Get Socially Rich at a Facebook Free Online Casino

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Are social casinos really as good as they seem?

If you’ve scrolled through your Facebook or looked for a casino app, the chances are that you’ve come across one of these free casinos.

At a Facebook free online casino, you can play all sorts of fun video slots without spending a single rupee!

These casino games allow you to play, invite friends, and win massive amounts in good looking games!

But how does Facebook free slots work? And is it worth the time?

How a social casino works

While real money casinos need gambling licenses and all kinds of stuff to operate, social casinos do not.

This is why you can easily find free slot games on Facebook, in the App Store, or Google Play.

The big difference between a Social casino and a real casino is that you are only able to play using fun-money at a social casino.

In other words, anything that you win is fake money that you’re only able to use at that specific casino site!

As you can imagine, hitting a massive win with fun-money will feel pretty horrible when you know you could’ve hit that win on a real online casino, winning real money!

So why would you play at a social gambling site?

We can agree that playing for fake money is a great way to practice your gambling before jumping into the real thing.

If you’re new to gambling, these Facebook casino slot games are good ice breakers, as you won’t lose any money when playing.

That said, you will still have a fun-money balance, and this balance can run out. Your balance can reset after a while, but there’s also often an option to buy fake money using real money.

This is where these play-for-fun casinos turn really sour.


Because now you are spending real money on the chance of fake winnings! It’s much better to invest your hard-earned rupees into playing for real and also winning for real.

It’s a no-brainer, really.

Play at a real money casino instead of a fake one

Do you still feel scared to play for real? Don’t worry, even real money casinos in India offer you the option to play using fun-money.

This way, you can practice the games that you are planning to play using your investments, and then, when you are ready, just log in and start playing!

As soon as you are playing for real money, you are just one lucky spin away from a big win or a jackpot, depending on the game.

All of the online casino sites listed here at SevenJackpots are hand-picked to ensure an amazing gaming experience.

We say, take your pick, and start playing for real today. And don’t forget to gamble responsibly.