How we conduct our operator reviews

Writing good reviews is an art form. A casino review should capture the whole operator and make it clear what makes them special to Indian players

When reviewing a casino, we sign up, make deposits, make withdrawals, play games, reach out to customer support, document our experience, amongst other things.

We then compile that information according to our Editorial Guidelines, and publish the result. As you can imagine, it takes time, but we love to conduct this research because it means that you don’t have to.

How our rating system works

After our excessive deep-dive into each operator, we summarize our work by rating each site on a 1-5 scale:

5 – Fulfills all our desires and meets all our requirements. All in all a great operator for any online casino player.

4 – Still a very good casino but it lacks some aspects when compared to the top-ranked sites.

3 – Playable, but usually has one or more bigger flaws, like a bad selection of games or payment methods.

2 – The joy at a casino with a ranking of 2 is based on our luck at the games. The site itself is usually complicated and has a poor game selection.

1 – The lowest rank is for those casinos that only bring frustration. Hard to navigate, difficult to make withdrawals, low winning probabilities. There are far better options in the world than these.

Why do we rate operators?

There’s a myriad of different operators out there that are available to Indian players, and just heading online to pick a casino at random is a recipe for disappointment.

Here at SevenJackpots, you are provided with a good selection of safe, trusted, and fair casino sites, which means that you can be sure you’ll make a good choice.

The nine things we look at when rating gambling websites

Although we look at everything a casino has to offer, there are nine primary things that we believe make a gambling site.

These are the things that set operators aside from each other, divide the bad from the good, and the good from the great.

  • Sign-up process
    When we find a casino, what do we want to do? We want to start playing! A quick and easy sign-up process is therefore essential. Signing up should only take a few minutes at most and should be super-easy, even on mobile devices.
  • Payments
    One of the most important aspects of a casino is how they handle payments. Deposits should be easy, withdrawals fast and preferably free, and the methods offered safe. Great Indian sites use methods like UPI and Paytm.
  • Game selection
    A casino without games is like a rickshaw without wheels, useless! Great operators have a wide selection of slots and live dealer games from trusted game providers. The best ones also make sure it’s easy to navigate the games with categories and search tools.
  • Customer Support
    In a perfect world, we would use these sites without problems, but issues and verification requests always occur, so good customer support is important. The support should be available 24/7, through several different channels. Response time should be fast, and the agents helpful. Easy!
  • Promotions
    Receiving extra stuff is always nice, so operators with promotions, bonus offers, and VIP-programs are operators that make that extra effort to keep things interesting. We’re looking for sites with offers with simple terms and conditions and reasonable requirements.
  • App availability
    Having a casino app is not what makes or breaks a casino, but it sure makes things easier for us mobile users! We prefer operators with apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and where their app is easy to locate and download from their website.
  • Safety, Security, and License
    We’d never want to put you at risk of losing money at shady or unsecure sites, which is why safety and security is a big part of what makes a good operator. They should have a reputable gambling license, be an encrypted website, and only use secure methods of payments.
  • Responsible gambling
    Believe us; there are some operators out there who don’t care about your wellbeing. Not cool in our books, so a healthy perspective of responsible gambling is an important aspect in our operator reviews. There should be some tools available to regulate your gambling, and the possibility to self-exclude.
  • Gut feeling
    Not a measurable aspect, but we have played at, worked at, and reviewed so many online gambling operators that we can sense when something is off. Or when it’s good. We would like to take it so far as to say that if we say a casino is good, you can take our word for it.

Expert Individual Feature Analysis

Our analysis doesn’t stop with the nine things mentioned above. While they all allow us to create a complete overview of a casino, we also want to share the in-depth details with you.

That’s why we have carefully selected six features of a casino that deserve their own reviews. Each feature is analyzed by one of our experts and is rated on a 1-5 scale.

These “micro reviews” give you a more nuanced picture of the casino and help you narrow down which casino operator suits you best.

Withdrawal Time

Our ratings for withdrawal times are based on industry standards rather than if the casino can deliver within their own estimated processing times.

Per industry standards, a withdrawal should be processed within 24 hours, with some exceptions for payment methods like credit cards. This rating does not take account verification delays into account.

For example: A casino with a stated processing time of five days that handle a withdrawal in that time won’t automatically receive a five-star rating as their timeframe is much longer than the industry standard.

  • 1 – Greatly delayed or missing withdrawal without reason provided by the operator.
  • 2 – Somewhat delayed withdrawal with the reason provided by the operator.
  • 3 – Meets industry standards of approximately 24 hours.
  • 4 – Surpasses industry standards (within 12 hours).
  • 5 – Greatly surpasses industry standards (10 minutes – 2 hours).

Payment Methods

While most players only use one or two payment methods to deposit and withdraw at online casinos, a casino should strive to cater to a wide audience with an equally wide payment method preference.

