Lightning Roulette – How to play

Evolution Gaming has time and time again proven that they are the undefeated masterminds of live casino entertainment.

And when Live Lightning Roulette released in 2018, we were again reminded of their eye for detail and mind for online casino innovation!

The table has since won several awards, and in 2019, a “First Person Lightning Roulette” version was released.

The first person-version is an RNG-table, with the ability to seamlessly move over to the live table.

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The difference between lightning and regular roulette

So, what is it that makes Live Lightning Roulette so unique?

The game is played using the European roulette-format, which means that there are only one green pocket and easy betting options.

The big difference comes in the multiplier-feature. Each new game round of Lightning roulette randomly selects a number of roulette numbers that will be imbued with a multiplier!

This is how Live Lightning Roulette works

Yes, you read that right, this is no ordinary online roulette table, it is filled with multipliers!

The game is played like any ordinary roulette; all regular bet options are available to you. The difference lies in bets placed on Straight-up numbers.

All bets placed Straight-up qualify for multiplier wins.

Once bets are placed, up to five separate wheel numbers are randomly selected. These numbers are then given a multiplier of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x.

If a bet placed on a winning multiplier number wins, it will pay the Straight-up payout, multiplied with the connected multiplier!

Example: You’ve placed a ₹1000 Straight-Up bet on number 21. Your number is struck by lightning and is enhanced with a multiplier of 300x. The ball is dropped onto the wheel and lands on 21! Your payout? A MASSIVE ₹90 LAKH!

Table payouts

Where a regular European roulette table would pay 36:1 for a winning Straight-Up bet, Live Lightning Roulette will instead pay 30:1.

The Straight-Up bet is the only bet that has an amended payout compared to classic roulette.

The reason is to retain the balance of the game without giving the player a too high edge.

How to take part of the lightning multipliers

As mentioned, it’s all about the Straight-Up bets when it comes to multipliers.

You are still able to place all other bet types such as corner, split, red/black, odd/even, etc., but they will not qualify for multiplied wins.

To make the most of your lightning experience, it is recommended to play on the Straight-Up bets. Just make sure to play with care.

Bets placed straight up on numbers do have the potential of paying out vast amounts of rupees. But, they are also the bet that has the lowest RTP of all roulette bets.

Make sure that you read the terms and conditions of the online casino before playing. Some Indian gambling sites will not allow low-risk gameplay, which, in some instances, includes betting on all numbers in roulette.

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