Guide to Playing Online Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a very simple card game which has its origins in the south of India. It was the first card game taught to many of us. Maybe you’ve even played it during Holi?

Today, you can conveniently play andar bahar cash games online with live dealers!

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All you need to know about playing Andar Bahar for cash

Playing Andar Bahar with money has been gaining popularity in the casino game circuit. Due to its simplicity its a good game for novice online casino players to start with.

Here in India, where online gambling is on the rise, many Indians have turned to play this easy card game.

In this page, we want to guide you through the rules, how much you can win and generally how you go about to play the game online.

Additionally, you will also find reviews of the best and trusted Andar Bahar casinos which accept Indian players.

What is Online Andar Bahar?

Online Andar Bahar can be categorized into three different types:

  • Playing the game through an app from Google or Apple app store with fake money
  • 2D or 3D Andar Bahar against a computer with real money
  • Live Andar Bahar against a real human dealer live-streamed in HD

In the following sections, we will elaborate on the concept and give you a recommendation of what we think is the best.

Downloading an app

Playing Andar Bahar with an app is entertaining. The graphics are good and the tutorials to get going are easy.

Once you download the Andar Bahar apk or app you are given some free credits. Usually, you get credits worth 20 rounds so you have time to get acquainted with the game.

However, there are a couple of drawbacks of playing in apps:

  • You must watch ads
  • Annoying pop-ups to rate the app
  • Notifications from the app saying you have not played in 24 hours
  • You don’t know if the software is cheating or not
  • And the fact you can’t win money

The last disadvantage is the most disturbing: you can’t win real money.

The fact you can’t win cash, whilst you can deposit real money is a bit of a fraud if you ask us at Seven Jackpots.

The Andar Bahar game is meant to give You, as a player, real money winnings – that’s why you play the game: to increase your bankroll.

In an app, you can deposit ₹1000, which is more than in some casinos where you only deposit ₹250-500 and win real money.

Another drawback of the Andar Bahar apps is the technical functionalities. They are played in 2D or 3D and there is only one version of the game per app.

Compare this to Live Andar Bahar which has several versions of the game, different modes to play in and… Yeah, keep on reading if you want to find out the advantages of Live Andar Bahar.

Video of Live Andar Bahar for real money.

This is our favourite type of Andar Bahar if you want to play the game with real money.

Let us explain why.

Live Andar Bahar is played against a real human dealer. The game is live-streamed in high definition with crystal clear sound.

The dealer you are playing against is sitting somewhere in the world, in a professional TV-studio.

Every time the dealer draws a card it is done from a card dispensing shoe with scanner, which ensures the random outcome of the game. Something you can’t guarantee if you are playing in an app.

Inside the game you have an interface where you place the bets. Each bet starts at Rs. 50 and ranges up to 1 lakh.

You can easily choose how much you want to bet and keep track of how much you’ve spent during the past session.

Below it is illustrated with two screenshots:

Daily betting history in Andar Bahar

Screenshot of the most recent betting history. You can see how much was better and the outcome. We got five bets straight and earned Rs. 1,650 on a total investment of Rs. 1,300.


Screenshot of the Ezugi Andar Bahar betting history

You can see the details of each round: Bet type, how many cards were dealt and even more statistics if you choose to activate them.

Another advantage, apart from the total transparency, of playing live Andar Bahar for real money is the variants of the game.

Each TV-studio is operated by a company with their own features and benefits of playing at their tables. As of writing (April 2020) there are three live casino studios available:

  • Ezugi The No.1 provider of Andar Bahar games.
  • Super Spade Games The dealers at the tables looks quite sleepy and the interface is not as detailed as Ezugi.
  • X-Pro Gaming – Sexy dealers, but you can barely find any casinos which has these games.
  • (Evolution Gaming) – This company does not have any Andar Bahar games. Usually, this is the best provider of the game.

All the studios has its differences when it comes to playing Andar Bahar for cash. What they all have in common is that they are regulated and licensed, which makes sure the outcome is completely random.

We recommend you to try them all out!

2D & 3D play vs. computer

Playing Andar Bahar vs. computer on an online casino reminds a bit of playing the game in an app. However, here you can bet and win real money.

The graphics are similar to the app and you do not have a human dealing the cards. The software providing the gameplay is also regulated and licensed, just like in the live-version.

Disadvantages of playing 2D or 3D is the overall feeling and quality of the game. Once you have played Live Andar Bahar its very difficult to go back and play this version.

You do not have the same options of keeping tracks of your bets or looking into the statistics either.

Reviews of Online Casinos With Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar for real money is a game which you will only find at specific casino sites.

Since the game origins in India, it has not become popular at the big international casinos and sportsbooks like bet365 or Casumo.

If you are new to the world of online gambling it can be confusing to figure out which casino actually has the game. Even as an experienced player its a daunting task to compile all Andar Bahar sites at one place.

Ask us, we have done it.