Not only should players be able to choose local methods, but they should also be able to pick freely between different payment types, such as e-wallets, cards, bank transfers, and cryptocurrencies. All payment options offered should be legitimate and secure.

  • 1 – Very limited selection of mostly unknown payment methods.
  • 2 – Limited selection of safe, lesser-known payment methods difficult to use in India.
  • 3 – Wide selection of safe, well-known payment methods fairly difficult to use in India. No local methods.
  • 4 – Limited selection of safe, well-known, local payment methods.
  • 5 – Wide selection of safe, local, well-known, user-friendly payment methods.

Casino Games

Everyone is different when it comes to casino games. Some players love to dive into the timeless classics they’ve been playing for years, while others enjoy the thrill of brand-new titles.

Here, we are looking to find the golden ratio, the perfectly balanced library of games that can satisfy any player. It’s not necessarily as much about quantity as it is quality. Awarded games, renowned game providers, intriguing newcomers, and curious game changers. We want it all.

  • 1 – Limited number of games with low RTPs from unpopular or unknown game providers. No live casino games.
  • 2 – Decent game library with slots and crash games from well-known game providers. No live casino games.
  • 3 – Decent game library with slots, live casino tables, and crash games from well-known game providers.
  • 4 – A massive game library with slots, live tables, and crash games. Most games from lesser-known providers, but popular games are also found here.
  • 5 – A well-balanced game library with classic and new slots, crash games, and live casino tables from well-known providers. Constantly updated with the latest releases.

User Experience

A casino can have all the games and payment methods in the world, but if their website isn’t easy to use, players will not bother playing there.

This is why a good user experience is crucial to any top-tier casino.

Sure, playing the games and winning money is the main event. Still, if getting to those games is a hassle or figuring out how to locate your funds and cash them out is as complicated as solving a Rubik’s cube, then that casino will soon see itself without players.

  • 1 – Confusing and slow website without features like game categories or responsible gambling tools. No intuitive ways to locate games, the cashier, or other crucial features.
  • 2 – Confusing and slow website without features like game categories. Finding the cashier and making transactions is complicated.
  • 3 – Somewhat user-friendly website with features such as game search and game categories.
  • 4 – User-friendly, responsive, and somewhat intuitive website with features like in-game cashier and game categories.
  • 5 – Very user-friendly, fast, responsive, and intuitive website design with smart features like in-game cashier access, well-curated game categories, and personalization options.

Customer Support

While online casinos are simple in nature, they aren’t free from flaws or tricky features, which is where their customer support comes into play.

Customer support is the possibility of connecting with another human who will assist you in resolving any issues or questions you might have. While this sounds simple, the quality of such assistance can vary greatly between operators and even between support agents!

  • 1 – No customer support available.
  • 2 – Greatly delayed responses from agents. No 24/7 availability. Inexperienced agents unable to properly resolve our query.
  • 3 – Slow responses and irregular quality of experience between agents. No 24/7 availability.
  • 4 – Quick assistance from mostly experienced agents. 24/7 availability with two or more ways to contact customer support.
  • 5 – Instant assistance from kind and experienced agents. 24/7 availability with two or more ways of connecting to customer support.

Our unique case study on support at online casinos takes you even deeper into what it means to provide good support, as we went undercover to test six selected Indian casinos.

Casino Bonus

When rating a casino bonus, keeping personal preferences and the bonus’s actual value in mind is important. Therefore, making fair judgments of bonus offers requires years of experience and a clear process to define their quality.

Our ABV (Actual Bonus Value) algorithm does just that, allowing us to calculate what a bonus is actually worth when all important aspects are taken into account.

  • 1 – No bonus.
  • 2 – Low-value bonus with unclear, wrong, and misleading T&Cs. A large number of excluded games.
  • 3 – Decent value bonus with unclear T&Cs.
  • 4 – Good value bonus with clear T&Cs and a smaller amount of excluded games.
  • 5 – Great value bonus with clear T&Cs and few to no excluded games.

How do you know which casino is best for you?

Is there an almighty online casino in India? Unfortunately, no. There are, however, several top-quality operators, all unique in their own way. Some are better for slot or table game players, while others are perfect for sports punters.

Other sites will favor players aiming to climb the VIP-ladder, and some are tailored for players who want to mix casino excitement with the video game experience.

We look at all aspects of a website when we rate them, and you can be assured that we emphasize what makes each casino unique!

Avoid harmful gambling sites

Amongst all the gambling sites you can find online, some are straight-up bad.

These are sites that wouldn’t even get one star from us, as they are often known for withholding winnings or withdrawals in general from players.

We won’t rate or list these casinos here at SevenJackpots, and you can learn more about how to spot fake casinos in our guide.

All content is hidden behind login, and the statement “Most trusted brand in India” can’t be confirmed.

Super shady-looking site. The operator is mentioned on several blacklist-lists online for withholding payments.

Site is not using HTTPS encryption, and is listed on several blacklist-lists online for not paying players.

Learn more about the work at SevenJackpots