Do You Have Any of These Wild Gambling Superstitions?

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Last updated on 26th June 2020

Published: 11/02/2019

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Gambling can make your life more exciting every single day, but players don’t always attribute their success to skill and perseverance. There are a number of interesting superstitions in the gambling world, so take a look at each one and why you should consider it rationally.

Beginner’s Luck

Do You Have Any of These Wild Gambling Superstitions?

Some players believe that when first starting a new game, they will do well immediately if it’s the right game for them. Others interpret it differently, where if they do well at first, they should be cautious against big losses on that game in the future. In either case, beginner’s luck is only known because stories of it happening to stand out in a person’s memory. If you happen to do well and win big early into trying a new game or gambling method, stay calm and don’t think too much of it, and the same goes for losing the first attempt.

No Book Talk

Mostly originating from China, this superstition claims that mentioning books at a gambling table will give you bad luck. If you know a little about the Chinese language, this actually makes some sense because the Chinese word for book, Shu, is similar to the word for lose, Shiqu. In any case, books are a complicated and intellectual topic and no one wants to be too distracted from the game taking place.

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Dog of Misfortune

In many parts of the world, gamblers consider dogs a sign of bad luck. If a dog happens to be anywhere near a certain casino or other gambling option, some superstitious players will look elsewhere. Oddly enough, no one knows for sure where this superstition comes from, although like many similar beliefs, it could arise from the fact that a dog is distracting and could worsen your play. There are similar beliefs about gambling near members of the opposite sex who are not playing with you.

Don’t Spill Salt

This common superstition likely won’t come up often, but if it does, even nonsuperstitious people may be a little startled. The actual origin for this belief is the old Roman empire, where salt was a valuable trade good. Even now, dropping salt and having to clean it up is such a pain that it’s only natural a superstition would arise to discourage people from carelessly doing it.

Always Bet on Red

Gamblers all around the world tend to have at least a little superstition about the colour red, considering it lucky. This interesting belief has several different explanations, some pointing to how red is the most exciting and passionate colour, especially in contrast to black. Just be careful that you don’t place a bet entirely on faith in that colour.

Whether you hold any of these superstitions or not, be sure that you do not automatically claim superstition on every unsuccessful game you play or else you will not improve your skills. As long as you think rationally and do not ignore ways you could have gotten better, you’re sure to become an Indian gambling mastermind! SevenJackpots is here to help you find the best games for your style of play, so take a look at our frequently asked questions to get started.

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