Live Blackjack

When you can’t get to the casino to play games of Blackjack, you can log onto an online casino that offers live Blackjack play in India. One of the most popular table games right in your palm at any time you want.

Instead of sitting down at a table with a dealer, you sit down in front of your monitor and interact with a live dealer, who is located in a casino that allows live Blackjack play through the internet. You “sit down” in front of the live dealer with other players and interact the same way you would if you were playing in a casino. If you’re comfortable with playing in a casino setting, you’ll adapt quickly to live Blackjack as long as you’re familiar with the rules.

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How to Play Live Blackjack

You begin by logging onto the casino of your choice that offers live Blackjack play. Pick the game with the online Blackjack rules you prefer, and “take” a seat at the table. You’ll be seated with six other players and can talk to them between rounds and during the game.

There are always seven seats at a Blackjack table, which can make it harder to get a seat if the game is popular at the live casino and there are a limited number of tables. On our top blackjack casino list, you will find seats always open for you to try out.

Live Blackjack Payouts and Odds

Blackjack payouts depend on the casino. Traditionally, Blackjack payouts are 3:2, but many casinos pay out 6:5 or as low as 1:1. The lower payouts are typically seen at tables with lower betting minimums.

Blackjack odds have a house edge of .5 percent which means the player has the potential to lose .5 percent of his or her total bets to the house over time. In other words, someone who bets $100 may see a return of $99.50 on his play over the course of the gaming session. This is true of all Blackjack games no matter what the rules are.

Learn all the details from this fun video playing Live blackjack.

Blackjack Options

When you play live Blackjack at an online casino, you have a bar of icons on your screen that shows you your balance and controls for your bet and play choices. The dealer tells you when to place your bet and lays out the cards face up on the table in front of you and the other players. You make your decision of whether to hit or stay by selecting the appropriate icon on the screen.

One of your options when betting is to make a side bet known as insurance. It’s betting on the odds that the dealer has a Blackjack. This option is available when the dealer has an exposed card that’s an ace and pays out 2:1 if the player wins.

Live Blackjack Varieties

Blackjack is a game that offers many different styles of play and rules. The core of the game stays the same wherein the player tries to reach 21 or beat the dealer’s hand. Something to keep in mind about Blackjack rules: if you’re playing a globally accepted set of rules, they’re the same in India games as they are in Germany. Your online Blackjack strategy will also work the same no matter where the casino is located because of the universal nature of rule sets.


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