings away into your casino account, staking it all on the next round or wagering a small part of it on the next hand
  • If your prediction is wrong, you will lose your wager and the betting starts again

Live Hi-Lo Bonus – Promotions & Campaigns

The casinos that do take their Indian real money games seriously will often come up with lucrative, dedicated bonuses for each game. In this case, it can be the live Hi-Lo bonus, where the player may be rewarded with certain chips to bet exclusively on Hi-Lo.

In the same way, there can be dedicated promotions and campaigns run by the casino, depending on the number of players who play this game. It can range from payout multipliers to having a loyalty and reward system. Whatever may be the case, be sure to check out promotions and offers page, as a rule to not miss out on playing live dealer Hi-Lo in Indian casinos for free!

Why Can’t You Play Live Hi-Lo for Free?

Unlike online slot machines and other casino games, it is not possible to play live Hi-Lo for free because you are playing online with other players. Plus, there is also an attractive live dealer on the other end of the screen who is more interested in playing with actual players.

However, what you can do instead is play the video version of Hi-Lo, where you playing against the computer. The premise of the game remains the same and in many cases, you can even play this for free. On the flip side, it is very one-dimensional with not a lot of entertainment.

Developers of Live Hi-Lo – Playtech

Developers of Live Hi-Lo - Playtech

Playtech is one of the most reputed game providers in the online gambling industry. They are listed on the main market of the London Stock Exchange and have been around since 1999. Playtech not only specialise in live casino games like Casino Hold ‘Em, Roulette, Baccarat, and Blackjack, but they also offer a host of sports betting services. It is hard to find an online casino that doesn’t have a game from this very software provider.

Sign up and Play Live Hi-Lo Today!

If you have always wanted to understand how card games work in casinos, then Hi-Lo is the ideal game for you to take your first steps. As you get acquainted with the game and betting systems employed in online casinos, you can move on to advanced games like blackjack, baccarat, and others. You can pick an Indian live Hi-Lo casino from our list of trusted, safe casino operators today and get on your way to become a master of cards!