Minimum deposit casino websites

One of the best tips we can give you when it comes to getting the most out of your money is to check out minimum deposit casino websites.

These are online casinos that allow you to make smaller deposits, some as low as ₹40!

Taking advantage of the minimum deposit at casino sites comes with plenty of perks, and you’ll find all of them here.

Best Casinos with Low Deposit

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Indian websites with low deposit amount

You might’ve heard about Highroller casinos and sites aimed at players who have lakhs to spend. Well, the reality is that most of us are not these people!

Most players enjoy playing for smaller amounts, so Indian websites with low deposit amounts are preferred.

The possibility to make low deposits in India is also directly connected to secure payment methods, so you’ll be sure that, although your deposit might be small, it will be safe.

Pros and cons of low deposits

Although making smaller deposits has its perks, they also have some drawbacks.

It’s good to be aware of both the pros and cons of minimum deposit casinos, as this will allow you to make the best choices for yourself.

Pro’s of making small deposits

  • Low-risk – Gambling is, well, a gamble after all. Small deposits minimize your risk of losing more money. Logical, if you think about it.
  • Beginner friendly – If you’re new to online gambling, using a minimum deposit casino lets you enjoy and explore the games without a larger investment.
  • Big game selection – Most slot machines and live casino tables have very reasonable minimum bet limits of as low as ₹1. Low-stake games offer a lot of game rounds, even for the smallest deposits!
  • Bankroll practice – You’ll get better at keeping track of your wins and losses with practice. Starting with minimum deposits is a perfect way to get acquainted with the ups and downs of your account balance.

Con’s of making small deposits

  • Small returns – Yes, it only takes one lucky spin to hit a multi-crore-jackpot, but smaller deposits mean that you can’t make larger stakes. Regular payouts in slots and table games are based on your bet amount, so smaller bet = smaller wins.
  • Limited bonus options – Casino bonuses often have a minimum deposit amount to qualify, and more often than not, that amount will be higher than the minimum deposit casino amount. When making low deposits, look for bonuses and promotions where gameplay rather than deposit qualifies you for the prize.
  • Limited payment options – Gambling operators pay a fee to the payment provider for each transaction players make. Due to this, you’ll only find one or a few methods where you’re able to deposit the minimum range of the casino.

Casinos with fastest withdrawals

Minimum deposit casinos can pay out some massive wins, so withdrawals must be quick, safe, and easy!

We put top casinos to the test and found the casinos with the fastest withdrawals in India. Here are our best tips to achieve lightning-fast withdrawals:

Low amount deposit payment methods

When making deposits, we want to use methods that allow for minimum deposit amounts and allow us to deposit safely.

E-wallets are known to allow low deposits, and some are more secure and easier to use than others.

The best method for you will be the one that you understand how to use, so using methods commonly used in India for online payments is a good idea.


Millions of Indians use Paytm for everything from paying rent and mobile bills to making online purchases.

Paytm is an online payment solution that allows you to make minimum deposits to casinos using UPI. It’s super safe and 100% local!

Google Pay

Google Pay is a payment solution mainly used by Android users. It works more or less the same way as Paytm does, but as it’s a Google product, it’s not created in India.

G-pay allows you to move money to and from your bank account via the gPay wallet, allowing you to make low deposits to any Indian online casino that offers UPI.