Evolution Live Lightning Roulette

If you’ve ever played a high-stakes game of roulette at an upscale casino, you know exactly what it feels like to get in on the betting action by Evolution Gaming’s Live Lightning Roulette.

There are few game providers that tackle live casino gaming as authentically as Evolution Gaming so when you see a game they’ve produced, you’ll do well to jump at the chance to experience the title first hand. Live Lightning Roulette is no exception and offers one of the most enjoyable, action-packed types of roulette game you could hope for.

Live Lightning Roulette is one of those rare experiences that adds just enough fun and flair to a well-known casino game to make it feel fresh and interesting without compromising the integrity of the game itself.

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What is Live Lightning Roulette?

Evolution Gaming is one of the biggest names in online live casino gaming right now. Chances are if you’ve ever participated in an unforgettable live casino session, Evolution Gaming had something to do with it. This is one gaming provider that gets everything right, from the design of the player interface to the set designs, table layouts, and the costumes their hosts and live dealers wear. No matter what game you’re playing, if it’s an Evolution Gaming title, you can bet you’re going to be treated to one of the best LiveCasino experiences the net has to offer.

If you’re looking for something to break up the monotony and inject a bit of excitement back into your online gaming experiences, Live Lightning Roulette is certainly worth a try. There’s nothing quite like the experience that this game has to offer, so don’t hesitate to jump in and get straight to the action.

Format and Playing Interface

Live Lightning Roulette is played using standard roulette rules, but there are a few interesting twists thrown in. Before discussing what makes Live Lightning Roulette stand out from other roulette games, though, you’ll need to understand that this isn’t a solo game. You’ll be playing against the roulette table itself, which will be spun by a live dealer, along with other real-life players that will be putting down bets of their own. In addition to normal roulette bets, you’ll be able to shake things up with the Lucky Payouts and Lucky Numbers betting options.

As players make bets on specific numbers, those numbers will begin to shake to let you know what spots are hot. The more a number shakes, the more bets it has had placed on it. One common roulette strategy is to wait a few moments to see what numbers are receiving the highest number of bets and follow along with the crowd. If you’re feeling particularly lucky, though, it can sometimes be worthwhile to bet on numbers that other players don’t believe have high odds of winning.

Multipliers can be randomly applied to winnings on each spin of the wheel as well. These multipliers can reach as high as x500 on a single bet, raising the overall stakes and intensity of the game.

Playing Features

Live Lightning Roulette offers three roulette bets to choose from. Standard bets will see players placing bets on the numbers they think have the highest odds of winning. If your chosen number comes up on the wheel, you earn your bet amount, with any applicable multipliers applied. If it doesn’t, the reverse will happen. You’ll stand to lose your bet amount and, if there are any multipliers on the losing number, this will ultimately have an effect on the amount that you lose.

Location of Tables

Evolution Gaming provides LiveCasino tables for all of their games in a number of countries, including India, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Players living in India should have no trouble finding an online casino outlet that provides access to Evolution Gaming’s Live Lightning Roulette session, along with many of their other available LiveCasino titles. Live Lightning Roulette features a beautifully designed set that will have you feeling like a VIP playing in one of the most prestigious Indian casinos of the near future.

Of particular note, the dealer occupies a highly-detailed, futuristic casino setting that will have you feeling like you’re playing in a real-life casino from the comfort of your own home. In Live Lightning Roulette, the stage is set with a host dressed in a uniform that reminds one of a ship’s captain from the near future and the rest of the set is equally as convincing. A gorgeous roulette wheel floats in the center of the dramatically lit stage while the betting board is illuminated on a dynamically generated, full-color, and high-resolution board behind your host.


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Key Benefits for Players

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts don’t require any additional action on your part and are randomly generated by the roulette wheel. As mentioned above, up to five numbers will be randomly selected and have multipliers applied to them between x50 and x500. If you placed bets on any of these numbers, your Lucky Payout amount will equal your initial bet amount with the appropriate multiplier applied. If your bet was on a losing number, though, you can stand to lose quite a bit, depending on the multiplier that was applied to that number.

Evolution Live Lightning Roulette derives its name from the way Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts plays out visually throughout a given session. Once players have placed their bets and the random numbers that will have random multipliers applied to them will be indicated by a dramatic bolt of lightning that flashes through each of the numbers in question on the digital roulette board.

Image of live lightning roulette

Our Verdict

If you simply can’t get enough of the thrill that comes with betting against the odds, this Evolution Gaming title may be just what you’re looking for. Evolution Gaming has partnered with multiple online casinos to provide players with the best live betting action available so if you haven’t tried Live Lightning Roulette yet, head to your favorite casino and check it out the next time you get a chance.

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