SafetyPay payment solution for Casinos in India

SafetyPay is a safe, no-risk payment method that is accepted by thousands of merchants in dozens of countries around the world. This no-fraud-risk payment solution allows customers to load funds into their accounts and have the freedom of paying for just about anything, anywhere.

SafetyPay also allows customers to collect payments and use them as a banking solution in situations when they wouldn’t ordinarily want or be able to use their bank account. Even better, customers don’t need to have a separate credit card account to use SafetyPay.


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Safety is a global non-card payment method that has the largest banking network that makes bank transfers and online cash payments hassle-free. This opens the possibility of creating an international market for consumers. 

You can use SafetyPay for the following purposes:

  • Receive bank transfers
  • Enable other non-card local payment methods
  • Collect cash payments

SafetyPay is now a part of many industries like the automotive industry, airlines, retail, travel agencies, direct sales, finance, insurance and as you might have guessed, the online gambling industry as well. The online gambling industry is fast picking up on these payment methods to make betting on casino games and participating in live casino games much easier. SafetyPay processes 1.2 million transactions on a monthly basis. They have maintained a response time of just 300 milliseconds. 

Customers will also get payment confirmations in real-time when they use SafetyPay. They also use top-notch technology to keep up with high standards of reliability, scalability, security, and efficiency. Customers can carry out both domestic and international transactions. Customers can even make real-time payments to or transfers from other accounts.

SafetyPay has partnered with more than 380 banks and has over 180,000 collection points across Latin America and Europe. And SafetyPay is one of the safest payment options out there, as the name suggests. This is mainly because they do not store any personal information from the shopper. All that they do is provide a payment code that the customer can use. 

Now that we have looked at SafetyPay in general and you have understood what it is. Let’s dive into what this means for your casino transactions. 

SafetyPay offers different products for various purposes. SafetyPay Banking like we already covered connects with over 350 banks and allows customers to deposit in a casino. SafetyPay Cash as you guys might have guessed allows for face-to-face deposits or cash payments in many locations across the world. SafetyPay Billing allows businesses and merchants to collect, process and reconcile payments. SafetyPay Payout is a disbursement service that lets merchants issue refunds and pay commissions. SafetyPay’s Sales Portal lets businesses send payment instructions to customers via email or SMS, while their sales recovery solution lets merchants recover unsuccessful sales.

A Secure Way to Transfer Funds

SafetyPay is a 100% safe solution for just about any cash and credit card needs, and they work tirelessly to help protect consumers and merchants from fraud and identity theft. How do they offer this security?

SafetyPay never sees, collects, or stores financial information, and this eliminates opportunities for theft or fraud to occur. The only way for customers to use SafetyPay is to safely log in to their own financial institution’s secure page and finalize the purchase using SafetyPay’s payment code. SafetyPay will never message customers and ask for their financial information, outside of the financial institution’s secure page.

Enroll in SafetyPay Today

SafetyPay is a safe and secure way to move and use funds, whether you’re a merchant who wants to collect funds from credit or debit cards, an individual looking to make an online purchase, or a gamer looking for a trusted way to deposit casino funds and withdraw funds from online gaming sites.

Online safe transactions

SafetyPay customers can be assured their personal data is safe; after all, the only time you can access banking information is when you’re logged in to your personal banking account. Customers from anywhere in the world can make purchases from anywhere else in the world using their local currency. For customers who don’t feel comfortable using their credit cards or cash or are traveling overseas — or even those who simply don’t like to carry cash — SafetyPay offers an easy way to seamlessly complete online and in-person transactions.

And what makes SafetyPay ideal is that no separate account is ever needed to take advantage of its benefits, which means customers safely and securely go about their day, knowing their money and data are secure.


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