Instant Withdrawal Casino India

Get your winnings in a flash with these instant withdrawal casinos in India!

While casinos love to brag about their speedy withdrawals, it’s just when you are about to cash out that you will find out if they are speaking the truth.

We have put the best Indian online casinos to the test by going undercover to find the casinos with the fastest withdrawals.

Check out our list of the winners, and become an expert on how to get your payouts as quickly as possible!

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Why Test India’s Fastest Casino Withdrawals?

In our fast-paced society, it is normal for online transactions to happen instantly or at least within a few hours, and a cashout at a casino should be no different!

Trust is an important factor when choosing a casino to play at. While game selections and bonus offers make us enjoy playing, nothing can destroy our trust in a casino like experiencing trouble getting our money back in our pocket when done playing.

Being the casino experts we are, we have taken it upon ourselves to find India’s fastest casino withdrawals and to share them with you!

Best Instant Withdrawal Casino Sites in India

An instant withdrawal casino online is a site that can guarantee that your withdrawal will appear on your bank account or e-wallet within 24 hours of the withdrawal being requested.

When choosing operators for this study, we chose the most popular casinos in India, ensuring that you will have five exceptional options for where to play next!

1. 10CRIC – Top Ranked Fast Withdrawal Casino

10CRIC comes in as the number one casino with fast withdrawals, showing what years of experience can do in regard to quality. You can enjoy slots, live casino tables, sports betting, and all the latest crash games here.

Four different payment methods are available for withdrawals at all times at 10CRIC; unfortunately, none are local favorites like Paytm or UPI. Available withdrawal options are IMPS, Jeton, AstroPay, and crypto.

Our fastest withdrawal tests at 10CRIC were highly successful, and we received all of our withdrawals within just two hours!

2. Bettilt – Best Instant Withdrawal Betting Site & Casino

Closely behind 10CRIC comes Bettilt, another Indian gambling site with all forms of real money games, from live dealer tables, crash games, and video slots to betting on cricket, basketball, esports, and more.

With a stated processing time of 6 hours, some withdrawals missed the mark by being processed within 24 hours, while others overperformed with processing times of just two hours!

While we conducted our withdrawals using IMPS, six additional methods are available, from Neteller and Jeton to ecoPayz, Skrill, and cryptocurrencies.

Bettilt was the only casino that asked for account verification from all our test subjects when making their first withdrawal.

3. BlueChip – Great Fast Withdrawal Website

A casino competing for the title of India’s largest casino game library is BlueChip, who snags third place in our fast withdrawal test!

With close to 10,000 casino games that range from instant and slot games to live casino, video poker, virtual sports, and more, it’s safe to say that BlueChip isn’t messing around when it comes to delivering a diverse library of games.

Speaking of diversity, this can also be applied to BlueChip’s processing times, as we experienced withdrawals of just five hours while also having to wait up to two days for our funds to arrive.

Available withdrawal methods at BlueChip include IMPS, Paytm, NetBanking, and Bank Transfer. Additional methods like Skrill and crypto are also available but require an initial deposit to be activated.

4. Big Boost – Good Rupees Casino for Withdrawals

Big Boost, previously known as Big Baazi, is a well-crafted casino that offers slot games and live casino entertainment. It is one of two operators in our test that doesn’t offer sports betting.

This is a solid, trustworthy casino and one that is frequently featured at the top of our lists of the best casinos in India.

The withdrawal processing times showed to be on the longer side, with the fastest withdrawal taking over 24 hours, and one of our attempts to withdraw was continuously declined despite us meeting all withdrawal requirements.

Withdrawal at Big Boost can be made using Bank Transfer, AstroPay, ecoPayz, Jeton, MuchBetter, Neteller, Skrill, and cryptocurrencies.

2. Casino Days – Great Cash Bonus Cashout Casino

Big Boosts’ slightly more well-known sister casino is Casino Days, which, to our surprise, places fifth on our list of casinos with fast withdrawals.

As Casino Days and Big Boost share website structure, you’ll find the same selection of games and payment methods on both sites.

