Dragon Tiger Game Online

Dragon Tiger is a highly popular live casino card game in India, thanks to its simple rules and fast-paced game rounds.

Taking inspiration from the classic game of cards, Baccarat, the eight-deck Dragon Tiger online casino game brings an exceptional gaming experience filled with winning opportunities to all the best Indian online casinos.

Enjoy one of Asia’s most popular games with real money online at any time, from anywhere.

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Play Dragon Tiger for Free

Best Dragon Tiger Online Casinos

To make sure you are enjoying the Dragon Tiger game at the best possible place online, we have reviewed and analyzed all of India’s top Dragon Tiger online casinos.

When finding the best Dragon Tiger online casinos with real cash, we review all aspects of the operator so we can rate the casino accordingly.

From making sure that the casino game library is filled with top-quality games to checking the availability of popular payment methods like UPI and Paytm, nothing gets left to chance in our casino reviews.

In our expert opinion, these four brands below are the top Dragon Tiger online casinos in India.

1. Bettilt – Best Dragon Tiger Casino

Bettilt is yet another Indian casino that brings a strong live casino alongside their sportsbook and several Dragon Tiger games!

Similarly to BlueChip, Bettilt’s players have four different titles to play, offered by Evolution, Playtech Live, and Ezugi.

And if you didn’t know already, Bettilt is one of our absolute favorite casinos across the board. With a wide selection of payment methods and one of the best welcome offers on the market, Bettilt is a great choice for any Indian player.

2. Casino Days – Top Dragon Tiger Casino

Casino Days is the best place for all your Dragon Tiger casino game needs!

You’ll find a total of ten unique Dragon Tiger online tables within their massive live casino catalog, provided by game providers Evolution, Ezugi, Habanero, One Touch, Super Spade, and eBET.

Of course, Casino Days also offers thousands of slot games and a cashier with popular local payment methods UPI, Paytm, and more for fast deposits and withdrawals.

3. BlueChip – Top Dragon Tiger Live Casino

While BlueChip is best known for its expertise in online sports betting, they also offer a terrific live casino to its Indian players.

You’ve got four Dragon Tiger live casino games to enjoy, provided by Ezugi, Evolution, Super Spade Games, 7Mojos, and WMCasino to enjoy.

The BlueChip online casino is available in English and makes deposits and withdrawals a breeze thanks to a wide variety of safe payment options.

BlueChip also has the most versatile casino app for desi players!

4. Big Boost – Exciting Indian Dragon Tiger Casino

Big Boost is a casino tailored for India with support of Indian rupees, over 4000 real money games, and payment options ranging from Paytm and UPI to G-pay, PhonePe, and more.

This casino is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Dragon Tiger games. With nine different tables from well-known providers like Evolution, Ezugi, OneTouch, eBet, and Bombay Live, as well as thousands of other live casino and slot games, you can be certain to have a great gaming experience here.

Expect top-quality casino games, generous bonus offers, and 24-hour customer support at this Indian casino site.

Dragon Tiger Live

Online live Dragon Tiger games bring the live casino experience to you with the help of HD-quality live streaming and a state-of-the-art player interface.

The live chat feature allows you to talk with other players, and it also gives you the opportunity to speak to the dealer, just like at a regular brick-and-mortar Dragon Tiger live casino!

Our research has shown that Indian online gamblers enjoy fast-paced live casino games the most, which makes Dragon Tiger the perfect live casino game! Each game round lasts for 25 seconds, 15 seconds for placing bets, and five for the dealer to reveal the cards.

first place medal

Best Live Dragon Tiger game

If we were to choose the best Dragon Tiger live game, we’d pick the Dragon Tiger Live table from Evolution.

This table offers four main bets (Dragon, Tiger, Tie, and Suited Tie) and is played from a beautifully designed live casino studio, streamed using top-quality camera equipment.

Evolution has provided ground-breaking live casino games since its start in 2006.

It has also won countless awards for its innovative and qualitative games.

Dragon Tiger Real Money Games

The love for real money Dragon Tiger games is growing in India, and today, you have a bunch of different titles to choose from when looking for your new favorite!

One of the questions you’ll want to ask yourself as you browse the various options is if you want to play Dragon Tiger games for real money at a table hosted by a live dealer or if you’d rather play in privacy at an RNG table.

Just keep in mind that in live dealer versions of the game, you can only play Dragon Tiger for real money, as live-streamed tables aren’t available in free-to-play mode.

Dragon Tiger is attracting more than twice the bet amounts (1.90%) compared to its relative turnover share in the top 30 games on live casino platforms.”

Felicia Wijkander, author and Editor in Chief at SevenJackpots

Dragon Tiger – Evolution

With bets ranging from ₹50 to ₹2,50,000, the Live Dragon Tiger table from Evolution is set at a marvelous table, showcasing glass statues of a dragon and a tiger on either side.

With four betting options, where the Suited Tie pays 50:1 and the Baccarat-inspired road statistics, this is a perfect table for anyone looking to play the game with a live dealer.

