Guides 05-03-2021

Manipur Gambling Laws

Manipur Gambling Laws Gambling from Manipur is very straightforward. Manipur is a state that uses the Public Gambling Act, 1867, which is the national law of India. While states are allowed to compose their own laws and regulations for gambling within their borders, Manipur runs with this law. For you, this is a very good […]

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Guides 18-02-2021

How to make a withdrawal

Guide to Withdrawals Fast and easy withdrawals are real, and this guide will teach you exactly how to make them! Getting your winnings quickly and without hassle is the key to an exceptional online casino experience. Check out this quick guide on how to make a withdrawal, which online casino sites have the fastest withdrawal […]

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image of Mega Ball game logo and presener
Guides 12-02-2021

Mega Ball

Mega Ball Listen up all lottery, bingo, keno, and gambling lovers who enjoy winning BIG! Mega Ball is the ground-breaking live casino game show game from none other than Evolution that brings the popular ball-hopping game keno to you in a portable and action-packed format. This live dealer experience has the chance of paying out […]

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Guides 20-01-2021

Assam Gambling Laws

Assam Gambling Laws Assam is an Indian state that sees gambling as a problem. The state laws use the Public Gambling Act, 1867 as a foundation, while further enforcing it with The Assam Game and Betting Act, 1970. The result is a strictly regulated state where most games and betting in any form are illegal. […]

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Guides 11-01-2021

Haryana Gambling Laws

Haryana Gambling Laws Haryana, one of India’s most economically stable states, has had an interesting journey regarding gambling. The state borders Punjab and Delhi, which has raised interest for a more liberal view of gambling altogether. That said, the previous Chief Minister of Haryana’s attempt to legalize gambling was rejected in 2005, resulting in the […]

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Guides 02-01-2021

New Years Resolution: Become a Crorepati

The road to riches begins with one step Happy New Year, and welcome to 2021! Last year was… well, interesting, amongst other things, but it was also a year that motivated us to make 2021 a million times better. And what way to put 2020 behind us would be more perfect than loading up on […]

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Guides 28-12-2020


MONOPOLY Live What happens if you combine two super-popular games and allow people to win huge amounts of money from it? This is exactly what the geniuses at Evolution did, and the result is MONOPOLY Live, one of the most immersive live casino games to date where you can win up to ₹4,5 CRORE! Best […]

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Guides 15-12-2020

Crazy Time

Crazy Time This game-show has what we believe is the most fitting game name ever. Crazy Time from Evolution is really that, a crazy time. With the foundation of a lucky wheel similar to Live Dream Catcher, this game goes above and beyond by also adding four unique bonus-games with huge winning potentials that can […]

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Guides 07-12-2020

Rajasthan Gambling Laws

Rajasthan Gambling Laws Rajasthan is a peculiar state when it comes to gambling. Based on the Public Gambling Act, 1867, most forms of gambling are, in fact, illegal. However, the local laws, combined with the great flaws in the gambling laws regarding gambling online, results in an Indian state with relaxed rules and regulations. Perfect […]

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Guides 28-11-2020

Cluster-Pay Slot Games

Cluster-Pay Slot Games Slot games have evolved since the classic mechanical slot machines! As game providers develop new innovative video slots for Indian online casino sites, they also come up with entirely new ways to play. Cluster-pay slots, or grid slots, have come about since the creation of match-symbols-games like Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush […]

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