While Casino Days have been great at fast withdrawals historically, they seem to have slowed down, with one of our requests hitting the 24-hour mark, others coming closer to 48 hours, and two instances where we, similarly to our test at Big Boost, were declined to withdraw.

Casino Withdrawal Times

Our five test persons made withdrawals at top Indian casinos online over six weeks, where the casinos faired moderately well at processing these requests:

table showing casino withdrawal times in hours

Looking at the fastest versus slowest withdrawal times, 10CRIC and Bettilt were the top casinos in processing all requested withdrawals within their stated timeframe.

We experienced issues with failed withdrawals at Big Boost and Casino Days, represented in our data as transactions taking over 100 hours: thus, those transactions failed the test.

Fastest Withdrawal Casino Test

To conduct our fastest withdrawal casino test, we got help from locals in various Indian states to act as real players and behave like anyone would when playing at an online casino.

To make sure we treated each quick withdrawal casino site equally, we set up clear guidelines to conduct these tests:

Here’s how we tested each casino:

  1. We made a deposit.
  2. Played for the funds (as per the Terms and Conditions of the casino.)
  3. Made the withdrawal (all requests used the same withdrawal method.)

We then tracked the time it took for:

  • The funds to be processed by the casino (and disappear from our casino account balance), and;
  • The funds to show up on our bank statement.
Online Casino Withdrawal Time Rank
10CRIC 1 hour 1
Bettilt 2 hours 2
BlueChip 5 hours 3
Big Boost 24+ hours 4
Casino Days 24+ hours 5

10CRIC – 1 hour

What they state: Up to 48h

Our result: 1h

Did they pass our test?

10CRIC did more than pass our test; they annihilated it!

Every single one of our withdrawals was processed within two hours, and none of our test people reported any other issues when playing or withdrawing here.

It is important to note that each player did have to wager their deposits once before being able to withdraw. None of the withdrawals triggered account verifications, which 10CRIC’s T&Cs state only happen at their discretion.

Bettilt – 2 hours

screenshot verify account

What they state: Up to 6h

Our result: 2 hours

Did they pass our test?

Bettilt was the only casino requesting account verification from all test subjects, so they more than delivered on their withdrawal handling times!

Many players dread having to verify their accounts, believing that it will be a long process. This casino proves that’s not the case and is able to provide all its players with a super secure environment by asserting everyone’s identity.

That said, during our tests, all our players reported that the transaction history feature was faulty, making it impossible to document the withdrawal process properly.

BlueChip – 5 hours

screenshot of withdrawals

What they state: Up to 24h

Our result: 5 hours

Did they pass our test?

BlueChip did not manage to fully pass the test due to some of our withdrawals taking over 48 hours to complete.

That said, the fastest withdrawal was processed within five hours, and no KYC requests were made for any of our requests! Fast processing like this shows the potential of BlueChip and that you can enjoy playing here and receive funds quickly.

The BlueChip T&Cs also confirm that account verification is not mandatory for withdrawals but is conducted at their discretion.

Big Boost – 24+ hours

What they state: Up to 48h

Our result: 24h+

Did they pass our test?

While Big Boost processed most of our withdrawals in less than 48 hours, they also wrongfully declined a withdrawal.

Although they managed to handle transactions in times below their estimated timeframe, they failed the testby not processing withdrawals in 24 hours or less.

Interestingly, one of our approved withdrawals occurred with deposited funds that had not been wagered. While it is convenient for players to be able to withdraw funds without play, it is concerning from a money-laundering perspective and something that we hope Big Boost will take seriously.

Casino Days – 24+ hours

screenshot of withdrawal

What they state: Up to 48h

Our result: 24h+

Did they pass our test?

While we had high hopes for our favorite casino, Casino Days did not pass our test on fast withdrawals. Only two of our withdrawals were processed within 24 hours, one of them after having failed two times.

On two occasions, we had wrongfully declined withdrawals, where our test subjects never managed to cash out at all.

Casino Days was also the only casino where we noticed that the minimum withdrawal limits changed randomly on the website, going from ₹500 to ₹1600, which resulted in us having to deposit more and play for more just to meet the new limit.

