Famous law influencer comments on India’s gaming bill

14 Jun 2022

YourInstaLawyer tells it like it is in new Instagram Reel video

Tanya Appachu, a Lawyer known for her quick and easy breakdowns of Indian law on her Instagram @yourinstalawyer, has given her opinion on the newly proposed real money online gaming bill in a recent video.

With over 1,60,000 followers, Tanya covers everything from what to do when a friend isn’t returning borrowed money, overheard domestic abuse, liquor laws, the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial, and most recently, India’s gaming laws.

Is gaming and gambling equal? Not according to Tanya

In the video, Tanya is flipping a coin. “Heads, you win 10,000. Tails, you win nothing. Now, what if I said that this is the same as playing a game of Dream 11 or Fortnite. No, right? Because a game like that requires strategy and skill and not just luck.”

YourInstaLawyer continues, explaining that the proposed online gaming bill doesn’t differentiate between online casino gambling, such as flipping a coin, and games with real money features, like Fortnite.

According to Tanya, the worst part of the bill is that it seeks to criminalize the player instead of the company offering the game, commenting that it will be very hard, if not impossible, to keep track of which games are legal to play and not.

She’s not the first person to see what industry experts are seeing

The commentary on the new legislation comes in response to a recently published Firstpost article featuring none other than the expert team here at SevenJackpots.

The article, much like YourInstaLawyer’s reel video post, raises the issues that the current format of the gaming bill could bring but also looks forward to potentially fruitful gaming regulation.

And as India just last week set up a gaming regulation “task-force” to review successful gaming regulations outside of India, there is a possibility that we’ll see gaming and gambling regulation that benefits both the players and the country as a whole in a not too distant future.