All You Need to Know About Playing Mega Millions Lottery

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Published: 11/08/2019

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How to play Mega Millions Lottery from India

Do you remember the time you watched that beautiful car swoop by and wished that someday you’re going to get it when you turn 30? Or you are scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and seeing your friends travelling abroad and wishing you were too? Well, Mega Million lottery is your ‘ticket’ to that car or to that vacation!

You must have come across those many articles on various social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter which says “A couple in the United States wins Rs.100 crore” or “Indian man in UAE wins Rs.12 crore on Mega Millions Jackpot”.

Mega Millions is a game which is quite similar to the Powerball lottery. This game in its essence has been played by Indians for a long long time under its common name – HOUSIE or TAMBOLA. However, Mega Millions is played online and you can win up a lot of money.

Online lotteries like Mega Millions are quite different and require an insane amount of luck, however, there is some sort of analytical and intelligence required for it too. We at Seven Jackpots want to make it easy for you, first by mentioning the top lottery operators where you can play the Mega Million lottery and also by explaining how it all works!

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What is a Mega Million Lottery?

MEGA MILLIONS is what you can earn with this online lottery. This is a game which was first played in 1996 and it was known as the ‘Big Game’. Through the years, it became one of the most famous games in the world as it offered a chance to people to not only dream big but make those dreams come true!

The biggest jackpot can go up to Rs.600 crore and has a minimum jackpot of up to Rs.100 crore.

Now, how is it played? It is played almost like Housie or Tambola. When you visit any of our trusted online lottery operators, you will be given an option to choose any 5 main numbers between 1 and 70 and one bonus number between 1 and 25.

There will be a maximum of 20 tickets to choose from and from each ticket, you are supposed to choose a total of 6 numbers.

You do not have to wait in line or buy tickets making your way through a crowd of hundreds of people. All of you have to do is register yourself, start playing and be a part of something much bigger than the traditional Indian lottery.

Here’s How You Can Come Closer to the Jackpot

All You Need to Know About Playing Mega Millions Lottery

If you think participating and playing lotteries online is hard, it is not. The lottery operators keep everything about you safe and simple. All you need to do is understand the game, pick your numbers and wait.

Hitting the jackpot is when all your 6 numbers on the ticket you have matches the numbers which are announced during the draw. The draw happens every Wednesday and Saturday on any website, the lottery numbers are announced. It is important to know that different website operators do not hold different lotteries, every website hosts the same Mega Millions lottery.

The highest payout as you can imagine will be done once you hit the jackpot numbers, however, like Tambola, there are cash prizes which go to the people who have matched even 1 number. There are certain layers of winner prizes which will be given once the draw is out.

The Payout

What everyone wants to know, obviously, is what are the prizes given to the winners. However, before we do that, you should know that your winnings, if and when you have won, is not given to you immediately. There are certain protocols in place to ensure privacy as well as security.

FUN FACT – In the online Mega Million lottery, there hasn’t been even 1 person who has matched all six numbers and won the JACKPOT. The highest a person has ever won was matching the 5 main numbers and winning a total of almost Rs.7 crore.

It is also important to understand that the reason why the payout is HUGE in Mega Millions is that online price tickets are quite high, especially if you play from India. Unfortunately, no lottery website operator accepts INR as a currency, hence you will have to purchase your ticket in Euros and pay the conversion rate. However, one ticket costs a mere Rs.200 and the payout is, you know, up to Rs.600 crore.

Coming to the most important part, here’s a table we have made to help you understand the payout you receive depending on the numbers matched:

Number Combination Prize
Match 5 numbers plus Bonus Ball No Winner Yet
Match 5 Rs.6 crore
Match  4 plus Bonus Ball Rs.6 lakh
Match 4 Rs.34,000
Match 3 plus Bonus Ball Rs.13,680
Match 3 Rs.600
Match 2 plus Bonus Ball Rs.600
Match 1 plus Bonus Ball Rs.304
Match 0 plus Bonus Ball Rs.152

The payout for Mega Millions takes up to 15 days from the date of the draw and when the winning ticket is announced. It takes that time as the money from the ticket sales must be gathered to pay the jackpot money.

