West Bengal Online Lottery

West Bengal is part of the thirteen states that offer their own state-owned lottery.

They’ve been offering a West Bengal lottery since 1968 when the West Bengal Directorate of State Lotteries was established.

If you’re looking to purchase a West Bengal lottery ticket, you’re able to do so for the Diwali, Holi, New Year, Puja, Rathayatra, and Nabarasha Bumper draws.

However, there are more lottery draws to take part in when you play the lottery online!

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West Bengal Lottery Tickets Online

When looking for West Bengal lottery tickets online, you’ll notice that there are several lottery draws to choose from.

International lottery draws like these attract a lot of players and have the potential to pay out mind-blowingly large jackpots!

TicketPriceDraw DaysBiggest Jackpot
Powerball₹300Tue, Thu, Sunapprox. ₹16,400 crores
Mega Millions₹300Wed, Satapprox. ₹10,900 crores
EuroMillions₹240-300Wed, Satapprox. ₹1500 crores
EuroJackpot₹350Fridayapprox. ₹736 crores
SuperEnaLotto₹160Wed, Fri, Sun approx. ₹1674 crores

How to purchase online lottery tickets in West Bengal

Are you looking to buy lottery tickets online in West Bengal? Then look no further! This easy step-by-step list makes it super easy to purchase tickets to some of the best lottery in West Bengal.

  1. Choose a lottery site available in West Bengal.
  2. Sign up at the online lottery, and make a deposit using a safe deposit method.
  3. Choose one or more lottery games to purchase tickets to.
  4. Wait for the draw!

West Bengal Online Lottery Games

The trick to picking the best lottery in West Bengal online is to know more about each lottery draw.

When playing online, you have access to a wide selection of international lottery draws, each with a much larger lottery jackpot than the local ones!

  • Powerball: One of the world’s largest lotteries! With draws held in the US, this lottery has paid out jackpots of over 2.04 BILLION dollars! That’s over 16,400 crore rupees!
  • Mega Millions: With a close-to-record payout of staggering ₹10,996 crores, Mega Millions is the perfect online lottery in West Bengal for desi players with crorepati dreams!
  • EuroMillions: With a top jackpot of €250 million, EuroMillions is a greatly popular online lottery played by players from all over the world.

Kolkata Lottery Online

Residents and visitors of the capital city of Kolkata can enjoy plenty of lottery online and offline in the form of a government lottery.

The West Bengal lottery tickets are widely available from licensed purchase points within the city. In contrast, online lottery draws can be found at any place, at any time.

Besides the local lotteries and the seven weekly lotteries introduced in 2018 (Dhankesari), anyone with a decent internet connection and a mobile or computer device can join in on the online lottery fun in West Bengal’s Kolkata.

West Bengal Lottery Laws

The legality of lottery in West Bengal is dictated by the Lottery Regulation Act, 1998, and the West Bengal State Lottery Rules, 1968.

Thanks to a flaw in the 1998 act, West Bengali players can purchase lottery tickets from international lotteries and win massive lottery jackpots with ease!

Playing the lottery online in West Bengal is actually easier and safer than doing so at a local lottery booth.

Seeing as the larger lottery draws are so massively popular, they are constantly monitored to ensure each draw is fair. They also allow you to use safer payment methods, like UPI and Paytm.

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