Jharkhand Online Lottery

When looking for lotteries in Jharkhand, you won’t find any local lottery shops, as Jharkhand isn’t part of the thirteen Indian states where lottery is regulated.

This means that you’ll instead buy lottery tickets online in Jharkhand. For you as a player, this is a lot better!

Not only are online lotteries safer, but they are also much larger than any local Indian lottery draw.

Best Online Lottery Sites in Jharkhand


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Jharkhand Lottery Tickets Online

When looking for the best Jharkhand lottery online, you’ll see that most online lottery sites offer ticket booking options for similar draws.

This is due to the popularity of these particular lotteries, and with a Jharkhand lottery ticket, you can participate in their draws!

The lottery draws vary slightly in price, draw days, and jackpot amount, so you’ll want to choose the one that fits you the best.

Ticket Price Draw Days Biggest Jackpot
Powerball ₹300 Tue, Thu, Sun approx. ₹16,400 crores
Mega Millions ₹300 Wed, Sat approx. ₹10,900 crores
EuroMillions ₹240-300 Wed, Sat approx. ₹1500 crores
EuroJackpot ₹350 Friday approx. ₹736 crores
SuperEnaLotto ₹160 Wed, Fri, Sun  approx. ₹1674 crores

How to purchase online lottery tickets in Jharkhand

To make it possible for you to buy lottery tickets online in Jharkhand in a matter of minutes, we’ve put together a quick and easy step-by-step guide.

As the most important part of a lottery is purchasing the ticket, here’s how to enjoy the Jharkhand lottery:

  1. Choose a lottery site available in Jharkhand.
  2. Create your lottery account at the site.
  3. Make a real money deposit using your preferred payment method.
  4. Decide which lottery draw you want to purchase a ticket to.
  5. Pick your numbers and complete the ticket purchase.
  6. Wait for the draw and see if you chose some lucky numbers!

Once you have bought a ticket, you have a chance to become the next big international lottery winner from India!

Jharkhand Online Lottery Games

Alright, so you are ready to get your Jharkhand lottery ticket online, but to which draw should you purchase said ticket?

You have access to the best lottery in Jharkhand through your phone or computer device, and in our opinion, these are three top online lotteries we think you should keep in mind when you buy lottery tickets online in Jharkhand:

  • Powerball: This world-record-holding lottery has paid out jackpots exceeding $2.04 billion in cash! The lottery is American and comes with a few variations and add-ons, making the draw even more exciting.
  • Euromillions: With a top lottery jackpot of €250 million, EuroMillions attracts many eager lottery players thanks to its long list of big winners.
  • Mega Millions: Mega Millions is the second lottery with a payout exceeding $1.5 billion. Being the lottery constantly chasing Powerball, it’s just a matter of time before it lands a new crorepati winner!

Ranchi Lottery Online

Playing lottery online from Jharkhand is best when done somewhere with good internet connections.

Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand, making it an excellent location for purchasing any Jharkhand lottery ticket online!

Internet providers like Vodafone, Hathway, and Airtel all exist within Ranchi, so all you have to do is pick one and start playing lottery online!

Jharkhand Lottery Laws

Seeing as Jharkhand follows the national Public Gambling Act, 1867, and doesn’t have a lottery regulation of its own, playing the Jharkhand lottery online is easy.

As the Public Gambling Act was created over a century ago, it was created long before the internet became a thing. This gives you a huge opportunity to enjoy all the best online lottery sites in Jharkhand without worrying about if it’s legal or not.

The gambling laws of Jharkhand are, in general, outdated.

The only thing we would recommend when playing lottery games from Jharkhand is to do so at your own discretion and not to purchase lottery tickets in a group of people, as that group could be considered a “gaming house.”

It’s the same situation for the online lottery in Uttarakhand and the online lottery in Chhattisgarh.

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