Crazy Time Casino Game

The Crazy Time casino game is worthy of its name and has become a live casino player-favorite since its release in 2020.

Building on Evolution’s lucky wheel smash-hit Live Dream Catcher, Crazy Time builds excitement and anticipation with multipliers and bonus features that can see you bag wins of up to 25,000 times your bet!

India’s Best Crazy Time Online Casinos in 2024


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What is Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is the over-the-top live online game show created by the masterminds at Evolution Gaming.

Combining the large money wheel mechanic from their Dream Catcher game, bonus rounds, and multipliers have been added to create a fully immersive casino experience that truly defines the game show category.

The wheel of fortune in the base game holds 54 segments containing a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or one of the four exciting bonus games (Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and Crazy Time). The Top Slot spinner above the wheel determines which game or number will receive a multiplier.

Your game show host spins the wheel to reveal which number or bonus game will win, and that about sums up this beautiful concoction of live-streamed casino entertainment and real money RNG excitement!

How to Play

Playing the Crazy Time live casino game is fun, as you can go about playing in a variety of ways.

To participate in a game round and a chance to win, you need to place a bet on at least one of the eight betting options available:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • 10
  • Pachinko
  • Coin Flip
  • Cash Hunt
  • Crazy Time

You can place bets on more than one, but keep in mind that you’ll only win from the bet the wheel stops on if you’ve got an active bet there.

And this is very important; To qualify for a bonus game, you need to have an active bet on it!

You’ll want to ensure you’re in for the chance to participate in the Crazy Time bonus rounds. It’s estimated that a bonus game is triggered every sixth game round, and it is in these bonus features that really big wins of several thousand times your bet await!

How to play Crazy Time: Step-by-step:

  1. Adjust your bet level, and place at least one bet.
  2. The game begins as the game show host spins the wheel and sees where it lands. Depending on its outcome, the following happens:
    a) It lands on a segment you haven’t bet on. Your bet is lost and you can play again.
    b) It lands on a number segment you have bet on. Collect your winnings!
    c) It lands on a bonus game you have bet on. Participate in the bonus and collect your winnings!
  3. Play again!

The Top Slot Multiplier

The Top Slot multiplier spinner is the key to those astronomical payouts. It spins to reveal which segment on the wheel will receive a multiplier and the size of that multiplier.

With each game round, one random multiplier has the chance to land from the different multipliers of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, 15x, 20x, 25x, and 50x.

But landing a Top Slot multiplier requires some luck, as both slot reels need to land on a wheel segment and a multiplier number. If one of the reels stop between two results, the game round is played with all payouts being free from additional multiplication.

What are the Bet Limits?

While bet limits may vary depending on the Crazy Time casino, the format remains the same, with the most common main betting limits ranging from ₹10 to ₹2,50,000.

That said, when planning your bets, it is important to keep in mind that the betting limits also vary depending on whether you are placing a bet on a number or a bonus.

While the number bets have a max bet limit of ₹2,50,000, the bet limits on bonus rounds vary:

Cash Hunt max: ₹50,000
Coin Flip max: ₹25,000
Pachinko max: ₹25,000
Crazy Time max: ₹10,000

Who is the Game Host?

The game hosts are the live dealers who guide you through each round, and in Crazy Time, you’re sure to meet some enthusiastic people!

Each host will take you through the game’s various sections, doing everything from spinning wheels, pressing buttons, pulling levers, opening doors, and keeping you informed about the round’s multiplier, winning numbers, live scores, and big wins.

Game show hosts also ensure they keep up with the player live chat. They’ll ask questions for you to answer and even answer questions and comments you and other players leave in the chat!

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The main event of the Crazy Time live casino game is the bonus rounds.

Full of interactive fun, each of Crazy Time’s four bonus games brings unique game features and guaranteed payouts, often much larger than those found in the main game round wheel spin!

To be in for a chance to win, you need to have placed a bet on the bonus round where the wheel stops. And believe us, you do not want to just sit back and watch as other players win big in a bonus game, so make sure to cover these bets!


  • RTP: 94.33%
  • Max Multiplier: 10,000x
  • Max win: Up to ₹5,00,00,000

The Crazy Time Pachinko bonus game is a fun twist to the old Japanese game originating from the 1920s, which got its international fame with the TV show “The Price is Right,” where the game was introduced under the name Plinko.

In Pachinko, a glowing puck is dropped down a vertical board filled with physical pegs. Where the puck lands at the bottom of the board determines the payout from one of the 16 random multipliers added.

As the puck bounces its way down the board, it changes direction, keeping the thrill of the game up until the very last peg!

Besides the high payouts, the Double is one of the best Pachinko bonus game features. If the puck lands here, all multipliers are doubled, and the host will drop the puck anew. This can happen multiple times, creating multipliers of up to 10,000x!

On occasion, a Rescue Drop might occur in which the host re-drops the puck for the possibility of a larger win.

Cash Hunt

  • RTP: 95.27%
  • Max Multiplier: 500x
  • Max win: Up to ₹5,00,00,000

In the Cash Hunt bonus game, you aim to find the biggest multiplier (up to 500x) among 108 targets.

