Guide to Playing Online Rummy

Rummy is a game which has been played in India since time immemorial whereas Rummy websites are the new king of the block. Even though it is said to have been invented in Mexico, you can see the game being played physically in the country during weddings, special occasions or any family gatherings.

However, Rummy has recently, since nearly a decade or so has been making a lot of rounds on the internet as the world of gambling received a boom when many websites have included a number of card games to bet on and lets you play online Rummy for real money.

Even though you might have thought of Rummy has a Sunday evening family game, it is not anymore. It has risen to the ranks of card games like Poker or Blackjack and has been gaining popularity ever since there has been a wave of Rummy websites taking the online world of gambling by storm, especially in India.

Speaking of traditional Indian card games, we recommend you to play jhandi munda game too. The game is more fun and gets interesting, as it progresses.