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Indian Online Gaming Sector to Keep 15% CAGR Despite GST

Indian real money gaming will slow its growth but remain strong at 15% CAGR, says EY, while Center informs Parliament on GST demands against...

07 Dec 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


Center Mules Asking SC to Batch Online Gaming GST Cases

The Government wants to group its forces on one front for the upcoming judicial battles for online games GST, while businesses are getting interim...

08 Nov 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


Deltatech Slapped with a Fresh ₹6,384.3 Crore GST Notice

With the new GST demands directed at Deltatech Gaming, Delta Corp now allegedly owes the exchequer four times its operating revenues for the last...

17 Oct 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


ED Brings in Bollywood Stars for Questioning over Mahadev Involvement

Ranbir Kapoor is one of several Bollywood celebrities summoned to appear in front of the ED for involvement in promotion of the Mahadev app.

11 Oct 2023 - Felicia Wijkander


Dream11, Delta and Others Slapped with ₹70,000+ Cr Notices

The last stages of the journey to the promised calm waters of regulatory certainty are proving rather rough for India's gaming sector.

28 Sep 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


SRO-Approved Real Money Games May Show up on Google Play

It's not all bad news for the GST-struck homegrown gaming industry, as Google intends to allow real money game apps on Play Store for...

11 Sep 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


Parimatch CEO: A Bird’s Eye View on the Indian Gambling Market

Anton Rublievskyi doesn’t spare anything about the Indian gambling scene, the lack of regulations, the lobbying, and the need for responsible gaming policies.

08 Jan 2023 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov


Delta Corp Files Legal Action against Goa Government

Delta Corp challenges its license fees for the months of lockdown, even though the money has been allocated.

31 Dec 2022 - Nikolay Kr. Nikolov
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