Customer Support in India

Online casinos are all about gambling, winning, and having fun. That said, good customer support is essential for any gambling site that wants to provide their players an exceptional gaming experience!

The customer support team at a casino is your direct link to the casino. Without them, you’ll have no way of resolving any issues you might encounter when playing.

Take it from us when we say that customer support makes or breaks any customer-focused company.

Casino Sites with Best Customer Support


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What makes good customer support

Just having a customer support team is not automatically a guarantee that a casino is good.

Imagine that you are having dinner at a restaurant. The food is good, and so are the drinks, but the service is really, really lousy.

Your waiter is inexperienced and doesn’t seem to care about you. So, although you are no longer hungry, you leave the restaurant feeling unsatisfied.

That’s how it is to play at an Indian online casino that lacks outstanding customer support!

There are a few core things that all casino customer support agents have to be able to provide, in order for you to have an enjoyable gambling experience.


A customer support agent who knows the ins and outs of the casino site will help you in a matter of seconds.

They’ll explain anything to you, from how to withdraw using Google Pay or Paytm, to make sure that you’ll get a new password if you’ve forgotten yours.


We know the frustration of experiencing problems when all we want to do is play and win rupees! And of course, we also do our best to be kind to the support agents when reaching out.

Feeling seen and understood by the customer support team is essential. After all, we are spending our hard-earned investment at their online casino, so we’d like to be treated as loyal customers in return!


Just as knowledge will speed up the time it takes to resolve your problem with customer support, so will experience.

A customer support team that’s been in the industry for a long time will know so much more than just how the specific gambling site works.

They’ll also be able to explain specific in-game features, explain how to play games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti, or how to convert a bonus.

The most experienced agents are usually those in charge of the team, and they are the ones who will review your case when extra assistance is needed.

Hands-On Test of Customer Support

To figure out if the customer support of a specific casino is any good, one needs to contact them with various types of questions, over an extended time period.

This is exactly what we set out to do when we created the case study on customer support at some of India’s most popular gambling websites.

The study highlights which casinos manage to provide great support, and also shines a light on the casinos and support behaviors that don’t go well with a good online gambling experience.

How to contact customer support

The different ways that you can reach out to the support of a casino will define how fast you’ll get help.

A live chat or telephone will instantly get you in contact with a customer support agent while sending an email might take longer before you get a reply.

Having different options will also give you the freedom to choose the method you feel the most confident using.

Live Chat

Most of us are chatting with friends and family over Facebook or WhatsApp today, which is why live chat is one of the most popular choices for support.

Did you know that you can actually pay with Whatsapp in some casinos?

The live chat feature is often found at the bottom of the site or casino app.

When the feature is activated, it’s common that you’ll be asked to explain your query in a few words before starting the actual chat.

Once the chat is set up, the next available support agent will join your chat to assist you further.

If you want as quick response to your query as possible, the live chat is your best bet.

Phone support

Another way of contact is that which is done over the phone. You’ll call the casino support department directly using the phone number provided on their site.

Although a phone call is able to resolve a problem efficiently, it does also come with a few issues.

One of them is language barriers, as, depending on where the casino is based, there might not be Hindi support.

The agents might also have difficulties understanding your accent (or vice versa), which opens for confusion or misunderstanding.

However, if you are used to expressing yourself orally over the phone, it might still be the best option.


If your query is complex and requires a lengthy explanation, you’ll want to send an email to the casino.

Sending an email will mean that you’ll have to wait for a response. Often this takes anything from a few to several hours, and in rare cases, even days.

That said, you’ll be able to explain your issue in one go, and (hopefully), you’ll get an answer and solution to your issue in the response.

There’s no need for a back-and-forth communication in the same way as with live chat.

Even though email is a good communication channel, you can expect a 0-72 hour response time.

Gambling Site FAQs

Most established online casino sites will have a section called FAQ.

FAQ stands for “Frequently Asked Questions” and is a great tool to resolve any problems you are experiencing without having to contact customer support.

In this section of the casino, they’ve collected all of the most commonly asked questions. They’ve then answered them for you.

All you have to do is find the question relevant to the problem you are experiencing, and then read the answer!

Of course, the issue you are experiencing could be more complex, in which case you’d have to reach out to the support team.

Casinos without customer support

Although you won’t find any of them listed here at SevenJackpots, there are gambling sites on the web that completely lack customer support!

At first glance, the site looks intriguing, with promises of great bonus offers and high winning chances. But the problems quickly become evident as soon as you run into any issues. Or if you have a pending withdrawal.

Did you know? A casino that completely lacks any contacting information is breaking licensing regulations. Stay away from casinos like these!

How can you trust a casino that doesn’t allow any human contact between you and them? The answer is, you can’t!

What to do if a support agent can’t help you

A good customer support team will do everything in their power to try and resolve the issue you are experiencing. That said, there are situations where the casino won’t take your query further.

So the question is, what is your next step in getting the issue resolved?

If you’ve so far only spoken to the standard support agents, you might want to ask to have your query escalated to a manager.

If that’s already been done, the next step is to reach out to a third party.

Filing a complaint

You’ll have different options on filing a complaint, depending on which license the casino operates under, and where they are based.

Usually, making use of a third-party site can resolve the matter rather quickly. eCOGRA, CasinoMeister are both excellent sites that will personally reach out to the operator. Just note that they have different processes on how to do this.

If they cannot help, the regulator (who issued the license) will be able to look into the matter further.

Note that it depends on what casino license is used.

For example, a European regulator will be helpful, while an Antigua and Barbuda regulator won’t assist you at all.

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