All the casinos as you find on this page has Andar Bahar and are 100% legitimate. The outcome of the game is completely random and you can guarantee that your investment will be worth it.

The sites cater to the Indian audience and accept Indian Rupee as an official currency. This means you do not have to worry about those conversion rates and think of how much money you could lose. Which is somewhere around 10-15%.

We want to provide you with an amazing experience of playing a game which transcends you into your childhood along with providing you with the top-tier security and safety of your transactions through these Andar Bahar casinos.

What do I need to start play?

To play Andar Bahar on the internet and for money, all you require is a good internet connection. If it’s on mobile, an Airtel or Jio subscription works out fine.

Playing the game, whether you chose 2D/3D or Live Andar Bahar, does not drain especially much data of your subscription. You do not need to have the latest iPhone or laptop to play the game.

When we review online casinos we use a Samsung Galaxy A5 from 2017.

The last thing you need to start playing is some source of funds. At Seven Jackpots you will find several guides how to fund your account. Below are the methods we recommend:

If you want to have an overview of all the available payment methods (15+) go here.

It is easy to deposit and you will have the money in your casino account within a few minutes.

Once you have won and want to withdraw the process is the same, but vice versa.

Last thing you should know is to always sign up with your real details. Use the same details as in your PAN or Aadhaar card. Because when you win you might have to show proof of identity.

What about its legality online?

Now ideally, no laws are specifying explicitly that playing Andar Bahar online is illegal as there is no law in the Indian Constitution.

However, since there have been many debates and proceedings about this, most of the online casinos have added Andar Bahar on their websites and people play it every single day in India. Hence the chances of you getting prosecuted for playing Andar Bahar online is next to impossible.

There are laws which are mentioned by the Supreme Court of India that games of skill are legal when played online such as Poker, Rummy, etc. Read more about the legal landscape in “is online gambling is legal in India” page.

However, Andar Bahar is purely a game of chance but that does not stop from being exempt from any kind of legal bounds when played online.

It is important, however, that you choose a trusted casino from Seven Jackpots. All the sites are bound by international laws on data protection and privacy. You can visit any of the websites we have mentioned in the article as they are among the most trusted and safe gambling operators in India.

Andar Bahar rules

There are ideally no differences in the rules for Andar Bahar offline or online. However, there is a slight difference in the gameplay itself, since you are doing it from your Android or other mobile device.

The main idea of the offline gameplay is that everyone will be given cards from the deck and the cards will need to be played in a face-down manner. As the round keeps going, whoever puts the card which has a higher value, the pile of cards will be theirs.

To win the game, you must drop all the cards which are dealt with you and also the cards which have piled up during the rounds.

Online, the game is played slightly different. The cards which are going to be dealt to you can be seen and will be assigned to your left and your right. You can choose the cards either on the left (Andar) or the right side (Bahar) to play the game.

The dealer will deal the cards which will be visible by you. Once it’s done, you will have to place a bet on whether the card of the same value will appear on either the right (Bahar) or left (Andar).


If the dealer cuts the pack and the card has a value of 6 and you bet on Andar which is the left slot.

The dealer starts dealing the cards in both the slots and If a card with the value of 6 comes in the Andar slot, you win double the money you betted.

If it falls on Bahar, you lose.

The dealing starts from Andar if the first card drawn is of a black suit and if it’s red, it will be dealt from Bahar.

Winning Potential

The winning potential of the game is usually 50/50. If the chosen card is appearing on the side where the first drawn card was dealt, the payout is 90% and if it falls on the other side is 100%.

Bet (Rs.)Card appears on the same sideCard appears on the other side


Playing Andar Bahar Virtual or Live

Now Andar Bahar can be played online on a virtual basis or at a live casino section of an online casino. Virtual Andar Bahar includes playing the game as you would play a game on your phone, without any kind of interaction.

However, gambling websites want to enhance the casino experience for its users by providing an ambience of a live casino where there is a live dealer in a backdrop of a casino who will be giving you the cards. You can interact with the human dealers and play the game in a casino setting even though you might be sitting at home or work or any other place.

If you want to know more on the live casino section of various gambling operators in the business, our website, Seven Jackpots has a whole section on it which is informative and answers all your questions.

Play Andar Bahar for Free vs. Real Money

Indians due to their distrust for the gambling online, usually play games like Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Jhandi Munda, etc. on their mobile with virtual money or for free. That is ideally a good thing as if you want to bet on these games with your own money, it is necessary to get good at the game and by playing it for free, there is nothing to lose.

There are quite a few gambling operators who provide Andar Bahar as an online game, however, it has not gained that kind of popularity. But these operators to establish themselves in the Indian market are accepting INR as a currency along with partnering up with more Indian payment systems to make deposits and withdrawals easier for the customers.

So don’t wait, you can monetize your childhood games and get a chance to win BIG! Signup and register yourself today to play Andar Bahar for real money!