International Lottery Winners from India

There are plenty of international lottery winners from India.

Read on to learn about the biggest Indian lottery winners and how much they have won!

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Top 10 Indian International Lottery Winners

RankBiggest Lottery WinnersLottery WonAmount WonDate Won
1Hira SinghMega MillionsUSD 5,00,00,00012 March 2019
2Sandeep “Sunny” SinghMega MillionsUSD 3,00,00,00016 October 2012
3Tahir AliOntario 49CAD 20,00,00011 June 2014
4Nirmal DhamodarasamyPowerballUSD 10,00,0006 February 2016
5Ushakiran PatelPowerballUSD 10,00,0007 March 2018
6Mohammad Salah(DDF) Dubai Duty FreeUSD 10,00,0004 February 2020
7Lingaraju D.Mega MillionsUSD 5,14,000June 2020
8Partho MondalMalamaal DailyINR 52,86,935November 2020
9Prasanth ParasuramanLotto 649CAD 2,86,79114 January 2017
10C. JAustria LottoEUR 32,161November 2018

Biggest Lottery Winners in India

International lottery games have only recently become available for Indian players, and there have already been plenty of winners!

Some have taken the opportunity to buy a ticket while abroad, while others have purchased their winning lottery tickets online.

We have listed the top 10 biggest international lottery winners from India based on how much money they have won. Check out their amazing winner stories!

1. Hira Singh – 50 Million USD Biggest Indian Lottery Winner

The biggest Indian lottery winner to date! Hira Singh won 50 million US dollars from the world-famous Mega Millions.

He won the Mega Millions draw on the 12th of March in 2019. The craziest part about Hira Singh’s win is that he didn’t realize he had a winning ticket until several days later. The draw was on a Tuesday, but he didn’t check his ticket until the following Saturday.

He matched the numbers 10-12-16-49, 57 with the Mega Ball number 18.

Even though 50 million US dollars is an insane amount of money, it was one of the smaller Mega Millions jackpots. The next Indian jackpot winner could break this record!

2. Sandeep “Sunny” Singh – 30 Million USD Mega Millions Winner

If you have ever heard of the saying “Every cloud has a silver lining,” then you will know that it applies to the winner story of Sandeep Singh. Sunny, as he is known among his friends, got dumped by his girlfriend, only to win the Mega Millions jackpot a few days later.

The 22-year-old worked two jobs to help his family make ends meet, so the 30 million US dollar win was more than a welcome surprise.

The winning numbers were drawn on the 12th of October in 2012 and two jackpot winners would share the 61 million US dollar jackpot.

Sunny said that he would use the money to help his family pay off their debts,  donate some money to charity and get a bachelor’s degree in business.

3. Tahir Ali – 2 Million CAD International Lottery Winner

Some advertisements are good, a statement that Tahir Ali definitely will agree with. The Indian national won 2 million Canadian dollars after listening to an ad to purchase an Ontario 49 lottery ticket.

He bought his ticket on the 11th of June, 2014, and won the draw the same day. When he checked his ticket on the self-checker machine, a large text with “Big Winner” showed up but he dismissed the pop-up, thinking it was an ad. He didn’t realize that he had won a huge lottery prize until he checked the numbers again the next day!

Tahir Ali explained how happy he was that he could now tell his children that their education costs would be taken care of.

4. Nirmal Dhamodarasamy – 1 Million USD Powerball Winner

In international lottery games, you don’t even have to win the jackpot to get a huge payout. Nirmal Dhamodarasamy won the second prize in Powerball from a ticket he had purchased online. This international lottery winner from India was a graduate student studying abroad at the University of Chicago when he purchased the winning ticket.

Since his graduation for his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering was coming up, he said that the money arrived at the perfect time since he would be able to fly in his whole family for his graduation.

5. Ushakiuran Patel – 1 Million USD Powerball Second Prize Winner

Another Indian international lottery winner of the US Powerball second prize is Ushakiuran Patel, a 61-year-old retiree. She won the prize pot of 1 million US dollars on the 7th of March, 2018.

Even though Mrs Patel said she did not know what she would spend the money on, one thing is for sure; she had plenty of options for what she would be able to do with her huge payout.

The winning numbers were selected at random and were 06-13-19-36-51.

6. Mohammed Salah – 1 Million USD Dubai Lottery Winner

One of the strangest international lottery winners from India is Mohammed Salah. He won the Dubai Duty-Free (DDF) lottery jackpot of 1 million US dollars when he was only one year old!

How could a baby possibly win a huge lottery jackpot, you might ask?

The DDF lottery only allows players above 18 years of age to purchase lottery tickets, but anyone buying the ticket can register it in anyone’s name. In Mohammed Salah’s case, his father bought several tickets and registered one in his son’s name.

The father, Ramsee Rahman, an Indian expatriate in Dubai, said he was now pleased that his son’s future was secured. The baby won the cash prize on the 4th of February 2020 and is quite possibly the youngest lottery jackpot winner in the world.

7. Lingraju D – 5,14,000 USD Lotto247 Winner

The biggest winner from one of our reviewed international lottery sites available in India is Lingaraju D. The 68-year-old retired health inspector took home a 5,14,000 US dollar cash prize in Mega Millions. The international lottery winner from India had bought his ticket at Lotto247, where he is a regular player.

Lingraju D. from Bengalaru decided to remain anonymous and said he would use the money to help some relatives in dire need and pay off his daughter’s home loans.

8. Partho Mondal – 52,86,953 INR Lottoland Winner

Another international lottery winner from India that bought his ticket at one of our recommended lottery sites is Partho Mondal.

The customer support representative from Malda, West Bengal, had been playing frequently at Lottoland India when he won the jackpot of the Lottoland exclusive game, Malamaal Daily.

He chose the numbers with the random number generator, and his winning numbers were 03-05-14-30-31.

Winning close to ₹53 lakh came as a welcome surprise, and he said he would use the money to pay his debts and help out family and friends in need.

9. Prasanth Parasuraman – 2,86,791 CAD 6/49 Lotto Winner

A frequent lottery player, Prasanth Parasuraman, won the second prize in the Lotto 6/49. Just like several other international lottery winners from India, Prasanth didn’t realize he had won his huge cash prize until a week after the draw.

He commented that he usually buys his lottery tickets on Friday, but in the case of the winning ticket, he had bought it another day. That was why it took so long for him to check; he had forgotten that he had even bought the ticket! Prasanth won his huge cash prize on the 14th of January in 2017.

A chef by career, Prasanth said he hoped to open a restaurant or food truck with some of the money and possibly go on vacation to Mexico or Jamaica.

10. C. J – €38,000 TheLotter Winner

The last place in our top 10 list for international lottery winners from India goes to C. J. He had bought his winning Austria Lotto ticket online through TheLotter.

In India, you can buy online lottery tickets both from TheLotter and their Indian lottery brand LottoSmile.

He took home a cash prize worth 38,000 Euro. C. J. plays the lottery online daily, and his favorite games are Austria Lotto, Australia Saturday Lotto, NZ Powerball Lotto, and Spanish BonoLoto.