Guide: Know When Progressive Jackpots are Hot or Cold

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Is it possible to know when a jackpot is about to fall?

Wouldn’t it be great if we could know when a progressive jackpot is about to hit? To know which slot to play to become a true crorepati?

One of the things that have been discussed rigorously over the years is hot or cold slots. And hot or cold jackpots.

Some might scoff this topic off as humbug.

But, there is actually value to be had in knowing what to look for, which is exactly what we here at Seven Jackpots are going to do!

Ready to take your steps towards becoming a crorepati?

Different ways to measure a progressive jackpot

The definitions ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ in regards to online casino games comes from if it will pay out or not.

In short, a ‘cold’ slot, will not pay out, while a ‘hot’ one, will.

Some determine if a slot is hot or cold by placing a number of real money games on it and seeing if it pays. If it doesn’t, they consider it ‘cold’ and move to a new slot.

Of course, this is not very reliable.

There are better ways to go at keeping track of hot and cold slots. With a little bit of help from the Internet, we can check slots without actually playing them.

When did it fall last?

There are plenty of online sites that track progressive jackpot slots in real-time. Simply type in ‘jackpot tracker’ in the search field, and make your pick.

These trackers give you statistics on things like:

  • When the jackpot hit last time.
  • The current size of the jackpot.
  • Average size.
  • Average payout time.
  • How many times it’s paid out.
  • Biggest and smallest wins.
  • Seeding amount.

This will give you an excellent indication of how often a jackpot falls. Some will not have fallen in years, while others may have just fallen today!

How often does it fall?

Probably one of the most important aspects to look at is how often it falls. If you don’t know that, you’ll be fumbling in the dark.

What you want is an estimation.

For example: Major Millions pays out every 7 weeks on average, which is similar to the Mega Moolah jackpot’s 8 weeks. While the Jackpot Giant slot pays every 60 weeks on average.

These differences are HUGE and will give you an indication of how ‘likely’ it is for the jackpot to drop at all while you play.

How large is the jackpot payout?

Huge progressives might not pay out often due to the size. But at the same time, they might, if enough players play. What you want to make sure is that you are playing for a pot that’s worth fighting for.

But how do you do that?

By comparing the value to payout time frame.

For example: The average of the Mega Moolah Mega jackpot is ₹44 crore (€5.4 million). At the same time, the Major Millions slot averages a payout of ₹56.9 million (€690,141). Jackpot Giant averages ₹42.8 crore (€5.2 million).

To understand the ‘value’ of a jackpot, you’ll want to divide the size of it by waiting time for it.

  • Mega Moolah: €5,400,000 / 8 weeks = €675,000 per week
  • Major Millions: €690,000 / 7 weeks = €98,571 per week
  • Jackpot Giant: €5,200,000 / 60 weeks = €86,666 per week

Take into account that the Mega Moolah Mega jackpot has been won over 60 times, while Jackpot Giant has only been won 4 times.

It’s pretty obvious which one has the highest value!

Progressive jackpot tips & tricks

The above tools are great ways to understand which progressive online casino jackpot you should aim for. And when you do, there are a few tips you will want to bring with you.

Just remember that video slots are games of chance, there are no ways to predict when it will fall. And no ‘secret tricks’ that will make you win.

When bet size matters, and when it doesn’t

Some believe that you have to place big real money bets to win a jackpot. This is not true. Unless it’s specified in the game sheet.

For example, Mega Millions will require you to bet on all paylines to ‘qualify’ for the jackpot at all. Doing this will land your bet per spin at €3/₹300.

Mega Moolah, on the other hand, gives anyone a chance at the jackpot no matter if you bet 0.25 or 6.25. The kicker is that the higher bet you place, the more likely you are to trigger the Jackpot Bonus Game.

The RNG is in charge, after all

The RNG (Random Number Generator) of a slot will determine if you win. And the RNG is programmed and tested always to remain 100% random.

In other words, you can’t cheat a slot. Playing during the full moon won’t make you win more, and ‘strategies’ will not make you win more often.

It’s all about luck, and chance, after all.

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