Dragon Tiger – Ezugi

The Dragon Tiger live dealer table from Ezugi is open for bets between ₹100 and ₹2,00,000 and is played at a red-felted table in an Asian-inspired studio.

Similarly to Evolution’s table, there are four bets, with the Suited Tie payout of 50:1 being the game’s top payout. In addition to features like statistics and auto-play, you can chat with and tip the dealer.

Live Dragon Tiger – Superspade

Live Dragon Tiger from Super Spade Games is the ultimate mobile version of the game.

Here, the betting buttons are enlarged, offering bets on Dragon, Tiger, and Tie, with Tie having an 8:1 payout. You can follow your session history with road statistics, but note that although this is a live table, it has no chat option.

Dragon Tiger of Agin – Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming takes it one step further with their live Dragon Tiger of Agin game.

Here, you have eight side-bets in addition to your standard Tiger, Dragon, and Tie. The side-bets offer odd, even, red, and black bets to either side, allowing you to tally up larger wins as color and numbers come into play.

Dragon Tiger – Habanero

In Habanero’s RNG version of Dragon Tiger, you are in full control of when cards are dealt. Place regular bets, or enhance your gameplay even further with high or low win side bets paying 1:1 or suited dragon or tiger card, paying 3:1.

A simplified version of statistics is shown at the top left-hand of the screen, but no roads are available in this game.

Dragon Tiger – OneTouch

The Dragon Tiger from OneTouch is an RNG variant of the game, and it gives you the reins as to when to deal the cards.

In addition to this, the betting part of each round allows you to scan different road statistics for patterns and possibilities while you place regular and side bets, including big, small, red, and black outcomes.

Rank Dragon Tiger Games for Real Money Type of Game Available at:
1 Evolution Dragon Tiger Live LIVE Casino Days, Big Boost, BlueChip
2 Dragon Tiger One Touch RNG Casino Days, BlueChip, Big Boost
3 Ezugi Dragon Tiger Live LIVE Casino Days, BlueChip, Big Boost
4 Habanero Dragon Tiger RNG Casino Days, BlueChip, Big Boost
5 SuperSpade Live Dragon Tiger LIVE BlueChip
6 AG Dragon Tiger of Agin LIVE BlueChip

How to play Dragon Tiger

Out of all online live casino games available, Dragon Tiger belongs to one of the easiest ones to learn.

Its simplicity means that you can start playing right away without worrying about learning rules or strategy.

Here’s how easy it is to learn how to play Dragon Tiger:

  1. At the Dragon Tiger table, adjust your bet amount.
  2. Bet on Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.
  3. Wait for the dealer to deal one card to Dragon and one to Tiger.
  4. See the outcome. If the card you bet on has a higher value, you win!


Dragon Tiger rules are simple; during a game round, two cards are dealt, one to the Dragon betting position and one to the Tiger betting position.

The position revealing the highest valued card wins, disregarding the suit.

Your goal is to place a bet on either Dragon or Tiger and hope that the card you bet on wins. An additional Tie bet is available, which pays if Dragon and Tiger show identical cards.

In the event of a Tie, players with Dragon or Tiger bets only lose half of their initial bet.

Card rankings follow their natural values, starting with the Ace being the lowest ranking card and King the highest.

Other card games with simple rules are Live Hi-Lo and Andar Bahar.

“Dragon Tiger is a casino card game as easy as it is genius. Taking inspiration from Baccarat but leaving any complicated point rules aside, Dragon Tiger creates a straightforward thrill of a game with just two drawn cards deciding the game’s outcome.”

Bets, Payouts & Odds

In Dragon Tiger betting, there are three main bets to keep track of: Dragon, Tiger, and Tie. You can place your bets on one of these options or either side plus a Tie.

Betting on both Dragon and Tiger simultaneously is not allowed and is considered “low-risk” betting, something that casinos usually specify in their T&Cs that they don’t allow.

The Dragon Tiger win probability is 46.26%, no matter if Dragon or Tiger stands as the winner. Due to the possibility of identical value cards showing up and creating a Tie, this game won’t meet a full 50/50 probability.

Dragon Tiger Bets How to Win Payout RTP/ House Edge /Probability
Dragon Dragon gets card with highest value 1:1 96.27%/3.73%/46.26%
Tiger Tiger gets card with highest value 1:1 96.27%/3.73%/46.26%
Tie Dragon and Tiger card have equal value 8:1/11:1* 89.64%/13.16%/7.47%

*The variation in Tie payout depends on if the game also offers the Suited Tie bet or not.

Side Bets

Side bets are great additions to the standard game of Dragon Tiger, but it’s worth noting that side bets are not guaranteed at all online Dragon Tiger live tables.

While the Suited Tie bet does appear at Evolution’s Dragon Tiger table, and bets like odd, even, red, and black are available at Asia Gaming’s version of the game, your best bet of finding these other betting options is with RNG-Dragon Tiger games.