Can You Buy Mega Millions Ticket in India?

Yes, you can buy a ticket for Mega Millions lottery happening all over the world online, with a click of a button.

There are several website operators who are specialised in lottery games such as Multilotto who provide a lottery ticket for the Mega Millions jackpot. 13 states in India who allow the lottery to take place legally, however, there is no legal statute on the status of lotteries in the country.

To participate in the Mega Million lottery, all you need to do is go online and register yourself on any of the operator websites mentioned here. However, since there are many websites you can choose from, you should choose a lottery site which suits your needs.

There are many agent websites who do not accept Indian players and so it is important to research and then sign up to a website which not only accepts you but also has good customer service.

A good customer service is important especially if you are an Indian playing the lottery so that questions about the conversion rates, the date of payouts, and much more can be answered.

Luckily, we’ve done this for you.

Do You know what would go great along with that feature in a lottery website operator? 

A mobile app. Lottery websites would be amazing with their mobile app that can help you keep a track on the millions you could win on-the-go!

One major aspect to look out for is the payment options in these lottery operators. Since many Indians might have trust issues with online lottery systems and their money, it is always better to choose the ones which offer more payment options with faster transfer windows.

You can read the reviews by us at Seven Jackpots and then decide what would be best for you!


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How Do You Play Mega Millions Online?

Play Mega Millions Online

Mega Millions, like the Powerball lottery, can be played online at several lottery agent websites which you think is best for you.

You can sign up to an online gambling casino which gives you many options to play along with the Mega Millions lottery such as 1 which has slots, sportsbook, live casino, etc.

The procedure for playing Mega Millions is when you choose 5 main numbers and 1 bonus numbers from one ticket or a maximum of 20 tickets (differs from one site to another). The price of one ticket is usually Rs.210 approximately. Most of these websites are governed under the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gambling Authority, so you will mostly have to play in Euros as INR is not accepted.

If you have a set of numbers which you believe have got you luck, go ahead and choose them or if you get too confused, you can choose the ‘Quick Pick’ feature and let the website choose for you. It is always better to buy at least 2 tickets when you are starting to increase your chances of winning.

Types of Games

Like Powerball, there are variations of the Mega Millions lottery as well such as Single Game, System Game and Group Play.

The Single game as you all know is when one individual purchases a minimum of 1 ticket a maximum of 20 and participates in the lottery.

However, a System game is one where you can choose from many main numbers and bonus number combinations to increase your chances of winning. For example, 5 numbers are equal to 1 combination, 6 numbers is equal to 6 combinations up to 12 numbers being equal to 792 combinations. This is all applicable on 1 ticket.

A Group game is where a group of people can participate in the lottery by purchasing one or more tickets. You will be required to mention the group name on the website along with the number of people in the group. Once done, the cost of the ticket is split into the number of people as well as the winnings!


Approximately, Rs.200.

The biggest online Mega Millions jackpot was approximately Rs.6 crore for a combination of 5 numbers.

There are prizes allocated for all types of wins based on an odds system. For example, if you match only the bonus number, the odds are higher with 1 in 37. As of today, no has received the jackpot for all 6 numbers. However, the odds for getting all 6 numbers is 1 in 30 crores.

There is a concept of hot and cold numbers in Mega Millions. The hot numbers are the ones which keep repeating and the cold ones have not been seen in a long time. These numbers are displayed on the agent website.

Mega Millions’ draw happens every Wednesday and Saturday at 8:30 am on Thursday and 8:30 am on Sunday.

The basic rules include you being over the age of 18 and also furnishing a valid ID proof and address proof. For some websites, you will have to add your PAN card to withdraw money.

Lottery agent websites have been under strict scrutiny and governed by the top gambling authorities such as Malta Gambling Authority and UK Gambling Commission to make sure that the money which is won is given to the winner within a certain period of time through the preferred mode of payment.