Spaceman Online Game in India

Crash games are the latest craze among online gamblers, and the Spaceman game from Pragmatic Play is one of India’s most popular crash games.

This Spaceman online game guide shows you how to play Spaceman for real money, the rules of the game, and which casinos you’ll want to play at for an otherworldly Spaceman experience.

Put on your space suit, get comfortable, and find your new favorite Indian Spaceman apps here at SevenJackpots!

Games from Pragmatic Play are no longer available at online casinos in India.

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Play Spaceman Game for Free

Spaceman Game Facts

  • Name of game: Spaceman
  • RTP: 95.5%
  • Game Provider: Pragmatic Play
  • Minimum bet: ₹50
  • Maximum bet: ₹8000
  • Max win: ₹1,00,000
  • Release date: March 2022

Spaceman Game with Real Money

If you want a truly extraordinary gaming experience, you’ll want to play Spaceman for real money.

Seeing that little suited guy fly high up into the stratosphere, waiting for the right moment, and cashing out up to 5000x your bet is, after all, the main goal of the Spaceman online game.

To play the Spaceman game with real money, you’ll place your bet while the UFO charges up the spaceman. Once he’s soaring high, it’s up to you to decide when to cash out.

Cash out your funds before the spaceman crashes, or your bet is lost!

To aid you on your space adventures, the Spaceman game comes with a number of features:

  • In-game social chat with other players
  • 50% cashout & Auto cashout
  • Bonus features (Drops & Wins)

“Only a few months after its launch, Spaceman became the fourth most popular crash game in India. Players like the fact that it allows them real-time decisions, flexible cashout options and has a range of social features.”

Felicia Wijkander, author and Editor in Chief at SevenJackpots

Indian Rupees and Paytm Casinos

Spaceman With Indian Rupees

Play Spaceman with Indian rupees to avoid the confusion of currency conversions.

When playing at the top Indian Spaceman online casinos, you’ll be able to make rupee deposits and withdrawals smoothly. This saves you time, giving you more time to enjoy the Spaceman game!

All the Spaceman casinos in this guide allow you to play Spaceman with Indian rupees. We recommend using PaytmGoogle Pay, or any other secure payment method when playing this crash game online!

How to play Spaceman

The step-by-step guide below will teach you how to play Spaceman, having you ready to play in under 30 seconds!

Watch the spaceman take off, and try to cash out at the right moment before he runs out of fuel and sinks from space. The higher he flies before you withdraw, the bigger your payout!

  1. Pick the Spaceman casino of your choice from our list.
  2. Sign up to the casino and deposit some real money.
  3. Search for “Spaceman” in the casino search bar, and tap the game icon to start the crash game.
  4. Place a bet and wait for the betting round to be over and for the spaceman to take flight.
  5. Cash out your full bet or 50% before the spaceman crashes. Any funds left in play when he does is lost, so don’t wait too long!
  6. That’s it! Play another round by placing a new bet, or withdraw your funds from the Spaceman online game by returning to the casino home screen.

“It is exciting to see a crash game like Spaceman from Pragmatic Play! Out of the more renowned game providers, they’re the first to make a crash game, and what a game it is! Gone are the otherwise “stock market”-looking design, and instead we’ve got a fun happy spaceman and lots of colors. I hope this is just one of many crash games from Pragmatic Play.”

Spaceman Betting

Placing a Spaceman bet is easy. When the game starts, you are presented with a main Spaceman betting button, “Confirm bet.” Above the place bet button, you’ll find the betting amounts.

Either use one of the quick-bet buttons to easily add amounts to your final bet or use the arrows to increase or decrease the bet with one unit at a time. Tapping the bet amount also allows you to enter an amount manually.

In addition to these options, Spaceman game betting allows you to double your previous bet easily.

Lastly, the Spaceman casino game has a unique “Cashout 50%” feature with which you can cash out half of your bet and winnings while continuing to play with the other half.

Withdraw 50% automatically

The auto-option “50% Auto Cashout” is unique for the Spaceman game and is a way for you to allow the game to automatically cash out 50% of your bet when it has reached a certain multiplier.

To use this Spaceman bet, adjust the triggering multiplier using the arrows next to the “50% Auto Cashout” and then toggle the feature on with the button.

You can still manually cash out your remaining 50% whenever you like, or use the Auto Cashout feature for a fully self-driven space adventure!

Autoplay and Auto Cashout

Similarly to the Autoplay feature in slot games, Autoplay in Spaceman allow you to automatically “buy in” to 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100 rounds.

Funds will automatically be added before each new round, and you will manually cash out as normal.

If you wish to turn on “cruise control” and let the game play on its own, activating the “Auto Cashout” feature on the desired multiplier will have the Spaceman game cashout for you if that multiplier is reached.

Best Spaceman Casinos in India

You deserve nothing but the very best Spaceman casino! That’s right, while you can find the Spaceman game at many casinos online, far from all these gambling websites are perfect for this particular game.

The top Spaceman casino will, obviously, have the Spaceman game from Pragmatic Play but should also have a wide variety of other real money casino games.

We carefully review all casinos listed on our website using a review process that allows us to give you an honest and fair top list of the highest-ranking casinos in India.

Casino Days

Casino Days has been providing Indian players with top-notch online casino experiences since 2020, and no list of the best Spaceman casino sites is complete without them!

  • Low deposit limit of ₹500 with Paytm
  • Library of +4000 casino games
  • Profitable cash bonus mechanic

This Spaceman online casino looks good, works flawlessly on most mobile devices, and uses several local and popular payment methods so that you can choose the one most comfortable for you.