Dragon Tiger Side Bets How to Win Payout RTP/ House Edge/ Probability
Suited Tie Dragon and Tiger Card have same suit and value 50:1 86.02%/13.98%/1.68%
Big Tiger Tiger card has value over 7 1:1 92.31%/7.69%/46.15%
Small Tiger Tiger card has value below 7 1:1 92.31%/7.69%/46.15%
Big Dragon Dragon card has value over 7 1:1 92.31%/7.69%/46.15%
Small Dragon Dragon card has value below 7 1:1 92.31%/7.69%/46.15%
Suit Tiger Tiger card has the suit you bet on (7 does not count) 3:1 92.31%/7.69%/23%
Suit Dragon Dragon card has the suit you bet on (7 does not count) 3:1 92.31%/7.69%/23%
Two Red Both Dragon and Tiger have red suits 3:1 96.27%/3.73%/23.10%
Two Black Both Dragon and Tiger have black suits 3:1 96.27%/3.73%/23.10%
Red & Black The Dragon and Tiger card have different color suits 1:1 96.27%/3.73%/23.10%

How To: Play Dragon Tiger for Cash

Playing Dragon Tiger games for cash means you also can take home real cash prizes when you win!

While a Dragon Tiger game allows you to place bets ranging from a few rupees to several lakhs, finding the right bet amount for you will ensure you’ll have the best Dragon Tiger experience.

In addition, to have a great experience while also getting the most value for your cash, these are three things to keep in mind when playing Dragon Tiger online:


The best Dragon Tiger casinos will have the best payment methods! When playing Dragon Tiger with cash, you want to be able to deposit and withdraw your funds easily.

Casinos that offer local, safe, and well-known options like Paytm, PhonePe, and UPI are our absolute favorites, and transactions should also be fast, and free from transactional fees.

The Live Dealer

One of the most fun ways to create some real cash Dragon Tiger fun is to play at a live dealer table.

The dealer will keep you company as you play and is the person who will draw and present the Dragon and Tiger cards.

At tables with chat features, you also have the ability to ask questions directly to the dealer, and even leave tips should you feel they are doing an extra good job!

Live Vs. Virtual Dragon Tiger

There are two ways to play Dragon Tiger cash games online, virtually, or at a live casino table.

Playing virtually means that you are playing an RNG (random number generator) digital version of the game, while the live option is played using a real human dealer.

Live games are only available for real cash play, while RNG-tables can be played for free.

Dragon Tiger Strategy & Tricks

Since no bet in the game has a 50% chance of winning, there aren’t really any effective Dragon Vs Tiger tricks.

Therefore, we recommend you avoid using Martingale, d’Alembert, Fibonacci, or any other trick as a Dragon Tiger strategy, as they won’t work as intended.

However, the best Dragon Tiger betting strategy that exists is card counting. Being able to track cards could give you an advantage in knowing how many high and low cards remain in the shoe.

But before you get too excited, card counting is nearly impossible at online casino tables due to the shoe being cut and shuffled often and the fact that the Dragon Tiger shoe is made up of eight 52-card decks.

Dragon Tiger Prediticions & Patterns

Similarly to Baccarat, the player interface in this game shows a Dragon Tiger game pattern board.

Baccarat roads and the Dragon vs. Tiger pattern interface share similarities, but the latter is slightly easier to read due to the simpler rules of the game.

That said, there is no magical Dragon Tiger formula that will allow you to predict the game, and we ask that you take reading the Dragon Tiger game pattern with a pinch of salt.

More importantly, be very skeptical of anyone stating they have found ways to obtain a real Dragon Tiger prediction, especially if they want to charge you to gain access to it!

Increase your chances of winning at Dragon vs. Tiger

Out of all the Dragon Tiger game-winning tricks mentioned online, only one actually really works – betting on either Dragon or Tiger.

These bets have the best chance of winning, with the probability of being a win being so close to 50%, and also considering that you’ll get half of your stake back if there’s a Tie.

While side bets are considered Dragon Tiger casino tricks by some, we recommend only placing Dragon Tiger side bets for fun. Do not rely on them to bring in big wins or to keep your bankroll stable.

games application

Dragon Tiger Apps

Want instant access to your favorite Dragon Tiger tables? Many online casinos have their own casino apps, making it possible for you to download their Dragon Tiger APK and gain access to the full game library of the casino.

That said, finding an Android or iOS casino app for your Dragon Tiger game download isn’t all that necessary these days.

All Dragon Tiger casinos listed here at SevenJackpots have optimized their websites to work flawlessly on mobile devices. So, instead of downloading a Dragon Tiger apk, you can simply save the website on your mobile device’s home screen.

Best Dragon Tiger Apps

We conduct rigorous testing when finding the best Dragon Tiger app for you, as, believe us, all casino apps are not created equal.

Casino app reviews are part of our overall casino review process, and it entails checking which devices the app works on, app availability, app security, available payment methods, and game selection.