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If you’re the kind of person who just can’t get enough when it comes to online betting action and you love playing against the odds, and if you haven’t tried your hand at a live roulette game yet, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

In the casino world, roulette is one of the most exciting, action-packed, and high-stakes games you can play, and, despite the fact that roulette odds are rarely in the player’s favor, the game continues to attract thrill-seeking players on a level that few other games can boast.

If you love the thrill of the bet and you’re looking for a new and exciting way to play, Evolution Live Roulette has a lot to offer for players of every skill level, betting preference, and playing style. In addition to all of this, Evolution Live Roulette offers a rather large number of variations and multiple sets of roulette rules to keep things interesting as you move from one roulette table to another. There’s always a new way to play with Evolution Live Roulette, so jump in and get in on the action.

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What is Evolution Favorite Bets?

In comparison, there are very few online gaming providers out there that offer a better live casino experience than Evolution Gaming. Evolution Live Roulette combines the best elements of one of the most popular casino gaming developers in the world with the high-risk, high-action experience type of roulette gaming you won’t be able to find anywhere else on the net. Evolution Gaming offers support for multiple platforms including personal computers, smartphones, and tablet devices, opening up the world of live casino action no matter where you happen to be.

Evolution Gaming derives their name from the fact that they can almost be considered to be single-handedly responsible for forcing the LiveCasino gaming market in Europe to transform in ways that would benefit players when they opened for business in 2006. Since then, Evolution Gaming has been well-known for pushing the envelope and providing some of the most engaging and immersive LiveCasino gaming experiences the net has to offer.

Image of Evolution Favorite Bets

Location of Tables

Evolution Gaming is primarily located in European countries like the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. However, they do also offer LiveCasino gaming access to countries like Canada and India. Each region is provided with its own dedicated LiveCasino facility that houses game-specific tables, live dealers, and hosts. Simply put, this means that players in India will be provided with an authentic LiveCasino gaming experience for all of Evolution Gaming’s live titles, including Live Roulette.

The fact that Evolution Gaming is one of the only gaming providers in the world that does this means they’re able to provide a much more authentic LiveCasino experience for players than many others.

Key Benefits for Players

Evolution Live Roulette offers multiple ways to play:

European Roulette style

The standard roulette game is European Roulette, which employs roulette rules that many players will be the most familiar with. Evolution Gaming varies the set and play style from one variation to the next, but their European Roulette tables are as authentic as they get. You’ll see a wheel that uses a single roulette ball with the betting table spread out in front and the live dealer placing bets on the table as players request.

The real roulette feeling

It’s worth noting that, depending on the online casino venue you play through, not all of these variations may be available. However, you should have enough options to choose from to keep things interesting and allow you to try new games when you need to change it up a bit. Roulette rules will vary depending on the game mode you select but, regardless of which variation you choose, you’ll be playing alongside other live players as well as interacting with a real-life host who will handle the wheel and announce winning number and color combinations.

What strategy do you like?

At the beginning of each round, players will have the opportunity to place bets on the numbers and colors they believe will have the highest odds of winning. If your chosen number or color wins, you’ll be awarded the amount of your bet, but if not, your bet amount will be deducted from your running balance. A common roulette strategy is to change your bets from one round to the next until you run into a streak of luck. Just be careful not to get too attached to one strategy for too long because your luck will eventually run out.

Format and Playing Interface

No matter which game variation you’re playing, roulette bets in Evolution Live Roulette work largely the same. You’ll place your bet amounts on numbers ranging between zero and 36 as well as choosing between overall color classes of black and red. For example, you could choose to bet on one, seven, and 32 and place an additional bet on all black numbers. If one of the numbers you choose comes up on the wheel, or if the ball lands on a black number, you win the amount of the related bet.

Any numbers or colours that don’t win the round, however, will have your bet amount deducted from your total winnings and, ultimately your running balance.

Image of favorite bets roulette

Playing Features

To help players develop a solid roulette strategy, Evolution Live Roulette incorporates a feature they call Favourite Bets. By making smart use of this feature, you can store a library of bets that you like to place on a regular basis, saving you time during the betting phase and making it easier to keep up with the number and colour combinations that work best for you.

Our Verdict

Roulette is one of the most action-packed, thrill-inducing casino gaming experiences you’ll come across, and Live Roulette by Evolution Gaming offers the most authentic experience you could ask for — short of making a trip to a local high-end casino in person. If you’re the type of roulette player who loves variety and pitting yourself against the odds, this is the perfect gaming experience for you.


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