The targets are shown on a big screen, and contain various symbols, from a monkey, rabbit, bird, and a sheriff’s badge, to a wrapped present, targets, a red apple, and a cactus.

Each symbol’s multiplier is shown at the beginning of the game round, after which the game host pulls a lever that shuffles all the symbols. Now, it’s time to choose the symbol you think holds the largest multiplier!

Tap the symbol to fire towards it, reveal the prize, and grab your win!

Coin Flip

  • RTP: 95.70%
  • Max Multiplier: 100x
  • Max win: Up to ₹5,00,00,000

As the name suggests, the Coin Flip bonus game involves flipping a coin. The actual “flip” is done in a unique Flip-o-Matic machine, where the coin is flipped at the press of a button by the game show host.

Before the flip, multipliers are assigned to the red and blue sides of the coin, after which you are asked to choose which side you think will land face up.

The host places the coin in the Flip-o-Matic and presses the button to toss it in the air, revealing the winning side as it lands!

Similar to Pachinko, a Rescue Flip sometimes occurs. In this game, the host re-flips the coin after a low multiplier for a better chance of a higher win.

Crazy Time

  • RTP: 94.41%
  • Max Multiplier: 20,000x
  • Max win: Up to ₹5,00,00,000

Out of all the Crazy Time bonus rounds, it is the bonus called Crazy Time that holds the best chance of landing astronomically big wins!

This wheel has 64 multiplier segments, plus Doubles and Triples. Just like with Pachinko, Double or Triple wins will increase the multipliers 2x or 3x, after which the wheel is spun again.

To make things even more thrilling, this bonus Crazy Time wheel has three flappers, one green, blue, and yellow, and it is up to you to choose your flapper before the bonus begins. Whatever your flapper stops on will be your win, so you’ll join as all players watch as the wheel stops, hoping to hit that massive win!

Multipliers can reach a staggering 20,000x in this bonus game, making it the most sought-after.

Crazy Time Score

How do you know when you have scored a win in Crazy Time, and how do you know how much you’ve won? To answer this, we need to look at two things:

  • The winning wheel segment
  • The Top Spin multiplier

Numbered segments are easy to calculate, as they pay times the amount shown. If a multiplier is assigned to this number, the payout is multiplied accordingly.

It gets slightly trickier for bonuses, as each bonus can involve different multipliers in itself. For bonus games, the Top Spin multiplier multiplies the winning bonus multiplier.

Segment Payout
Max ₹5,00,00,000
Max ₹5,00,00,000
Max ₹5,00,00,000
Max ₹5,00,00,000

Crazy Time Result

By knowing your chances of hitting a specific segment on the wheel, you can make concious bets that will maximize your fun while playing!

For the latest information and real time statistics about the Crazy Time last spin outcome, you’ll want to keep an eye on the in-game statistics, visible in the bottom right-hand corner of the player interface. Here, you will see the last 21 game rounds (expandable to show the last 49 rounds) and which number or bonus they resulted in.

For your own spin history, tap the “game history” from the top right-hand menu options to see detailed information about the date, game, bet, and win and loss amounts.

Latest Crazy Time Data

Segment Nr of Segments RTP Hit Frequency
21 96.08% 38.89%
13 95.95% 24.07%
7 95.78% 12.96%
4 95.73% 7.41%
2 94.33% 3.70%
2 95.27% 3.70%
4 95.70% 7.41%
1 94.41% 1.85%

Crazy Time Biggest Win History

  1. 25,000x in Pachinko – 22 May, 2024
  2. 25,000x in Cash Hunt – 22nd December, 2022
  3. 12,500x in Cash Hunt – 8th November, 2022
  4. 12,500x in Cash Hunt – 20th January, 2022

What’s the Best Crazy Time Strategy?

Since the Crazy Time casino online game is a game of chance, no strategy guarantees a higher chance of winning, or larger payouts.

However, some ways of playing will still ensure you won’t miss out on winning opportunities! Here are our top tricks for when chasing that Crazy Time record payout:

  • Be in it for the long run. Crazy Time is known to be volatile, and although the game states to trigger a bonus every six rounds, sometimes that means you’ll go without one for 20 rounds to trigger three back-to-back.
  • Without a bet on a bonus, you won’t qualify for it if it does trigger. Always have at least a small bet on each bonus.
  • Consider “staggering” your bets if you are betting on numbers and bonus rounds, meaning that your potential profit should be large enough to cover those bets that didn’t win. Keep this in mind when deciding the bet amount.
  • Since the Crazy Time bonus round is the part of the game with the highest chance of paying really big, ensure to always have a bet on this wheel segment.
  • Use the Auto-play feature to easily place new bets. Since betting options are only open for 13 seconds per round, having that part of the game automatic ensures you aren’t missing out on betting.
  • The game uses advanced technology to prove 100% fairness. If you find yourself getting angry at the dealer or the game, take a break.
  • Only play using money that you’ve dedicated to gambling. Never use funds meant for rent, groceries, or other essentials; seek help if you struggle to gamble responsibly.

bonus round

Find the Best Crazy Time Bonus

Increasing the value of your deposit will make your gaming experience better, and a Crazy Time live casino bonus can prove very beneficial.

