Win Up To 1000 FTN on Bettogoal’s Ortak Tournaments

Author, Nikolay Kr. Nikolov

Updated 09/07/2024

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Join with Minimum Bets of ₹2 between the 11th and the 18th of July

A fresh opportunity to win up to 1000 FTN (€2130 ≈ ₹1,92,552) in sweet wager-free cash by playing online casino with bets as low as 0.01 FTN (€2.13 ≈ ₹2) is open for registration on Bettogoal India.

The Inner Eye FTN Awards – Ortak Tournaments event starts at 01:31 a.m. IST on the 11th of July and ends at 01:29 a.m. IST on the 18th of July 2024.

The prize pool is 10,000 FTN (€21,300 ≈ ₹19,25,520), and 300 lucky winners will each win a piece of the cash!

There is no registration fee and no need to opt in. Play the tournament Slot Game – the Inner Circle by Pascal Gaming, with bets of ₹2 or more and score points with your wins.

Leaderboard points are calculated based on the “Single Win / Tournament minimum bet” formula, so size does matter, and playing with higher stakes can increase your chances of scoring more tournament points.

All prizes come with no wagering requirement and range from 10% to 0.10% of the dedicated prize pool of 10,000 FTN.

How to Participate in the Inner Eye Ortak Tournaments at Bettogoal Casino

  1. Log in to Bettogoal or sign up and make a deposit.
  2. Place a real money bet above ₹2 on the Inner Eye Slot and you’re in.
  3. Monitor your progress on the Leaderboard and enjoy the action responsibly.
  • The cash prize for winning 1st place is 10% of the prize pool = 1000 FTN (€2130, ≈ ₹1,92,552).
  • The prize for 2nd place is 6% = 600 FTN (€1278, ≈ ₹1,15,531).
  • The prize for 3rd place is 5% = 500 FTN (€1065, ≈ ₹96,276).
  • The prize for 4th place is 3% = 300 FTN (€639, ≈ ₹57,766).
  • The 5th and 6th place prize is 2% = 200 FTN (€426, ≈ ₹38,510) each.
  • The 7th and 8th place prize is 1.5% = 150 FTN (€319.50, ≈ ₹28,883) each.
  • The 9th and 10th place prize is 1% = 100 FTN (€213, ≈ ₹19,255) each.
  • Win a place between 11th and 30th, and your prize will be 0.5% of the prize pool = 50 FTN (€106.50, ≈ ₹9628).
  • Win a place between the 31st and the 90th, and your prize will be 0.4% of the prize pool = 40 FTN (€85,20, ≈ ₹7702).
  • Win a place between the 91st and the 100th, and your prize will be 0.3% of the prize pool = 30 FTN (€63.90, ≈ ₹5777).
  • Win a place between the 101st and the 200th, and your prize will be 0.2% of the prize pool = 20 FTN (€42.60, ≈ ₹3851).
  • Win a place between the 201st and the 300th, and your prize will be 0.1% of the prize pool = 10 FTN (€21.30, ≈ ₹1925).

Important: Cash prizes will be paid out in Fasttokens (FTN), and actual rupee amounts may vary according to daily exchange rates.

To collect your prize, you will need to attach your FTN crypto or Bahamut wallet.

The Inner Eye Slot by Pascal Gaming

Pascal Gaming released their artistic Inner Eye Slot Game in October last year with an RTP of 96.5% and a max win of up to 5000x.

This classic Slot features five reels, three rows, ten fixed paylines, and four possible jackpots.

There is lots of art in the game. The symbols themselves, the background flowers, and the mischievous cat playing with its ball all pay homage to the tradition of surrealism.


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