Top Payment Methods for Instant Withdrawals at Casinos

While fast withdrawal casino sites will offer many payment options, not all options offer equally quick casino payouts.

Some casino payment methods take longer to withdraw than others. It’s not the casino’s fault but rather the processing time of the payment method chosen.

For example, a bank transfer can take a week, and a credit card can take several days, while an e-wallet almost always offers instant payouts from your online casino account.

If you are looking for an under-1-hour withdrawal from a casino, an e-wallet is your best choice!


Proven to be the most popular online payment method in India today, Paytm also works well for online gambling, thanks to the UPI solution.

With Paytm, you can make instant deposits and withdrawals from a large number of fast-payout casino sites in India today. The only downside is that since Paytm often functions through the UPI payment gateway, any issues with UPI automatically mean that Paytm’s functionality is affected.

Paytm is our readers’ most used withdrawal method at the fastest payout casinos. Paytm is also the deposit and withdrawal method we have ranked as the best payment method for fast payouts at online casinos in India due to its swift withdrawal times, ease of use, and high security level.

  • India’s best-ranked payment method for withdrawals.
  • Prone to being temporarily unavailable due to external issues.


UPI (Unified Payments Interface) is a so-called “gateway” payment method through which you can send money using a UPI ID.

You’ll connect your UPI with your bank account or another payment method to seamlessly make deposits and withdrawals to and from fast-payout casino sites in India.

UPI is one of the most used withdrawal methods for instant payout transactions at Indian casino sites, making it a solid choice for swift withdrawals!

It’s good to remember that transfers to bank accounts generally take longer than transfers to other payment methods like Paytm. None of the casinos in our test offered withdrawals back to UPI.

  • Easy to use, accepted for deposits at most Indian casinos.
  • Rarely available as a withdrawal method.


As the PhonePe founders state, PhonePe is “A Payments App built for India, by Indians,” the first local payment app built on UPI and works the same way as Paytm.

While Paytm is the most popular payment method among online gamblers, PhonePe has more users overall!

One of the best things about PhonePe is its diverse language support, with eleven different Indian languages to choose from. We also recommend completing the in-app verification before using the method online.

At Indian online casinos, PhonePe will be used as a standalone method or via the UPI payment gateway.

  • India-made and very well-known and trusted.
  • Faces temporary availability issues if available via UPI.

Google Pay

Google Pay is the payment method that most Indians have easy access to today. The reason is that it comes pre-installed on Android phones, with Android being the country’s superior operator of mobile gamblers.

You will often find Google Pay through the UPI payment solution of casinos, similar to how Paytm and PhonePe operate.

This e-wallet lets you deposit, play, and sometimes withdraw, using Indian rupees. The availability of Google Pay is growing at Indian gambling sites. We list several of them right here at SevenJackpots!

  • Comes pre-installed on Android phones.
  • Not as commonly offered as other payment methods.

IMPS Withdrawal Limits

Our withdrawals were made using IMPS, a method that all tested fast withdrawal casinos supported, along with Net Banking.

While minimum withdrawal limits are important for small transactions, maximum limits are equally important to keep track of whenever we get lucky and score a big win in any of the casino games we are playing!

While reviewing these casinos, we noticed that the upper limits differ quite a lot. If you know that you will make larger withdrawals, you should keep this in mind:

Casino Max. IMPS Limit
Bettilt ₹5,00,000
10CRIC ₹1,50,000
BlueChip ₹50,000
Casino Days ₹49,000
Big Boost ₹49,000

How to make Withdrawals

Withdrawals are made from the casino’s cashier, which is often the same place where you make your deposits.

Fast withdrawal casino sites in India will ask that you choose the same payout method you used for deposits.

This is super smart, as it means you’ve already entered the necessary financial details for that payment method. All you have to do is enter the desired amount and request a withdrawal!

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to make a withdrawal request from instant payout casinos.

  1. Start a request to withdraw money from your casino account; this can almost exclusively be done at the same place where you make deposits
  2. Choose your preferred withdrawal method. Most of the time, it has to be the same as the deposit method.
  3. Select how much money you want to withdraw.
  4. Finish the withdrawal process and wait for the money to reach your bank account.

