Guide to Europes Largest Online Lottery: EuroMillions

Guide to playing Euromillions

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Last updated on 19th April 2021

Published: 28/08/2019

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How to Play at the EuroMillions Lottery in India

At some point in time, more often than not, all of us have dreamt of winning the lottery. After all, who doesn’t want that life-changing money to finally buy that BMW or get a house right next to Shah Rukh Khan’s!

Thankfully, we have so many lotteries to choose from that if we were to play them regularly, it is only a matter of time before we win something. In this article, we will take a look at one such lottery, that also happens to be one of the world’s most popular ones – EuroMillions Lottery.

With a massive jackpot of €190 million, there is no saying what one can do with that kind of money. Here, we will tell you everything there is to know about EuroMillions, including how to play, where to play it in India, payout systems and other relevant information. So keep your cards ready because, by the time we are done, you will be on your way to buy a lotto ticket!

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What is the EuroMillions Lottery?

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EuroMillions is a lottery game, quite similar to Powerball where you select a series of numbers. The amount of money you can win purely depends on how many numbers you can predict correctly – if you all get all of them right, you will get the JACKPOT!

The lottery was launched in 2004 in Europe by three lottery houses from France, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Through the years, EuroMillions has undergone many changes in rules and format to give us the version that we see today.

As a player, who will need to select 7 numbers from two different pools. In the first pool, you must pick 5 main numbers that can be anywhere between 1 and 50. In the second pool, also known as Lucky Star, you must pick two numbers between 1 and 12. In total, they add up to 7 numbers that will be your entry into the Euromillions Lottery.

The amount you win depends on how many of these numbers you can get right. The total funds generated from lottery tickets are split across 13 prize tiers, with the most going to the jackpot.

You can win thousands of Euros and if you are really, really lucky, that number may very well up be in the millions. It is a lot better than playing in land-based lotteries, especially in India! You can buy your EuroMillions lottery ticket online, without as much as moving out of your living room. The results and payout systems are updated online regularly, leaving very little effort required on your end.

And on to the Jackpot!

EuroMillions Lottery

The EuroMillions Jackpot depends on the number of participants in every draw and is usually published before the draw takes place. If no one wins the jackpot, then the jackpot amount is carried forward to the next draw, with the cap at €190 million. That is, no matter what happens, the jackpot amount cannot cross this €190 million mark.

The only way to win this kind of money is by getting the 5 main numbers plus the 2 Lucky Star numbers right, that is, 5+2, to put in terms of the lotto. Of course, the odds of this happening are astronomical; you have better chances of not finding traffic in Delhi during rush hour.

However, it is also prudent to note that the jackpot cap of €190 million will not stay that way forever. Once the cap is reached, it will stay that way only for four successive draws. Any money that would have pushed the top prize beyond this mark is rolled down to the next winning tier (5+1). This rollover can happen four times, that is, the 5+1 tier prize will increase gradually, provided no one wins the jackpot.

After these four rollovers, if there is still no jackpot winner, the entire €190 million will be rolled over into the next tier. If there are no winners there either, it drops down to the next winning range and so on. This kind of scenario implies that in a single night, EuroMillions can make several millionaires!

The Payout System

Now that you know how the lottery works, let’s take a look at the payout system for EuroMillions. There are 13 prize tiers, depending on the match type between the main numbers and the Lucky Stars.

Please remember that the average prize is something that will vary from draw to draw, depending on the number of participants. Nonetheless, it should give you a good idea of what you can expect.

Prize Tier Match Type Odds of Winning Average Prize
1 5 + 2 1:139 838 160 Jackpot
2 5 + 1 1:6 991 908  €494 469.70
3 5  1:3 107 515  €57 583.80
4 4 + 2 1:621 503 €4 023.70
5 4 + 1 1:31 076  €182.30
6 3 + 2  1:14 126 €122.80
7 4  1:13 812 €63.20
8 2 + 2 0,726388889 €21.30
9 3 + 1  0,532638889 €15.80
10 3  0,259722222  €13.20
11 1 + 2 0,172222222 €11.00
12 2 + 1 01:50 €8.30
13 2 01:22  €4.40

For instance, if you get 3 main numbers and the 2 Lucky Stars numbers right, then you will fall in the 6th tier where you can win a little over 100 Euros. In INR, this translates to close to Rs.9,000. If you are really lucky, then you can win well more than Rs.120 crores!

Can You Buy EuroMillions Lottery Tickets in India?

Buy EuroMillions Lottery Tickets in India

Yes, definitely you can! EuroMillions allows players from non-participating countries to play in the lottery, provided they purchase the tickets from their approved partners. Across the world, there are multiple trusted and well-renowned agencies and resellers who sell lottery tickets. It is possible online by purchasing the EuroMillions lotto ticket from one of the several betting operators in India.

To save you from the heavy legwork and tedious research, we have compiled this list right here for you. These are the operators and agencies who specialize in this very business. Needless to mention, they are safe and legitimate and are backed by a flawless reputation.

To participate in the EuroMillions Lottery from India, all you have to do is create an account at the respective gambling operators’ website. Since there are quite a few of them, you may want to pick the one that suits your requirements. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Do you like welcome offers and bonuses? Go with a lotto site that specializes in giving grand sign-up bonus!
  • Many operators offer lotteries along with casinos and sportsbook! If that is something you like, then you may prefer this combined approach.
  • A site that is optimized for mobile use so that you can play on the go.
  • Diverse payment options to ensure smooth, hassle-free transactions.
  • And lastly, exceptional customer service.

How do you Play EuroMillions Online in India?

To buy a EuroMillions ticket online, create an account with the respective agent and purchase a ticket. This is how it works:

  • You must select five numbers from 1-50 and two numbers from 1-12, creating a total of seven numbers in every lotto ticket. You can also have the system pick the numbers for you at random.
  • You can buy multiple lotto tickets with different combinations to maximize your chances of winning the prizes.
  • Each lottery ticket is priced at €3.50 (roughly Rs.270).
  • The EuroMillions draw takes place on Tuesday and Friday of every week at 21:00 CET (12:30 am IST during the summer, 1:30 am IST during the winters).
  • The ticket sales close at 20:30 CET on the day of the draw. The sales for the next draw resume at 22:00 CET after the draw for the preceding round is announced.
  • You can also opt for a recurring subscription, that is, purchase tickets automatically for every draw without having to pay for it every time. This includes making a one-time payment of close to €30.
  • Some lottery operators also offer system game, where you can pick multiple combinations with a simple click, resulting in numerous playing lines.
  • Similarly, some operators will give you the option of group play as well, where you can bet with your friends and family, thus lowering the overall cost of buying the ticket. And if you win the lottery, the website will divide it automatically between you and the participants.

And that’s about it! All you need here is some luck and to a certain extent, some knowledge of probability although, that can only take you so far. Be sure to be responsible while playing the lottery. We wish you all the best to winning the EuroMillions Lottery in India and making your dreams come true.