Evolution Live Control Baccarat Squeeze

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze by Evolution Gaming is another fun variation of a classic baccarat game that gives players even more interactive control over the game. The squeeze ritual helps to build up more suspense during gameplay and is a typical element of baccarat at famous Macau casinos.

During the squeeze, a dealer will bend the edges of cards slowly in order to stretch out the process of revealing their values and to tease players. This practice damages the cards, but it is very engaging and thrilling for players. The option to control the squeeze takes the game to a new level of excitement.

The squeeze ritual fans are sure not to miss any nuance of the game as Live Baccarat Control Squeeze comes with more than 15 HD cameras. Two of the cameras are installed under the table for an instant or controlled card reveal.


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Evolution Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

As the major provider of Live Casino systems in the industry, Evolution Gaming offers players a wide selection of professional-level online casino games. Its game portfolio includes Live Roulette, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, Live Dream Catcher, and many more.

The company provides its own highly trained dealers to run all the games, video streaming the games from its own studios in Latvia. In attempts to replicate live gameplay experience, Evolution Gaming enhanced its games with live interaction functions, user-friendly interfaces, and high-quality video. Due to a range of betting opportunities, this provider’s games appeal to new and seasoned players alike.

Key Benefits for Players

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze gives players the most interactive gaming experience. In addition to the features of Live Baccarat and Live Baccarat Squeeze, this variation of the game comes with a few unique elements.

Players of all Live Baccarat games can enjoy close-up shots of the table and adjust the number of cameras and their angles. The interface is easy to navigate and gives players access to plenty of game statistics. Extra side bets are available for all variations of Live Baccarat. Players can sit by themselves or join other virtual gamers at a standard or VIP table. Built-in chat functions allow for seamless communication among players and dealers.

Cards are dealt face-down onto glass panels on the table, so the cameras underneath get a clear view of their face values. By default, the card faces are indistinguishable due to optical filters and an overlay mask integrated into the game’s software. To take a peek at the cards, players can click on their edges to peel the mask section by section.

New players of Live Baccarat Control Squeeze can take some time to practice the squeeze and get comfortable before placing bets.


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Format & Playing Interface

Aside from its unique feature that allows players to perform the squeeze themselves, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze follows the same playing format and rules. A player must bet which hand ― a player’s, banker’s, or both ― is going to score closest to 9. Once bets are set, the dealer gives two cards to the player and two cards to the banker. Just as in all Live Baccarat variations, card values are as follows: tens, jacks, queens, and kings worth zero points; aces worth one point; and all other cards worth their face values.

The interfaces of all Live Baccarat games by Evolution Gaming come with HD technology to enhance players’ experience and to bring online gaming as close to reality as possible. The interface panel is easy to use and displays the information about game statistics, playing strategies of other gamers, maps of different roads, and detailed rules of the game.

Playing Features

In Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, the feature that attracts players the most is the ability to be in charge of and to perform the squeeze themselves. Unlike Live Baccarat Squeeze variation where players watch the dealer executing the squeeze, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze hands the reins over to players. The squeeze ritual is made into an interactive feature. Players can reveal card values as quickly or as slowly as they like by “squeezing” the edges and peeling the overlay mask.

Image of Evolution Live Baccarat Control Squeeze

To give players control over the squeeze, the company built in special glass inlay panels into the tables and placed two cameras underneath. These cameras are dedicated solely to capturing the view of the cards dealt face-down on the panels.

Other features of the game are standard Live Baccarat features. The liveness and intensity of the game are enhanced by the use of multiple HD cameras, which offer views of the entire casino along with close-up shots of the table and give special attention to card squeezing. Video quality can be adjusted to match the players’ devices.

In Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, players can also have extra side bets and choose among different roads. The game can be played from desktops, laptops, and smartphones. Direct Game Launch links make the game accessible anytime from anywhere.

Location of Tables

The setting of Live Baccarat Control Squeeze might be one of its special features that attracts players of all ranks. Evolution Gaming went all out to recreate the look and feel of world-class Macau casinos. The studios are furnished with chic oriental flair and include natural elements, such as trees and water. The color scheme is warm and inviting. The tables are traditionally bean-shaped.

A unique feel of the game is complemented by the sounds of water bubbling inside the clear columns. Against a quiet background, the intensity of the game is amplified as the card movements across the table become sharp and distinct.

Our Verdict

Live Baccarat Control Squeeze by Evolution Gaming is unmatched in its realism and interactivity. The company’s scrupulous approach to game design shows in every aspect of the game: from the authentic studio environment and professionalism of the dealers to the quality of video streaming and variety of player’s options. Casino game lovers in India will be amazed at how real and authentic the game feels. Its extensive and well-designed features make Live Baccarat Control Squeeze an outstanding game, with no comparable match on the market.


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