Tips for Faster Withdrawals

If you want to become an absolute expert on instant withdrawals, you’ll want to know our best tricks for mastering fast withdrawal casino sites in India!

These tricks tell you exactly what to do to create the best possible foundation for an instant withdrawal. And take it from us: we have worked with casinos from all over the world for over a decade and have plenty of knowledge to share!

Here’s one of the most important tips for faster withdrawals: Wager your deposited amount at least once before attempting to withdraw.


The verification process is the biggest bottleneck for unaware players wanting to make a fast withdrawal. Knowing how to verify your account and send in documentation like a pro will give you an express ticket to instant withdrawals.

Some casinos will allow you to verify the account whenever you want from within your casino account, while others will allow you to verify at a specific time, and ask you to send your documentation via email.

You can always ask customer support to verify your casino account if you are having difficulties locating the means to do it yourself. Having the verification process over with greatly minimizes the risk of a withdrawal getting stuck.

No Bonus

Casino bonuses are great ways to explore the website while also getting the chance to get extra, free winnings by increasing the value of your deposit with additional bonus funds or unlockable cash bonuses.

Bonuses are popular, with over 82% of Indian players stating they are important when deciding to sign up to a casino.

That said, bonuses can hinder you from making instant withdrawals, as you will lose your bonus entirely when you cash out. Some casinos will decline your withdrawal if you have an active bonus, as Bettilt did for us during this test.

To benefit from bonuses at fast withdrawal casinos in India, you’ll want to meet the bonus’s wagering requirements before you request a withdrawal.

Contact customer support

Larger withdrawals are sometimes manually reviewed by the casino. An easy way to speed up that process and get your big chunk of money faster is to contact customer support.

More often than not, reaching out to the support team will have them look at your pending withdrawal, and if all is in order (i.e., you’ve verified your account), they’ll approve it instantly!

Sometimes, you will need to wait for them to make more in-depth reviews, especially if the withdrawal is large. Be patient and kind to the support agents, as they try their best to help you.

VIP Program

Being part of the VIP program at a fast withdrawal casino will ensure that your withdrawals are dealt with swiftly.

VIP players can withdraw large sums more often. They also have a dedicated team that reviews and processes withdrawals from important players. In some instances, loyal players can also withdraw larger amounts per withdrawal and, where applicable, be relieved from transactional fees.

Although you can enjoy instant withdrawals no matter your loyalty to the casino, being a VIP helps a lot for larger amounts.

withdrawal limits sign

Withdrawal Limits

To ensure that you get fast withdrawals at casinos, you will want to meet the requirements to do so.

One of the main requirements for a withdrawal is to meet a minimum withdrawal limit. Every casino has a different withdrawal limit, usually around 500 rupees.

Check the limit before you make your withdrawal to ensure a swift payout. If possible, check the limit before you even make your deposit so that you deposit an amount already exceeding the withdrawal limit, avoiding the risk of being unable to withdraw your money.

Something important to take into account is that the withdrawal limit is often higher than the deposit limit.

wagering requirements sign

Wagering Requirements

Even though we do not recommend taking a casino bonus if you wish to ensure quick payouts, you might have already done so. Instant payout casinos often have attractive welcome bonuses!

The bonus, deposit bonuses especially, comes with specific requirements. One such requirement is the wagering requirement. You will need to place bets to a certain value to convert the bonus amount into withdrawable cash.

The best way to play through a casino bonus is by playing slot games. Skill-based games like Blackjack seldom contribute the whole wager amount into the wagering requirement, whereas online slots almost always have a 100% wager contribution.

How some casinos can guarantee Instant Withdrawals

The top fast withdrawal casinos in India guarantee that their processes are instant thanks to several factors:

  • Using reliable and swift payment methods.
  • Dedicated and experienced payments team.
  • Advanced automated transaction approval system.
  • Easy account verification process.

The best way to ensure quick payouts and an exceptional gaming experience is to choose one of the tested gambling sites that offer instant withdrawals here at SevenJackpots.

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