Evolution Blackjack Party

Maybe you’re interested in stepping into the world of live online casino action but you’re not sure you want to take the risk of participating in high-stakes games, at least not right away. If so, then Blackjack Party by popular game developer Evolution Gaming is exactly what you’re looking for.

This is an excellent opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of live casino gaming in a low-stakes environment. It pits you against six other players and focuses more on the fun of the game than the possibility of winning or losing large amounts of money.

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What is Evolution Blackjack Party?

In Blackjack Party, you and your six opponents will watch the action unfold as a live dealer handles the cards on-screen and a co-presenter explains what is happening as the game progresses. Blackjack Party is perfect for people who are new to live casino gaming and those who just want to experience the fun of the game without worrying too much about the money that’s at stake.

If you happen to find yourself waiting for a seat at the table for one of the live sessions, you are free to watch the current players and bet on the game behind the scenes.

About Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is one of the most popular live casino providers in India and offers their services to countless online casinos in multiple countries and regions. There’s a pretty solid chance that, if you’ve participated in a particularly enjoyable Live Casino gaming experience recently, Evolution Gaming had something to do with it. Founded in 2006, the company’s name is derived from the fact that they are literally responsible for the evolution of online casino gaming in Europe.

Since they rocked the online casino world with their revolutionary game designs in 2006, Evolution Gaming has quickly become one of the most popular gaming providers in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Key Benefits for Players

If you’re waiting for a seat to open up at the table or you’d simply like to place some bets while you observe and learn the ins and outs of the game, Bet Behind is an interesting feature that’s worth spending some time with. Bet Behind allows spectators to place bets on players they think have the best odds of winning a given hand. To help things along a bit, “hot” players that have been lucky enough to experience a good winning streak will be indicated on-screen with a gold medal next to their digital nametag.

Bet Behind feature from Evolution Gaming

This can give you a pretty solid idea in regard to who it’s safest to place bets on. Be careful when it comes to betting on hot players every time, though, because everybody’s luck runs out eventually. Players that are occupying one of the seven seats at the dealer’s table can also utilize the Bet Behind feature and bet on other active players as an additional way to increase their odds of walking away from the game with a decent payout.

Active players can also take advantage of Perfect Pairs and 21+3 side betting. When you place a bet on Perfect Pairs, if the first two cards you are dealt in a hand result in a Mixed Pair, Coloured Pair, or Perfect Pair, you can compound your winnings. 21+3 will net you potential winnings if the first two cards you’re dealt, in combination with the open card in the dealer’s hand, come out to any possible Poker-style winning card combination. These are two interesting ways to change the game up a bit while increasing your potential winnings should the bet pan out. Be careful, though, because an unsuccessful bet will always cost you.


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Format and Playing Interface

If you’re unfamiliar with standard American blackjack rules, Blackjack Party is the perfect place to begin. This game doesn’t deviate from regular blackjack rules at all, making it easy to jump in and learn the ropes without putting too much on the line. You’ll be playing with a regular deck consisting of 52 playing cards with the dealer standing on a soft 17. The dealer doesn’t interact with players on a social level but the co-host will welcome you to the game via chat when you occupy an open seat and is available for interaction throughout the game.

Playing Features

Once you’ve got a seat at the table, you’ll be able to place your bets. You have the option of splitting your hand once and you can double down on your first two cards if you choose to do so. Once all players at the table have placed their bets, the dealer will reveal the results of the round. You’ll be given the option to place three different side bets: Bet Behind, 21+3, or Perfect Pairs. Doing so can increase potential winnings but each side bet comes with its own set of risks, so weigh your options carefully. This may be a low-stakes game but betting without thinking things through can be costly in the long run.

Location of Tables

Evolution Gaming offers services in a number of European countries, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, as well as offering LiveCasino access to players in India. Each region has its own dedicated tables and live dealers, providing a more authentic LiveCasino experience no matter where you live. This makes Evolution Gaming particularly unique because there aren’t many other gaming providers that offer a Live Casino experience that players in India can truly immerse themselves in.

Evolution Gaming wants to make sure you enjoy every moment of your live betting experience and making sure you have dedicated tables in your area is only one of the many things that makes them the best at what they do.

Our Verdict

Blackjack Party is a simple, straightforward Evolution twist of an online blackjack game. Favorable blackjack odds and the fact that you’re not putting a lot of money on the line make this the perfect scenario for less experienced players. You will get comfortable with playing against live opponents and the standard blackjack rules make it easy to pick up the game and figure out what you’re doing. Evolution Gaming has crafted a wonderful experience that is worth checking out, regardless of your level of skill and experience.


100% Up to ₹80,000 Welcome Bonus

  • Superb mobile experience
  • Frequent promotions
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