While dedicated Crazy Time bonuses are rare, a live casino bonus will do just fine! This type of bonus will work on live casino games like rouletteblackjack, and game shows and can give you extra money to play for or unlock cash rewards!

The best Crazy Time bonus will have a 100% wagering contribution on the game and will only require you to wager the bonus amount rather than the bonus and deposit combined.

How to Watch Crazy Time?

This game is live-streamed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can watch it whenever you like!

The best way to watch Crazy Time live is at a casino. Not only will you be able to watch the game as it unfolds in real time, but you can also see the latest statistics and engage in the live chat, without having to place a single bet!

Other great ways to watch the game in action are from any of the many YouTube videos of big wins or by tuning in to any casino streamers playing the game.

Top 3 Casinos to Watch Crazy Time Live 2024

As Crazy Time is a game restricted to real money play, you need to log in to a casino to join the live stream.

Simply watching the game is exciting, but placing a few bets makes the viewing experience 100 times more fun!

We have carefully selected three of our very best online casinos for watching Crazy Time during 2024:


Casino Days

With a beautifully minimalistic website that is 100% mobile optimized, Casino Days comes in hot as one of our best selections for all things Crazy Time.

What really sets Casino Days aside from other casinos is their bonus mechanic. And even if you’re not a fan of bonuses, this one might even change your mind!

Deposit and wager using your real money balance, and once you’ve played enough, the bonus is unlocked to you in wager-free cash that you can withdraw instantly. Although wagering on Crazy Time only contributes 10%, it’s still a worthy bonus as it lets you play as normal.


The fact that Bettilt often tops our top lists is due to their impeccable design and overall product quality.

While Bettilt holds all the usual features of a great online casino, like a massive library of games, local payment methods, and promotions, they’ve time and time again also proven that they care about their players.

Bettilt has ranked exceptionally well in our tests of fast withdrawals and customer support. For you, this means that you can be sure that you’ll get your winnings in time and that you will be helped swiftly should the need arise.


Big Boost

Casino Days brother from another mother is Big Boost, and if you are looking to double up on that real money bonus fun, this is where you’ll get that boost!

Deposit using local payment favorites like Paytm and Google Pay, and play plenty of India’s finest online casino games and live dealer tables directly from your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Big Boost holds all of Evolution’s portfolio and lots of other games that are sure to get your blood pumping and excitement high as you immerse yourself in their unique game features!

Crazy Time App

One would think such a complex game would be limited to computer players, but that is not the case. We would even say that Crazy Time from Evolution works best on mobile devices!

With an optimized screen and high-quality live stream, this game will deliver flawless entertainment, whether using an Android or iOS device.

You can enjoy it through your mobile browser by visiting your favorite casino site or downloading a Crazy Time app. There are plenty of casino apps to choose from that offer the game.

The main benefits of using a Crazy Time casino app compared to playing through your browser are:

  • Speed: Access the game faster with the data already downloaded on your mobile.
  • Interface: When you use a Crazy Time casino app, the overall layout of the game is better. You won’t accidentally tap any functions available in a mobile browser, like the Go Back button.

We have created extensive casino reviews including casino app reviews for the top gambling sites in India. Below, you can find a top list of the best casino apps and mobile sites that offer the Crazy Time game:

Casino Days – Best Crazy Time app

Bettilt – Best mobile site with Crazy Time

Big Boost – Top Rated Crazy Time mobile site

How to Download the Crazy Time App?

The process of downloading an app will vary depending on whether you use a phone with an Android or iOS operating system.

While Android phones can download and install software similarly to how a computer running Windows or Linux does, an iPhone will follow a process similar to a Mac computer.

You will find the download file for a casino on the casino website.

  1. Tap “Download.”
  2. Tap “OK.”
  3. At the beginning of the download, you will see a message with an “Open” button. Tap it.
  4. Go to “Settings” and allow app installation from unknown sources.
  5. Switch the “Allow for this source.”
  6. Tap “Back.”
  7. Tap “Install.”
  8. Once the installation is done, tap “Open.”
  9. You are ready to use the app!
  1. A pop-up window will appear during the installation.
  2. Click on “Install.”
  3. Go to Settings > General > Device Management and select Enterprise apps.
  4. Select the NITEKS, ООО, and click “Trust.”
  5. You are ready to play.

Crazy Time FAQ

Since Crazy Time is based entirely on chance, there is no way to predict the game’s outcome. The best way to predict Crazy Time is to review the hit frequency of the wheel’s segments and bet accordingly.

Yes, Crazy Time is 100% fair! The wheel is completely mechanical, with no motors controlling the speed or outcome of the game.

The current Crazy Time biggest win record happened on the 22nd of May, 2024, when a Pachinko round paid a 25,000x multiplier. The second largest win is a 25,000x multiplier in Cash Hunt!

The RTP of Crazy Time is 96.08%.

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