Fast deposits and smooth withdrawals are a must for a Spaceman casino, and Casino Days delivers just that!


Bettilt is one of the best Spaceman casino sites in India! The website has a wide range of games in addition to the Spaceman casino game, so you’ll never get tired of playing here.

  • Instant Paytm, UPI, and PhonePe payment options
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Over 4000 casino games from 40+ providers

Another good reason to choose this Spaceman online casino is their two-factor authentication feature. Activate this to have a code sent to you every time you log in for extra security!


The crypto-focused Spaceman online casino BlueChip is quickly climbing the ranks of the best Spaceman casino sites in India, and it’s easy to see why.

  • +8600 real money casino games
  • Several casino bonuses available
  • Paytm, MuchBetter, and UPI payments

With a massive library of almost 9000 casino games, you are spoilt for choice when exploring new games. BlueChip holds extra focus on crash games and offers a 100% mobile-optimized website. In short, everything you need from a Spaceman casino!

Spaceman FAQ

The Spaceman game is a real casino game available at many Indian online casinos. You can only play the real Spaceman game at a legitimate online casino.

Pragmatic Play’s Spaceman game is a real-time “crash game” where you place a bet, and the goal is to cash out your winnings before the spaceman crashes. Leave your bet for too long, and the spaceman will crash, resulting in your bet being lost.

You can play the Spaceman game legally in most of India. Any legal online casino will hold a genuine gambling license and will be based outside of India. Keep in mind that several Indian states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Chhattisgarh forbid gambling online.

Some of the best Spaceman casino sites include Casino Days, Bettilt, and BlueChip. These casinos are legitimate and legal, use safe and reliable payment methods, offer other casino games.

Spaceman Game Tricks

Do you want to use Spaceman tricks to gain an edge over the game?

First of all, it’s important to understand that this game is entirely based on chance, and there are no tricks that will make you win more.

That said, here are a few expert Spaceman tricks that can make your gaming experience more fun!

Play for free

Playing Spaceman for free is a great way to get a feel for the game before betting real rupees.

Unlike a slot where your bet is locked to the game until the end of the round, this game gives you full control over when to cash out.

In other words, getting some Spaceman free game practice before playing for real lets you test your reflexes and allows for trying out the game’s various features.

Start with small bets

One of the best strategies when playing this game is to start with smaller Spaceman bets.

There is no telling if the spaceman will crash at 1x or higher, and placing large bets straight away can see you lose a big chunk of money fast if you are not careful.

Playing using smaller bets ensures that you are able to play for as long as possible!

Good internet connection

The Spaceman game is a “real-time” game, so any lag due to a slow internet connection could result in a missed cashout before a crash.

While the game runs well on most mobile 3G, 4G, and 5G internets, it is important that the connection is stable.

Lost bets due to lag will not be refunded by the casino, but should you lose connection entirely, you’ll be refunded, or your bet will be canceled depending on when your disconnect happened.

Spaceman Bonuses

Using a Spaceman bonus is a great way to maximize your gambling experience.

Not only does a bonus give you more funds to play with, but it also gives you a chance to convert the bonus funds into real money you can cash out!

You also want to ensure that you choose the correct Spaceman bonus. For example, this game doesn’t have Free Spins, so you will want to avoid Free Spin bonus offers.

Drops & Wins

Drops & Wins is a Spaceman bonus active across several Pragmatic Play games across several different casinos simultaneously.

You will automatically participate in the Drops & Wins bonus whenever it is active on the Spaceman game.

To win with this bonus, you simply have to play, as cash rewards are randomly dropped to active players.

Tap the bonus icon at the top of the screen to find out how many cash bonus drops are left and within what timeframe the drops are expected to fall.

Welcome Bonus

If you want the best possible bonus for this crash game, you’ll want to get your hands on a Spaceman welcome bonus.

A casino’s welcome bonus is often the best one you will get during your time there, so you should absolutely make the most of it.

A Spaceman welcome bonus is often larger than a regular bonus. It is sometimes also split across several deposits, extending the fun even further as you play, deposit, and cash out.

Just make sure that you utilize your welcome bonus before it expires!

Best Spaceman Game Apk Apps

Almost 90% of all Indians play casino games from their phones, so getting the best Spaceman app means getting the best Spaceman experience.

You can download top-quality Spaceman apk casino apps from several Indian online casinos; Casino Days and Bettilt are just a few of them.

The Spaceman app is available for Android, iOS, Xiaomi, Oppo, and more and brings seamless online casino entertainment straight to your phone.

Casino Days



  • Rating
  • SupportEmail, Live Chat, WhatsApp, Telegram

Spaceman Popularity

There’s no doubt that the Spaceman popularity has exploded among Indian players in the last few years.

Although the game has only existed since early 2022, it has a large player base of dedicated “space travelers” looking to catch that spaceman soaring high.

And it’s easy to understand the sudden increase in Spaceman game’s popularity:

  • Simple rules
  • Thrilling game rounds
  • The player has full control over cashout
  • In-game social chat with other players
  • Statistics of last winning multipliers and previous winners

The game’s volatile nature, rise, and crash, also resemble the stock market, which has become increasingly popular in recent years with the increase in cryptocurrencies.

With more and more people getting involved in buying and selling crypto, crash games like Spaceman provide a fun alternative to the otherwise mundane behavior of the stock market.