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Guides 28-12-2020


MONOPOLY Live What happens if you combine two super-popular games and allow people to win huge amounts of money from it? This is exactly what the geniuses at Evolution did, and the result is MONOPOLY Live, one of the most immersive live casino games to date where you can win up to ₹4,5 CRORE! Best […]

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Guides 15-12-2020

Crazy Time

Crazy Time This game-show has what we believe is the most fitting game name ever. Crazy Time from Evolution is really that, a crazy time. With the foundation of a lucky wheel similar to Live Dream Catcher, this game goes above and beyond by also adding four unique bonus-games with huge winning potentials that can […]

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Guides 28-11-2020

Cluster-Pay Slot Games

Cluster-Pay Slot Games Slot games have evolved since the classic mechanical slot machines! As game providers develop new innovative video slots for Indian online casino sites, they also come up with entirely new ways to play. Cluster-pay slots, or grid slots, have come about since the creation of match-symbols-games like Bejeweled Blitz and Candy Crush […]

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screenshot of Book of Dead slot showing symbols
Guides 28-11-2020

Guide to Symbols in Slot Games

Guide to Symbols in Slot Games Slots have always had symbols. From classic card values to even more classic cherries, sevens, and watermelons, symbols are the core feature of slot games. That said, some slot symbols carry even more potential than others, and for you as a player, understanding the difference is important. Recognizing a […]

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image showing a dealer throwing two craps dice in the air
Guides 09-10-2020

Craps Bets

Craps Bets One of the things that make Craps such an entertaining game is the available bets. The different bets in Craps online resemble those in roulette, where you can place bets to cover portions of the potential outcomes for a higher chance of winning. In Craps, the number of outcomes from the two dice […]

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picture of a craps table, craps dealer, and two dice
Guides 05-10-2020

How to play Craps

How to play Craps You’ve probably seen action movies like Ocean’s Thirteen or Diamonds are Forever. These movies contain scenes at a casino where people throw dice at a big table. Everyone around them cheers and shout when the dice reveal their number. This is Craps! Watching a Craps game is entertaining, but it’s even […]

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image of a craps table showing the felt and bet options.
Guides 04-10-2020

Craps Rules

Craps Rules Craps is one of the very few dice games offered at a casino, and it’s known for attracting a loud and cheerful crowd. Although it’s such an entertaining game, people sometimes steer away from it because they don’t understand the rules. We are here to let you know that the basic rules of […]

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Guides 04-09-2020

Game Shows

Game Shows Casino Guide 2021 Game shows are a rather new phenomenon in the Indian online casino world, and they’ve completely revolutionized the industry. In online game shows, you take part in a casino show where the prize is a big pile of rupees. Like game shows broadcasted on TV, these games allow participants to […]

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credit card play chips and dice on a laptop image
Guides 25-08-2020

Account Verification

Send in documents to withdraw from a casino, should I do it? Although we’ve been in the business for a long time, we’ll never forget the first time we were asked to verify our casino account. Our first thought was “It’s a scam!” but we decided to go with it, and boy did they request […]

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Guides 24-08-2020

Hands in Teen Patti

Sequences in Teen Patti The hands in Teen Patti resemble those you’ll receive in poker and video poker. With one exception, in 3 Patti, you’ll make your hand out of only three cards instead of five. This guide takes you through all Teen Patti hands, what odds you have of getting them, and what order […]

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