Government Lottery in India

The government lottery in India is by far the most popular in the country, but they aren’t available online.

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to the Indian state lottery.

This page will explain how to reap the rewards of lotteries more profitable than the government lottery in India 2022.

Government Lottery Online Alternatives


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Government Lottery in India Online

The government lottery in India is currently an entirely physical ordeal, meaning you’ll have to purchase your govt lottery ticket from vendors.

There are websites that state to be selling tickets to the government lottery in India online; however, we can confirm that these websites are scams, not to mention illegal.

International lotteries offer bigger jackpots than any Indian government lottery ever could, and they are available online!

Purchase a Government Lottery Ticket

As you can’t purchase tickets to the government lottery in India online, you’ll have to buy govt lottery tickets at a street vendor or buy lottery tickets at online lottery sites.

While paper tickets allow you to participate in state lottery in India, online lotto sites give you even better opportunities.

While they won’t provide you with government online lottery tickets, they do offer tickets to lotto draws several crores large.

Purchase Tickets Online

  1. Sign up for an online lottery site.
  2. Choose your favourite lottery draw.
  3. Pick your lucky numbers.
  4. Purchase your online lottery ticket.
  5. Wait for the draw!

Government Approved Online Lottery in India

There is an easy explanation as to why there are no online government lotteries in India; no govt lottery has received approval to be available online!

With no state lotteries available online, it’s easy to see why so many desi players turn to international lotteries.

Unlike Indian government lotteries, international lotteries are found exclusively online, making them available from anywhere in the country, thanks to the archaic gambling laws practised in most Indian states.

Playwin Lottery – The Only Online Government Lottery

There was a time when India had an online lottery offering government lottery tickets online. This was made possible thanks to Playwin, an online lottery founded in 2001, sanctioned by the Sikkim government.

Unfortunately, the website shut down in 2019 due to liquidity issues, and the organizer was found involved in lottery scams.

Since then, there have been no legitimate online lottery websites selling government lottery tickets online in India.

State Lottery Alternatives Online


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Indian State Lotteries 2022

All states in India follow The Lottery Regulations Act, 1998, which allows each state to organize its own state lottery.

There are thirteen states that offer a government lottery in India.

The remaining states and union territories have decided not to set up government lotteries of their own.

These are the 13 states in India with a government lottery in 2022:

weekly draw

Weekly Draws

The most common Indian state lottery game is weekly draws.

Weekly draws happen almost every week of the year, giving you plenty of time to purchase your government lottery tickets, each week giving you a new chance at luck.

International lotteries also have weekly draws; the difference is that you can buy tickets to these online and that their jackpots are much larger than those of any weekly state lottery in India.

rupee bag

Bumper Lottery Games

The bumper lottery in India is extremely popular as it only occurs a few times a year.

Bumper lottery draws usually coincide with festivals like Diwali and New Year, attracting large numbers of participants thanks to their auspicious connection.

Money earned by the state organizing the Bumper lottery goes to health care, education, welfare, and infrastructure improvements.

Indian State Lottery Guides

Thirteen states offer government lottery in India 2022, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy lotteries from any other Indian state!

Our Indian state lottery guides explain the legal landscape in all Indian states and union territories.

With these, you can disregard the Indian government lottery and instead buy lottery tickets online to the largest lottery draws in the world.

Government Lottery Games

Government LotteryWeekly DrawsBumper DrawsBiggest Jackpot
Kerala State Lottery66₹10 crore
Maharashtra State Lottery423₹1 crore
Punjab State Lottery05₹3 crore
Goa State Lottery351₹5 crore
Mizoram State Lottery211₹10 lakh
Sikkim State Lottery714₹2,5 crore
West Bengal State Lottery72₹1 crore
Arunachal Pradesh State Lottery210N/A
Manipur State Lottery280N/A
Meghalaya State Lottery210N/A
Madhya Pradesh State Lottery00N/A
Assam State Lottery210N/A
Nagaland State Lottery214₹10 crore

Government Lottery Game Alternatives Online

History of Indian Government Lottery

For a long time, the Indian federal government ruled over all lotteries in the country. Then, in 1967, all private lotteries were banned, opening for states to organize their own lotteries.

Kerala was the first state to set up a state lottery of its own, and since then, twelve more states have followed suit.

In 1998, the Lotteries Regulations Act was created, setting the foundation for how states in India are allowed to set up and run any government lotteries in India.

Future of Indian State Lottery

We believe that the future of the Indian state lottery is online, which is why we hope to see a government lottery online in India soon.

And it is absolutely possible. International online lotteries already offer world-renowned jackpots to Indian players. The difference is that they are doing so from outside of India.

The Bharat government needs to understand the value of online lottery and make state lottery available online.